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Saturn in Pisces Transit – Revealing Hidden Truths

The Materialization of Our Spiritual Reality.

A Guide to Venus in the Twelve Astrological Signs

Understand How Venus Impacts Your Zodiac Sign

Gifts for Him or Her based on the astrological sign of Venus

Ideas for Valentine's Day and Other Special Occasions.

Pluto’s Transit in Aquarius through the 3rd House

The Regeneration of Perception Through Internal Authority and Individual Freedom.

Pluto’s Transit in Aquarius through the 2nd House

The Regeneration Of Personal Resources Through Internal Authority And Individual Freedom.

Pluto transit in Aquarius through the 1st House

The regeneration of our identity through internal authority and individual freedom.

Lilith, the Black Moon in Cancer

"My connection to family and deep emotions gives me the strength to care for and protect those I love, even in the most difficult times." - Lilith in Cancer

Lilith, the Black Moon in Gemini

"My inexhaustible curiosity and agile mind drive me to explore and communicate creatively with the world around me" - Lilith in Gemini

Lilith, The Black Moon in Taurus

"Mi conexión con la tierra y mi aprecio por la belleza y la sensualidad me ayudan a crear una vida llena de comodidad y estabilidad". - Lilith in Taurus

Lilith, the Black Moon in Aries

"I am not afraid to face life's challenges; I am always ready to conquer new horizons and lead my path with courage and determination" - Lilith in Aries