The Tarot and You by Paula Lustemberg

The Tarot and You (eBook )


A Practical Guide to a deep understanding of the Tarot and the Celtic Cross. Includes interpretations of the 78 arcana in the Celtic Cross. With Traditional and Jungian interpretations.

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A Practical Guide to a Deep Understanding of the Tarot and the Celtic Cross.

Learn to read traditional Tarot and its version from the Jungian archetypes of Tarot for everyday life and self-knowledge.

460 pages that include:

-Mastering the Celtic Cross Spread: Learn to use the Celtic Cross spread, one of the most powerful and revealing in the world of tarot. This book guides you step by step in the interpretation of each card, helping you to decipher their profound meanings in relation to your life.

-Interpreting the 78 Arcana in Each Position: Delve into the meaning of each of the 78 tarot cards and how they manifest in the different positions of the Celtic Cross. Discover how each card can offer you a unique and valuable perspective on your present, past, and future.

-Tools for Personal Development: With practical exercises and examples of spreads, ‘The Tarot and You’ equips you with the skills to explore your inner self, make informed decisions, and navigate confidently in your daily life.

-A Focus on Growth and Self-Reflection: This book is an invitation to self-exploration and self-discovery. Through the wisdom of the tarot, you will learn to recognize patterns, overcome challenges, and celebrate your achievements.

-Guide of Questions: This book contains a series of questions designed to explore your relationship with love, your personal fulfillment, your potential for abundance, and the discovery of your latent abilities, with the aim of fostering a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

-Exercises, Examples, and Alternative Spreads: In this section, you will find a variety of exercises designed to help you connect with your tarot readings, along with practical examples that will guide you in learning the interpretation of the cards in combination. Additionally, different alternative spreads are presented to enrich and diversify your readings, making them broader and at the same time more entertaining.

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