What is “impostor syndrome”?

Imposter syndrome defines an internal experience that makes you feel that you are not as competent as others believe. This can make us ultra perfectionists to the point that we never feel like an expert at anything, even when we spend years and years perfecting ourselves. If someone thinks we are competent, we may feel like we are “deceiving” them.

Aspects of Saturn to our personal planets

All planets describe a part of our consciousness. In the case of Saturn, this planet symbolizes the way we “build” our Being. With Saturn we find lessons and experiential tests that make us mature. As a planet of karma, with Saturn we learn about the causes and consequences of our actions. By analogy, where Saturn is found in our birth chart is where we experience “reality.”

In everyday life, Saturn is projected onto authority figures: parents, teachers, institutions, bosses, etc. How do we experience them? We see that in the aspects that Saturn makes to our personal planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Aspect of Saturn in sextile and trine

When aspects of Saturn to personal planets form 60 degrees angles (called “sextiles”) or 120 degrees angles (called “trines”), they show us experiences that are in harmony with the natural expression of the planets in aspect. They are not in conflict, but rather help each other and build an easy experience of reality. We feel comfortable with what is presented in our lives and we can pass the tests of Saturn without too much trouble.

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Aspect of Saturn in conjunction, square and opposition

When aspects of Saturn to personal planets form a conjunction (two planets at a distance of 0 to 10 degrees from each other), a square (at an angle of 45 degrees), or in opposition (at an angle of 180 degrees), we find situations or experiences that are challenging and that show themselves as difficulties and frustrations.

From the point of view of the Soul, these experiences are necessary to awaken certain potentialities, which we can see in the birth chart. Of course, this does not mean that they will live them happily. But, in my opinion, it means that our Being has the capacity (and the need) to go through them to achieve what it came to do in this life.

It is important to know that, although we see Saturn’s energy manifesting in our external experiences, they reflect aspects of our internal reality. That is why, every time we come across situations that seem to repeat themselves as patterns and that are discordant, it is a good idea to ask ourselves «what is this experience showing me about myself?». Everyone’s experience is unique. It takes self-observation, compassion and, especially when it comes to Saturn, wisdom … something that we acquire over time.

Saturn and the Impostor Syndrome

One of the consequences that conjunctions, squares and oppositions of Saturn can create is the impostor syndrome. With Saturn forming these aspects to our personal planets, we may have experienced the authority figures in our lives as “severe” individuals who are never satisfied with our self-expression (Sun), our emotional language (Moon), our communication or ideas (Mercury), our personal preferences and values ​​(Venus) and our actions (Mars). In some way or another, the projection we have made of the Saturnine figures in our lives has convinced us that we are incompetent in the realm represented by the personal planet. As a consequence, it is possible that we have become kings or queens of self-improvement and that we work really hard to be recognized (Sun), to be nurtured and emotionally accepted (Moon), to be heard (Mercury), to be loved or valued (Venus) or being able to act with direction (Mars).

When someone is judging us in a restrictive way, it awakens a feeling of inadequacy that has always been present within us. Both the discordant aspects of Saturn and everything that the natal chart shows us is a glimpse of the essential geometry of our being. The impressions we receive from the outside world have more to do with the position of our Moon than with reality itself. Each one is going to live it differently. What remains constant is the archetypal energy. This means that if, for example, it is the Sun that is square to Saturn, within us there is a conflict between responsibility (the archetype of Saturn) and the expression of Self (the archetype of the Sun). Then, any individual who represents an “authority” will make us feel this internal conflict, which, in the first instance, we see it coming from the outside. This is what is called “projection.”

It is for this reason that observing the experiences we live from a neutral point of view (I know, it is not easy) helps us discover what is happening in our internal world. It is possible that the impostor syndrome happens when our soul wants to develop real confidence. And Saturn will put us through the necessary tests until we succeed.

As I have said before, the birth chart shows us our “life theme.” In it we see the challenges and potentials that are at our disposal. The discordant aspects are growth triggers, what I generally see in individuals with a great capacity for resilience … something fundamental to achieve great goals. And this is the realm of Saturn.

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