Are you attracted to everything that is taboo? Does the idea of being stripped of everything seduce you? This is what Pluto’s position indicates when it is in the 8th House.

Attempting to make sense of my aching heart. If I could just be everything and everyone to you

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The Meaning of Pluto

Pluto generally feels like a very unpleasant energy. Wherever this planet is in our birth chart, we go through crises that never seem to leave us. Very few are interested in investigating Pluto, so… congratulations! You have dared to enter the world of shadows!

Why are we going through crisis? Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth. With Pluto we go through a metamorphosis. It’s kind of like the werewolf when the full moon rises. The triggers of this change are in the area of life symbolized by the astrological house in which it is found. When Pluto is activated, behaviors that we have repressed come to the surface in every possible way.

Although it feels unpleasant, it is a great opportunity to get to know our instinctual nature and see who we really are, since this will allow us to transform what does not allow us to progress.

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Pluto awakens our instinctual reactions so that we make them conscious and thus transform what does not allow us to progress.

The difference between the natal position and the transit of Pluto through the houses, is that the natal position indicates the area of life where our evolution will focus in the present incarnation, while the transit of Pluto activates temporary processes that assist our evolutionary path.

The power of transformation that Pluto represents is experienced both individually and collectively. This is a planet that moves very slowly: it takes 248 years to travel the zodiacal wheel and stays in each sign between 12 and 31 years. In this sense, we are all part of a group that will evolve the characteristics of the sign where Pluto is when we are born. At the individual level, we live this process within the area of life (or astrological house) where Pluto is located.

When Pluto is in the 8th House

The mysterious 8th House is from the kingdom of Pluto. The 8th House – like Scorpio – symbolizes the transformation that occurs when we merge our individual world with that of the Other. This is a paradoxical experience since, through union, we find ourselves with the finiteness of our being. And reaching this point means having touched the bottom of our own abysses. This is a process that leads us to the death of who we have believed ourselves to be and makes us reborn with a new state of consciousness.

When the planet of transformation is in the astrological house of transformation, its energy is especially powerful … and almost invisible, since, like all homeowners, it is one with its environment. This position tells us that what interests the individual the most is precisely transforming his own metamorphosis process.

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Then it also activates fears associated with the 8th house: fear of abandonment, deception, opening up to the other, transformation, death.

When Pluto is in the 8th House, we tend to push those with whom we become intimate to extremes. There is a powerful conscious or unconscious desire to awaken the survival instinct in the other to finally be eaten by them. It is like somehow we seek to lose everything to eliminate what is apocryphal of our being. This is a self-destructive process of death and rebirth that can indicate an attachment to suffering.

The evolutionary transmutation indicated by Pluto in this house, indicates that there is something new (and still unknown) that seeks to go through the ancestral behaviors that have been transmitted through DNA. For those who believe in reincarnation, some astrologers say that some of these behaviors can arise from past lives.

The 8th House is related to the Water element: it describes an emotional process. Although it can be activated through sexual energy, in reality, the transformation that we speak of in the 8th House is carried out through receptivity towards the Other. Pluto in this house seeks to eliminate everything that prevents our receptivity and for this, it awakens an irresistible desire for total fusion, which can often feel like a compulsive need.

What happens is that the part of us that seeks to evolve meets the part that refuses to stop being what it has been. And when we feel that we are about to be transformed, our survival instinct is awakened. How our instincts manifest varies from person to person. The aspects that Pluto receives as well as the position of Scorpio and other points of the natal chart can give more information in this regard.

Sometimes it can manifest as panic attacks at the very idea of joining body and soul with another person. In other cases, there may be a destructive element that is activated in the most intimate moments. We can also want to control the other, or be controlled … and thus we avoid the real union, which is based on mutual abandonment.

Pluto in the 8th House allows us to clearly intuit the fears of the other. And when our survival instinct is triggered, we may hide our vulnerability by attacking the other person’s weaknesses. We feel that they are the danger when in reality, it is our own fear of transformation that controls us.

Devil inside. The devil inside. Every single one of us. The devil inside.


Going through the transformation that Pluto symbolizes is not easy. It involves facing ancient fears. It is like making a modification to our DNA and it takes courage and determination. However, these are two qualities that are also related to Pluto. When this planet is in the 8th House, we have the ability to explore our instincts and understand the origin. We are not afraid of the darkness of the human being … we are even seduced to explore it. This allows us to understand the nature of our species.

“One day there’ll be an end to all these racist problems because we’re still tribes and still separate and we’ve got millions of years to go but eventually there will only be one race. That’s all. Racism is essentially natural, it’s old fashioned it’s an evolutionary phase that we’re going through. Ultimately it won’t exist.” – Michael Hutchence

When the fear of transformation is lost, this position produces a very profound change of consciousness not only in the individual but also in society. Pluto, being a generational planet, transforms the collective unconscious. Those who face their fears and overcome them, create new realities thanks to the new state of consciousness. This is the evolutionary process of Pluto.