The ability (The Magician) to change destiny (Wheel of Fortune) to bring to Life (The Sun) a new reality.

The Major Arcana of the Tarot represent 22 archetypes that describe the pattern or original model of a primitive mental image inherited from the first human ancestors (Carl Jung), and that is present in the collective unconscious. It is from there that the Hero’s Journey unfolds.

Depending on the date of our birth, we all have at least one Natal Major Arcana (also called the Soul Card) that describes the main archetype that we follow during our current incarnation. Thanks to this archetype we have access to certain qualities naturally. It’s like our “superpower.” Of course… to access this superpower we need to face the challenges that are necessary to awaken it.

How to calculate your Birth Card

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To calculate your birth Tarot card, we add all the numbers of date of birth (month, day, year). Then, we reduce the number until it reaches a number equal to or less than 21. If the number is greater than 21, we continue reducing until we reach 21 or less.

For example, if your birthday is December 19, 2001 you add: 1+2+1+9+2+0+0+1 = 16 (1+6 = 7)

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In this case, we arrive at the number 16 – which is within the range 1 to 21. The Major Arcana 16 (The Tower) is our natal Arcana. But since it can still be reduced to 7 (1+6), we have Major Arcana 7 (The Chariot) as a secondary natal Arcana.

It may happen that the sum of the numbers of the date of birth exceeds 21 and that the result of the final reduction is in the range of 1 to 9. In this case we have a single Major Arcana as ruler.

For example, if your birthday is June 28, 1971 you add: 6+2+8+1+9+7+1 = 34 (3 + 4 = 7). In this case, you only have a single Major Arcana as archetypal force (The Chariot). If the total sum were 48, then we would have 4 +8 = 12 (1+2 = 3). The pair is 12/3.

In any case, to understand the energy of our natal Arcana, we need to take into account all the Major Arcana that are related to it, since they connect with each other through numerological vibration and act as shadows that modify the energy of the natal ruler.

The Major Arcana 0 (The Fool) is not taken into account, since it represents the beginning of the Hero’s Journey, where everything is possible. In a certain way, we are all the Fool. The other arcana show us the recurring theme that we will find throughout life. And within that scope, anything is possible.

The meaning of the Magician, the Wheel of Fortune and the Sun as Birth Card

With The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune and The Sun we find the energy of the number 1. Here we talk about leadership, initiative, beginnings, pure potential. These major arcana are also related to the aces and the tens of the minor arcana.

The Magician is the root archetype for both the Wheel of Fortune and The Sun. Here we always talk about the possibility of doing our will. However, our will develops as a result of certain actions, which will be represented by the Wheel of Fortune and/or The Sun.

If the total sum of our date of birth is 19, our birth card is The Sun.

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When the total sum is 10, our birth card is The Wheel of Fortune.

1 – The Magician as Root Birth Card

The Magician

“Make things happen”

The Magician as the root Birth Card indicates that we have access to our resourcefulness and the ability to manifest what we set out to do. The Magician tells us: “learn to manifest your will”.

It is possible that we will face situations that require the use of logic, creativity and will to overcome them. When this happens, it is because our birth card seeks to connect with you so that you discover your ability to resolve any situation.

The Magician can act as “the creator of illusions”. He has the ability to modify reality so that it “looks like” something that it really is not. However, this occurs when there is no confidence in being able to manifest what he really wants. As The Magician understands his true potential, he develops his talents to bring his ideas to life. The Magician’s mental power is very strong and he knows it. When he directs his thoughts towards the fertile, the vital, the positive, life returns the same to him in spades.

10 – The Wheel of Fortune as Birth Card

Wheel of Fortune

“Changes of Direction”

The Wheel of Fortune as birth card indicates that we are subject to changes that are beyond our control. The Wheel of Fortune says: “learn to be flexible“.

With this birth card, we may experience sudden changes in life, where our reality changes 180 degrees. The more we cling to something, the more things change. The Wheel of Fortune seeks to activate the Magician that we carry within. Therefore, it takes us out of inertia so that our innate abilities can come to light. The Wheel of Fortune (10) brings with it the energy of the Magician (1). Changes allow us to explore a new perspective of ourselves. Those who have been born with this birth card have come to develop a range of abilities. Your soul wants to show you that you have endless resources to achieve your goals.

Often, those with this archetype experience changes with fear and seek to control reality in any way. When they learn that changes are inevitable, like the seasons, and allow themselves to go through them without resisting them, they are able to discover new qualities that have been dormant within themselves. And as a result, their chances of manifesting the reality they prefer increase.

Wheel of Fortune
The Magician

19 – The Sun as Birth Card

The Sun

“Be yourself”

The Sun as a birth card indicates that we have the ability to shine from within. The Sun says: “learn to show yourself as you are”.

With this birth card, it is possible that life leads us to experience situations in which we occupy central, highly visible leadership positions. We have come to give warmth, life and clarity to our surroundings and for this, we need to express our true selves.

The challenge in this case is to maintain our integrity since the shadow of this position is to show a positive image to change circumstances at will and thus achieve what we want. When we act from our integrity, it is destiny itself that acts as a co-creator and, in this way, we achieve our goals effortlessly.

The Sun
Wheel of Fortune
The Magician

The Construction of the Magician Archetype

The sequence 1 (The Magician), 10 (Wheel of Fortune) and 19 (The Sun) describe the ability (The Magician) to change destiny (Wheel of Fortune) to bring to Life (The Sun) a new reality.

As we have seen, these archetypes are full of lights and shadows. We can use our talents (The Magician) to change the circumstances (The Wheel of Fortune) and make them too bright (The Sun) so that what we want to hide is not seen. We can also use them to change reality and show what was previously hidden. This can refer both to specific situations and to parts of our being.

El Mago
Rueda de la Fortuna
El Sol

Archetypes do not judge or have a specific morality, but rather represent elemental energies that can manifest in both positive and negative ways. It is our personal development that allows us to differentiate which is which. And that is everyone’s job. The great spiritual teachers always mention that the duty of each one is “to be oneself” since this is how we honor the Creator.

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