What is “the dark side” of a sign?

The zodiac signs represent neutral energies. Much has been said about the dark aspects of each sign. In my opinion, they become “dark” because we judge them from our subjective reality, which contains personal, generational, and cultural ingredients. Perhaps for this very reason, their energy can become distorted by repressing certain natural aspects of the signs.

Hearing different people talking about the signs, their shadows, or their negative traits, I think what they say has more to do with their personal emotional responses to energies that they are not comfortable with. It is typical to hear that Leo is a narcissist, Scorpio dangerous, or Taurus materialistic, but in reality, all the signs represent pure energies that are essential for the healthy development of every living being.

However, when, for whatever reason, the energies of a sign cannot flow naturally, deviations from those energies can appear. The cause may be the repression of those energies or, at least, the lack of mastery over the energy in question.

And this is how what we call the Shadow appears. The shadow (or the dark side) of the sign of our Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and the other planets is not something to be avoided, but a message from our unconscious that there is something that requires our attention and that needs to be redirected. in a positive way in order to express that energy in all its splendor.

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Mastery of these energies is something that is not achieved overnight. In fact, as a species, we are still learning to be human. Investigating the shadow of each sign can help us identify aspects of our being that need to be revisited, to release any type of energetic inhibition that prevents us from feeling fully and completely alive.

Do you dare to discover your shadow?

Warning: Since we are talking about the shadow, it is possible that the information that follows may cause some discomfort.

The dark side of Aries

Aries looks for action. They need activity and to be able to follow their impulses. When the potential of Aries is inhibited, it is very possible that Aries begins to create unnecessary conflicts, looking for real or imaginary enemies that allow them, through fights, to release excess accumulated energy. They can lie on the sofa drinking beer in front of the TV and suddenly insult the closest person without warning. How has Aries been inhibited? Discouraging their life force. Calling them loud or too impulsive. When Aries energy manifests naturally, it directs its life force to open new paths, to conquer its goals. An inhibited Aries cannot connect with their natural assertiveness and it builds up inside them. Of course, sooner or later, it surfaces explosively.

The dark side of Taurus

Taurus seeks peace, tranquility, and above all comfort. When Taurus’s potential is inhibited, the ability to feel pleasure and enjoyment in life cannot be lived naturally. So, Taurus, with that strength and perseverance that would normally lead them to produce something concrete to sustain them through their talents, end up dedicating themselves only to generating material goods. Taurus’ energy can be inhibited by discouraging their desire for quiet, their need to sleep until necessary, their enjoyment of food and other sensual pleasures, or their connection to nature and art. This is internalized as a devaluation of their selves. So, the energy of this Earth Venus recovers value through their possessions, seeking material security to compensate for the lack of self-esteem. This leads them to a predictable and boring life. When Taurus manifest their potential fluently, the ability to create material security is still present, but through what truly gives them pleasure.

The dark side of Gemini

Gemini, with their innate curiosity, needs to communicate, express their ideas and exchange them with others. When Gemini’s potential is inhibited, the mental quickness of the sign of the twins is lost in a mental maze… This causes nervous tension. The Gemini shadow is gathering information without a definite goal. They use their mental prowess to send their attention from one direction to another so quickly that in the end, they don’t even know what they want to know. Gemini’s curiosity is an ability that allows them to relate to the world and expand their perception of it, but when curiosity has no specific purpose, it becomes a tool for gathering “useless information”. When they can unravel their potential fluently, we find a curious being taking an interest in the world around them and communicating their impressions with intelligence and skill.

The dark side of Cancer

Cancer needs to create emotional bonds and nurture as well as protect them. This gives them the feeling of being emotionally secure and fulfilled. When Cancer potential is inhibited, they feel unable to express their emotions, so… they keep them to themselves. However, the desire to maintain emotional ties is stronger than creating HEALTHY emotional ties. They can forgive very easily and often allow for all kinds of emotional imbalances as long as everything remains “the same”, which gives them a sense of belonging. Cancer’s ability to nurture and nurture itself needs a true connection to emotions. When their energy flows freely, their life reflects their self-caring ability. When this energy is inhibited, they may settle for what is familiar rather than nurturing, even if the experience is highly unsatisfying.

The dark side of Leo

Leo, like the sun, give themselves unconditionally and need to see that their audience is happy to receive them. When Leo’s potential is inhibited, Leo will seek to please others at all costs. Actually, without knowing it, they are looking for an audience that watches their performance, because they feel appreciated that way. For Leo, this is a vital necessity. It is an exchange of energy, like the one we see in a concert between the artist and the audience. If the artist sings to an audience that doesn’t react to their music, their energy plummets and they lose the desire to play. A Leo who lets their energy flow freely acts like the Sun. They stay shining while allowing their true audience to show up naturally. An inhibited Leo will insist on performing to others, accommodating their self-expression according to the responses they receive, unconsciously seeking approval. Although what they seek is appreciation, they end up being accused of “wanting attention”.

The dark side of Virgo

Virgo seeks to perfect their skill and offer them to the world, to feel useful. When Virgo’s potential is inhibited, the sign’s typical search for perfection becomes harmful, both to themselves and to others. There is a great tendency to see only flaws and to point out constantly what could be improved. In addition, many times, these imperfections are the product of self-esteem issues rather than real flaws. A free-flowing Virgo observes and manages reality in an efficient way, improving it day by day, and enjoying the process. An inhibited Virgo feels impure, full of flaws, and doesn’t stop judging themselves (and possibly others). They get lost in the details and don’t feel good until everything is perfect… something that may never happen. So, they stay in a state of permanent stress.

The dark side of Libra

Libra seeks balance, agreements, and what is fair and harmonious. When Libra’s potential is inhibited, they have trouble making decisions because they haven’t been able to find their own inner balance. They intuitively seek harmony but do not know how to achieve it. That’s when indecision arises… the product of a blockage. This block stems from the belief that holding still creates a certain balance. When Libra manifests in a fluid way, they know that everything is always in perfect balance. They don’t have to do anything to achieve it. If there is more there and less here, that is balance. 70% and 30% is a balance. Is that fair? The circumstances will tell. Sometimes it isn’t. And sometimes it is! But when Libra is inhibited, they will go for 50% and 50% to be “fair”, creating an artificial balance. So eventually they end up stuck, paralyzed, becoming indecisive. They have to remember that Libra doesn’t have to make decisions (that’s for Aries), but weigh things up. The decision arises by itself.

The dark side of Scorpio

Scorpios seek to merge with their shadow in order to feel the entirety of their selves. Of course, this energy can be too intense for the other signs, that’s why the energy of Scorpio can be inhibited… Haven’t we heard time and time again that we have to be careful of Scorpios? This is what the other signs say! Scorpios are scary because they dare to feel what others avoid. And when Scorpio’s energy is inhibited, their hunger for emotional fusion turns into poison. Kafka’s Metamorphosis is a perfect example of a Scorpio fluently exploring human nature. How many dare to go there? If this energy has not been encouraged, Scorpio can develop emotional repressions that turn into fantasies that recreate the worst-case scenarios of a given situation. Their mind fills with imaginary monsters that are really nothing more than shame, guilt, or fear in disguise. It is not easy for our Scorpio friends.

The dark side of Sagittarius

Does Sagittarius have a dark side? Always smiling, optimistic and good-natured? Well, of course! When Sagittariu’s energy is inhibited, they are prone to rash actions that end in undesirable situations. Sagittarius energy seeks to freely explore, experience new possibilities, and learn more about the world. If this energy has been inhibited for one reason or another, the typical Sagittarius exuberance turns into constant restlessness and a feeling of being trapped. Then every once in a while, that pent-up energy is released and thrown into some adventure that makes them feel free and expanded. They run so fast that they don’t realize that the path has ended a few meters behind and now they are running in the void. And poof! The recklessness of Sagittarius is nothing more than a symptom of the inhibited desire to explore.

The dark side of Capricorn

Coldness and emotional self-control are the shadows of Capricorn. This is a naturally restrained sign with a very clear sense of direction. In their natural state, these qualities allow Capricorn to achieve their personal goals. But when the energies of Capricorn are inhibited, they are not very clear where to direct their sense of responsibility and duty. Ambition is a natural aspect of Capricorn and if at any time it has been discouraged, Capricorn’s perseverance and ambition turn into bitterness and depression. They cannot connect with their own aspirations and begin to project them onto others, often in an authoritarian manner. If they cannot follow their own call, Capricorn’s ambition seeks to find its place in positions recognized by the status quo to compensate, forgetting about their true desires. Eventually, they become taciturn and distant, cut off from their emotions.

The dark side of Aquarius

Aquarius has come to exemplify what it means to be an individual. Their motto is “Be yourself no matter what others say”. They are here to break with the status quo. It is not possible to “tame” Aquarius, although it is possible to inhibit them. It is enough to suppress their genius, and especially their individuality, their different way of seeing things so that the Aquarian inventiveness remains buried in the unconscious. If Aquarius can’t express their uniqueness, then they can’t exist. Aquarians become a shadow of themselves. They may appear to have adapted to the regulations of the status quo but in reality, they are disassociating from their true selves, creating a false identity. When Aquarius let their energy flow freely, it can shock society, but it also brings something new and progressive. When the Aquarian energy is inhibited, they end up developing mental alienation.

The dark side of Pisces

Pisces is famous for its desire to escape reality. But… why is this desire born? When Pisces’ potential is inhibited, the impressions they receive from the outside world stay in their emotional body….and this can be overwhelming! If they can’t express what they feel in some creative or meditative way, their mind becomes a Van Gogh painting mixed with the images animal rights activists have shown them. Then they can decide either to create a fantasy world through denial or an alternate reality through perception-altering substances. Pisces can inhibit their potential when they are discouraged from the development of compassion and imagination. If they are shamed for being “too” sensitive, they end up inhibiting their natural sense of empathy. If they don’t find a creative outlet for the thousands of impressions they receive daily, they will numb themselves. Escapism can be found in all areas of life, and in more subtle ways than the obvious ones. Anything that disconnects them from reality works: partying every day, constantly watching movies… – even working non-stop will help them to avoid feeling.

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