Paula Lustemberg

More than 30 years of study in Astrology and other esoteric systems, such as Tarot, I Ching. Content creator. Artist, singer and composer. Reiki Practitioner. Vegan. Animal Reiki Practitioner. Currently residing in Belgium.

My name is Paula Lustemberg. I live in Belgium. I have been studying different esoteric systems for over 30 years. I have dedicated myself to music, singing, technology, visual arts, astrology, tarot, the study of religions, spiritual paths, tantra, philosophy and animal rights. I love Nature and I follow a vegan lifestyle.

On an astrological level, my approach is holistic. I see the birth chart as a multidimensional map that shows us the internal symphony that forms our being.

As Reiki practitioner, I also practice Reiki with astrology, using the birth chart for Reiki healing remotely. I am also an Animal Reiki Practitioner.

During my life I have been part of the corporate culture as European Director of Information Technology (IT) among other things.

In addition to my website, I have a YouTube channel where I regularly upload videos about Astrology.

I offer Astrological readings in English, Spanish and French.