Paula Lustemberg

More than 35 years exploring astrology and other esoteric systems. Astrologer. Author. Artist. Content creator.

About me

My fascination with astrology began over 35 years ago. During this time, I have also dedicated myself to studying various esoteric systems. My professional experience extends beyond astrology to include music, photography, audiovisual creation, and writing, all complemented by a solid background in information technology.

Surprisingly, my background in technology and programming has been immensely helpful in my astrological practice. It has enabled me to identify patterns and connections within the natal chart that demonstrate great coherence, particularly evident in the comparison of charts (synastry).

In my work, I combine psychological, evolutionary, shamanic, esoteric, and mystical astrology to interpret the ‘messages’ of the natal chart.

Committed to the development of human potential, my goal is to help you recognize the masterpiece within you. You can book a consultation with me  or learn astrology through my membership.

I speak English, Spanish and French.



YouTube: @PaulaLustembergAstrology