The Reading

A birth chart reading contains many layers. We can do a general reading as well as focus on a specific point that interests you at the present moment.

In all cases, I do the reading holistically, taking into account the essential energies that the birth chart shows us and what stands out energetically at the time of the reading.

The reading of the birth chart also serves to understand the situations in life that are difficult for you, since we can investigate the internal causes that produce them. And not only that… in the birth chart, we can also see what our innate talents and abilities are! These are the gifts that the universe has given us.

What can we explore in a reading

  • Your Essential Self
  • Your evolutionary path
  • What you need to feel good
  • What helps you to feel grounded
  • What you are thriving for
  • Your potentials
  • Your challenges
  • Current activations to your birth chart (planetary transits)
  • and more!

Reading Types

Birth Chart Reading

Insights about your personality, life path, and more. I also includes current major transits.


Chart Comparison or the astrology of relationships.

Energy Forecasting

Solar return. Planetary Transits. Progressions.


What do you need

  • Birth date
  • Place of birth
  • The exact time of birth

When the reading includes more than one person, please leave the birth information of the second person in the additional comments section of the checkout.

How the reading goes?

I offer audio readings (mp3) and videoconferences. If it is the first time that you make a consultation with me, I recommend that you take the consultation for at least 45 minutes.

My readings include a preliminary study of your natal chart plus the time I spend on the reading itself.

I will contact you within 24 hours for additional questions.

Can I do a reading without the time of birth?

Without the time of birth, we can make a reading of the position of the planets in the sky, which shows us the interaction and integration of the primordial energies that form our essence. What we cannot do is explore the life areas (or astrological houses) that indicate what actions you take with these energies.

In general, the positions of the planets will be correct, except for the position of the Moon, which moves at a rate of 0.5 degrees per hour. If the Moon changes sign on the day of your birth, then it is possible to find the correct sign according to the characteristics with which you most identify.

Reading Options

Please allow between 10 to 25 business days to receive your reading.

NOTE: All payments are made in euros (€) via Stripe or Paypal. The conversion in dollars is for personal reference and is taken from the official rate.

30 Minutes Reading (mp3) 110.00

Best for specific questions and forecasts.

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45 Minutes Reading (mp3) 145.00

Highlights of your birth chart. I focus on the highlights of the birth chart and current relevant activations. We can do a general reading or focus on a…

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60 Minutes Reading (mp3) 165.00

To go more in-depth into your birth chart. This option is perfect for a birth chart reading, chart comparison, and combinations of natal chart reading, solar…

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Videoconference 90 minutes 185.00

An interactive birth chart reading, where I can answer your questions as we go through the reading.

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Birth Chart Reading Witten Report 280.00

If you prefer a written report instead of audio, please choose this option. This report is about 18 to 22 pages long.

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Astrology in Images – Video 2,550.00

An astrological reading in images. approx. 20 minutes. Includes astrological reading and narrated video with images and music. A short film of your birth…

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Do you have any questions or need a specific type of reading? Contact me.