I always see the ascendant as the portal through which our soul enters here, in 3D. House 1 is the vehicle that will allow us to navigate reality.

The sign where the cusp of the ascendant falls shows us the energy that allows our sun to shine, the moon to vibrate in a healthy way, etc. In other words, I do not see the rising sign as a mask that hides our being, but rather I see it as the enabler of our essential energy to move through physical reality.

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In this podcast: 

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  • The meaning of the 1st House
  • The meaning of the rising sing
  • Examples of sun sign + rising sign combinations
  • A tour of the meaning of each rising sing
  • The Rising Sign as a “mirror” for others
  • and more!

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The birth chart is created through the date and time of birth and the place of birth of an individual, which in a way reflects that it is a representation of our journey through the 3D world. The planet signs and other astrological points are universal representations of cosmic energies, but the natal chart represents the individual construction of that universal set. The twelve houses show how the experience takes place in physical reality and the 1st house, the ascendant, shows us the entrance portal that our soul has chosen to begin this journey through the world of reality.

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