On astrological signs

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On astrological signs

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Regency, Triplicity and Decans

The Astrological Dignities. The attributes of the planets in astrological interpretation.

The Dark Side of the Zodiac – From Aries to Pisces

Do you dare to discover your shadow?

A Shamanic View on the 10th House – Signs and Planets

A shamanic look at the axis of the 10-4 houses, signs and planets.

A Guide to Venus in the Twelve Astrological Signs

Understand How Venus Impacts Your Zodiac Sign

Lilith, The Black Moon in Taurus

"Mi conexión con la tierra y mi aprecio por la belleza y la sensualidad me ayudan a crear una vida llena de comodidad y estabilidad". - Lilith in Taurus

Lilith, the Black Moon in Aries

"I am not afraid to face life's challenges; I am always ready to conquer new horizons and lead my path with courage and determination" - Lilith in Aries

Chiron and its Meaning by Sign and House

The planet/comet that heals us.

Saturn in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

The architects of Emotion.

Mercury in Sagittarius

The Mind Explorer.