In the depths of our birth chart lies a powerful and often misunderstood figure—Lilith, the Black Moon. More than just an astrological point, Lilith is our personal guardian, a fierce defender of our authenticity and personal truth. Through its influence, it teaches us to face and embrace our shadows, those parts of us that society may reject or misunderstand, but which are essential for our individual integrity.

Lilith and Divine Protection Through Rejection

Lilith operates under a transformative premise: “rejection is divine protection.” In her esoteric wisdom, she shows us that every rejection we face is a lesson and a direction. Rejection is not a sign of failure, but a signal that we are being diverted from paths and connections that do not resonate with our true self. It is a protection against the influences and energies that could dilute or divert our deepest essence.

Rejection is divine protection.

The Path of Lilith: Accepting and Transforming

With Lilith as our guide, we learn to interpret rejection not as an end, but as an opportunity to redirect our lives towards something more authentic and life-giving. She challenges us to ask: Is this rejection protecting me from something I truly do not need or want? Is it freeing me towards something that is more truly mine?

Now, I invite you to explore the typical phrases that people with Lilith in each astrological house tend to hear. If you know the position of Lilith in your birth chart, start there to identify situations in which your authenticity might be being controlled, attacked, or suppressed—a reflection of the challenges Lilith faced in mythology. If you’re unsure of your Lilith position or if you desire a broader understanding, consider listening to the phrases associated with all Lilith positions. This will not only help you understand how you might be limiting the expression of others but also how sometimes, without realizing it, we contribute to the challenges others face.

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Moreover, exploring all facets of Lilith will allow you to recognize and accept the multiple ways authenticity manifests. By doing this, we not only foster an environment of greater acceptance and understanding among us, but we also open doors to discovering the true essence of humanity. Embracing all expressions of Lilith in the zodiac is a step towards creating a better and more understanding world, and it invites us to celebrate the diversity and depth of what it means to be ‘human’.

Lilith in the 1st House

Lilith in the First House of the birth chart is associated with the most direct and visible manifestation of its energies in a person’s personality and identity. The First House in astrology is related to the self, self-expression, appearance, and first impressions. This is why Lilith here can significantly influence how one projects themselves to the world and how others perceive them.

“You always have to be the center of attention, don’t you?” Lilith in the First House can make a person feel driven to stand out and be noticed, which can be interpreted by others as a need to always be the center of attention. Lilith’s energy is intense and can lead to behaviors or styles that strongly attract attention, sometimes even unconsciously.

“Sometimes, your independence intimidates others.” Lilith represents a part of us that is rebellious and unconventional. In the First House, this quality manifests as a strong need for autonomy and independence. This can be intimidating to those who are accustomed to more dependent or conventional relationships, as Lilith’s energy promotes a firmness in following one’s own path, often challenging social expectations.

“You’re too direct; you should soften your approach.” Lilith’s influence can lead to direct and unfiltered communication, reflecting an uncompromising authenticity. In the First House, this directness can be very apparent in the way the person speaks or acts. Although this can be a strength for authenticity and truth, it can also result in conflicts or misunderstandings if not handled with some sensitivity to how others might receive or interpret that frankness.

Lilith in the First House magnifies traits that are inherent to one’s identity and self-expression, but these same traits can be seen as challenging or disruptive by others, especially in environments that value conformity or diplomacy.

Lilith in the 2nd House

Lilith in the Second House of the birth chart impacts themes related to resources, values, and material security. The Second House governs our possessions, money, and what we value, both materially and morally. When Lilith is present in this house, it can influence an unconventional or challenging approach to these aspects, which can be reflected in the following ways:

“You don’t seem to care much about money.” Lilith in the Second House may indicate a detached or alternative attitude towards finances. People with this placement may not value money in the traditional sense or may adopt a ‘live for the moment’ approach that disregards the accumulation of wealth or conventional financial security. This can be seen as a lack of concern for money, especially from a more conservative or materialistic perspective.

“Your priorities are a bit different from the norm.” Since Lilith represents aspects of us that challenge norms, having Lilith in the Second House can mean that what the person values does not align with what is generally accepted or expected by society. They may prioritize experiences, relationships, or self-discovery over financial stability or material success, which can appear unusual or imprudent to others.

“Why do you always have to do things your own way, even with your finances?” Lilith encourages a rebellious spirit and independence, so in the Second House, this can manifest in the way a person manages their finances. They might prefer unconventional methods of earning or spending, rejecting the more typical or secure financial strategies. This tendency to do things their own way can be frustrating for those who have more traditional expectations about money management and material security.

Overall, Lilith in the Second House suggests a unique and personalized approach to personal resources and values, challenging traditional conceptions of what it means to be secure and successful from a material perspective. This can lead to a more financially liberated life, but it can also bring challenges in how material needs are perceived and managed.

Lilith in the 3rd House

Lilith in the Third House of a natal chart influences the areas of communication, thought, and close relationships, such as those with siblings and neighbors. The Third House also encompasses early learning and the immediate environment. Lilith’s presence here can introduce a challenging and often provocative dynamic in these areas, manifesting in the following ways:

“Sometimes, your words can be really hurtful.” Lilith in the Third House can make a person’s communication particularly direct, passionate, or even aggressive. This position may confer a tendency to express deep truths that others may find uncomfortable or difficult to handle. In moments of tension, this way of communicating can be perceived as hurtful or overly critical, especially if the person does not modulate their expression to accommodate others’ sensitivity.

“You have interesting ideas, but they’re a bit radical for my taste.” Lilith represents what is marginal or subversive, and in the Third House, this can translate into ideas and opinions that challenge the status quo or accepted norms. People with this configuration may think innovatively or revolutionarily, presenting perspectives that others may consider too extreme or ahead of their time. Their focus on questioning accepted truths can be inspiring but can also be unsettling for those with more conventional views.

“Why do you always question everything?” Lilith in the Third House drives the person to constantly question their environment and what is taken for granted. This intense and sometimes skeptical curiosity can lead to deep and meaningful exploration but can also be seen as contrariness or nonconformity. The need to challenge and explore can make such individuals seem perpetually dissatisfied with superficial explanations or simplistic answers.

Lilith in the Third House results in a communicative and mental approach that is unafraid to delve deep, challenge, and revise. While this position can strengthen a person’s ability to see beyond the obvious and encourage debate and discovery, it can also lead to communicative conflicts due to the intensity and disruptive potential of their words and ideas.

Lilith in the 4th House

Lilith in the Fourth House of the natal chart influences aspects related to home, family, and emotional roots. The Fourth House also connects with our deepest sense of personal security and our emotional foundation. Lilith’s presence here can introduce a unique and often challenging dynamic in these fundamental aspects of life, reflected in various ways:

“Your way of handling family is quite unique.” Lilith in the Fourth House can signal an unconventional or radical approach to family and domestic life. Individuals with this configuration may have distinct ideas about what it means to have a home or be part of a family, diverging from established cultural or family traditions or expectations. This may include differences in child-rearing, home setup, or interactions with family members.

“You don’t seem to need anyone.” With Lilith in this house, there may be a strong need for autonomy and emotional independence. This position can make a person appear extremely self-sufficient, sometimes rejecting help or support from others, especially within the family context. This may be a reaction to power dynamics or perceived constraints experienced in their home during childhood.

“Your home has always been a bit different, hasn’t it?” Lilith influences fostering a domestic atmosphere that reflects authenticity and uniqueness. This can manifest in a home that is unusual in its decor, structure, or the norms practiced within it. Individuals with Lilith in the Fourth House may prefer to create a space that is radically different from typical homes, reflecting their need to express their individuality and sometimes their desire to distance themselves from their origins.

Lilith in the Fourth House can bring a deeply personal and often revolutionary approach to the domestic environment and family relationships. While this may result in a sense of alienation or misunderstanding from family members or those expecting a more traditional dynamic, it also offers the opportunity to live in a way that is truly authentic and liberating for the affected person.

Lilith in the 5th House

Lilith in the Fifth House of the natal chart impacts the areas of creativity, pleasure, and romance. The Fifth House is also associated with children, hobbies, and all forms of personal expression. When Lilith is found in this house, it can introduce a unique intensity and challenge conventional norms in these areas of life:

“You have a dramatic style that may be too much for some people.” Lilith in the Fifth House can manifest in a highly marked and dramatic personal expression, both in fashion and behavior. This position enhances a magnetic presence that attracts attention, but it can also be overwhelming or excessive for others. Individuals with this configuration may have a theatrical approach to life, enjoying drama and spectacle, which can be intimidating or challenging for those who prefer a more discreet approach.

“Sometimes, it seems like you’re playing a character.” Lilith’s influence can lead to constant experimentation with different identities or roles, especially in social or romantic contexts. This may make it seem like the person is constantly “acting” or adopting a persona that doesn’t fully reflect their true self. This tendency to play with different facets of oneself can be an exploration of their identity or a way to challenge social expectations.

“Your way of having fun isn’t for everyone.” Lilith here drives the search for unique and often extreme forms of fun and pleasure, which may include unusual or taboo activities. Individuals with Lilith in the Fifth House may enjoy hobbies and entertainments that others find unconventional or even provocative. Their approach to romance and play can also be unconventional, always seeking intensity and depth, which is not always understood or appreciated by everyone.

Lilith in the Fifth House fosters an intense and authentic creative and romantic expression that can challenge norms and provoke strong reactions in others. While this position can lead to a life filled with creativity and passion, it can also lead to misunderstandings or conflicts due to the unusual or extremely open nature of the chosen forms of self-expression.

Lilith in the 6th House

Lilith in the Sixth House of the natal chart affects topics related to work, health, and daily routines. The Sixth House is also associated with service to others and attention to detail. When Lilith is present in this house, it can introduce an intense and often critical dynamic in how these areas are approached:

“Your approach to work and daily routine is a bit intense.” Lilith in the Sixth House can make a person focus on work and routines with an unusual intensity and passion. This focus can lead to an exceptional commitment to perfection and a desire to control every aspect of their work and health environment. While this can lead to great productivity and efficiency, it can also result in significant stress, both for the individual and for those around them who may feel pressured by this intensity.

“Why do you always have to do things the hard way?” With Lilith in this position, there may be a tendency to complicate tasks or choose methods that require more effort or challenge. This could reflect an underlying need to test one’s own resilience or to constantly face challenges as a way of validating one’s own effectiveness or control over daily life. Sometimes, this can be counterproductive, as always seeking the hardest path can make tasks more difficult than necessary.

“You can be too critical of details.” Lilith in the Sixth House can also confer a sharp ability for analysis and meticulous attention to detail. While this can be extremely helpful in many work and health contexts, it can also lead to excessive criticism and unrealistic expectations, both of oneself and others. This critical attitude can create tensions in the work environment and in personal relationships, especially if the person expects the same level of perfectionism from others.

Lilith in the Sixth House drives an intense pursuit of perfection and control in work and daily routines, which can result in high performance but also in interpersonal difficulties and stress. It’s important for those with this position to learn to moderate their intensity and to be more forgiving of mistakes, both their own and others’, to maintain a healthy balance in their daily lives.

Lilith in the 7th House

Lilith in the Seventh House of the natal chart focuses on relationships and partnerships, including marriages, business partnerships, and any form of binding contract or agreement. The Seventh House is also the place of declared enemies, where challenges and conflicts in relationships are seen. When Lilith is found in this house, it can bring a particular intensity and complexity to interpersonal relationships:

“Your relationships are always so complicated.” Lilith in the Seventh House may indicate that a person’s relationships are marked by challenges, emotional depth, and complexity. This could be due to an attraction to partners who reflect one’s hidden or suppressed qualities, or who challenge the individual to confront their own darker aspects. Relationships may be seen as battlegrounds for personal power or as areas for intense and transformative growth.

“It seems like you attract drama in your relationships.” Lilith’s presence here can make relationship dynamics charged with intense emotions and conflictual situations. This may be because the person unconsciously provokes or attracts drama as a way to experience emotional intensity or as a means to address unresolved issues in their psyche. This pattern may result in a cycle of tumultuous relationships or constant challenges within supposedly stable partnerships.

“It’s not always easy to work with you.” In the context of partnerships or collaborations, Lilith in the Seventh House can manifest as a tendency to challenge partners or resist compromises that seem to limit personal autonomy. The person may have strong opinions on how things should be handled, which can lead to conflicts or friction in work or business partnerships. There may also be resistance to yielding or compromising, making cooperation and teamwork difficult.

Lilith in the Seventh House can make relationships and partnerships areas of life where a lot of intensity and challenge are experienced. These experiences, though difficult, can also be catalysts for deep personal growth and greater understanding of oneself and others. For those with this placement, it may be beneficial to work on open communication and understanding that vulnerability and commitment are necessary to maintain healthy and constructive relationships.

Lilith in the 8th House

Lilith in the Eighth House of the natal chart delves into themes related to transformation, sexuality, crises, regeneration, and shared resources, including inheritances and the finances of the spouse or partnerships. This house also addresses the hidden and the mystical. The presence of Lilith here can significantly influence how these deep and often taboo aspects of life are handled:

“You are very mysterious and that can be unsettling.” Lilith in the Eighth House can confer an aura of mystery and depth, making the person seem elusive or difficult to decipher. This mystery can be attractive but also disconcerting to others, as it may seem that there is always something hidden or undisclosed in their behavior or motivations. Intense privacy and reluctance to share personal details are common characteristics here.

“Your intensity in personal relationships can be overwhelming.” With Lilith in this house, emotional intensity and passion can manifest especially in intimate relationships. This may include a deep exploration of sexuality and a strong desire for transformative and revelatory experiences with others. However, this intensity can be too much for some people, leading to relationships that others may find too demanding or emotionally exhausting.

“You are always delving into topics that others prefer not to touch.” Lilith here drives the person to explore and confront topics that are taboo or rarely openly discussed in society. This may include death, sexuality in its rawest forms, or deep psychological aspects of the human being. This inclination to address the forbidden or the hidden can be unsettling for those who prefer to keep these topics under quieter and more controlled surfaces.

Lilith in the Eighth House indicates a deep exploration of the mysteries of life, which can lead to both profound personal transformation and conflicts or discomfort in relationships with others. For those with this placement, it’s important to find a balance between their need for depth and transformation and others’ capacity to accompany them on those intense journeys. Often, these individuals can benefit from channeling their intensity into activities that allow for safe and constructive transformation and exploration.

Lilith in the 9th House

Lilith in the Ninth House of the natal chart impacts the areas of philosophy, higher education, law, spiritual beliefs, and long-distance travel. This house also relates to expanding horizons and the search for meaning beyond the known. Lilith’s presence here can influence a person to adopt unconventional and challenging approaches in these domains:

“Your opinions can be quite provocative.” Lilith in the Ninth House can make a person’s opinions and perspectives particularly provocative and challenging to established norms. There may be a tendency to question authority and predominant belief systems, not only as a form of rebellion but as a genuine attempt to seek truth. These opinions can spark debates and conflicts, especially in academic or religious environments where traditions are valued.

“You’re always seeking to go beyond established boundaries.” With Lilith in this house, there’s a strong inclination to explore and expand beyond conventional boundaries, whether physically, intellectually, or spiritually. This may manifest in a desire to travel to unknown places or in adopting studies and practices that break cultural or academic expectations. The person with this Lilith placement may be seen as a pioneer in their field, but also as someone who constantly challenges what is socially acceptable or safe.

“Sometimes, your beliefs challenge what is widely accepted.” Lilith in the Ninth House drives people to adopt and develop beliefs that may be radically different or even opposed to cultural or religious norms. This can make their beliefs seem extreme or inappropriate to those who adhere to more traditional doctrines. The need to question and redefine what is considered true or moral can lead to significant conflicts, especially with authority figures in these areas.

Lilith in the Ninth House encourages people to seek a deeper and more authentic understanding of the world, often through methods that challenge established perceptions and structures. While this position can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings, it also offers the opportunity for profound growth and expansion of horizons. It’s important for these individuals to find constructive ways to communicate their provocative visions, allowing others to see the value in their search for truth and authenticity.

Lilith in the 10th House

Lilith in the Tenth House of the natal chart influences areas related to career, public reputation, and the image projected to the world. The Tenth House also deals with ambitions, achievements, and the role a person takes on in society. When Lilith is found in this house, it can introduce a challenging and provocative dynamic into a person’s professional and public life:

“Your ambition can sometimes be a bit intimidating.” Lilith in the Tenth House can intensify personal ambition, causing the person to focus on their career goals with a determination and intensity that may be seen as intimidating by others. Lilith’s presence here may lead a person to challenge established norms and power structures, which can be perceived as threatening by those who prefer to maintain the status quo or traditional methods.

“It seems like you’re willing to do anything to get to the top.” This placement of Lilith can instill a burning desire for success and recognition, to the point where the person may seem willing to overcome any obstacle or challenge any norm to achieve their goals. This may include aggressive or unconventional tactics that, while effective, could generate controversy or criticism among colleagues and superiors.

“Your focus on your career isn’t always well-received by everyone.” With Lilith in the Tenth House, the way a person handles their career and how they behave in the public sphere may challenge expectations and professional norms. This can lead to misunderstandings or a mixed reception of their methods and approaches. Actions driven by Lilith in this realm may be seen as unorthodox or even inappropriate, which can affect the public perception of the person.

Lilith in the Tenth House suggests an approach to career and public image that isn’t afraid to break molds and challenge conventions. While this can be a source of conflict or controversy, it also offers the opportunity for significant innovations and for advancing in one’s career in ways that others might consider impossible. For those with this placement, it’s important to find a balance between ambition and respect for professional norms and relationships, ensuring that their desire for success doesn’t undermine their long-term goals or their reputation.

Lilith in the 11th House

Lilith in the Eleventh House of the natal chart impacts themes related to friendships, groups, long-term aspirations, and benefits derived from the community or group activities. This house is also associated with rebellion, innovation, and ideals and hopes for the future. Lilith’s presence in this house can lead to a unique and often challenging dynamic in these social and collective spheres:

“Your friends are… interesting.” Lilith in the Eleventh House can influence the choice of friendships, attracting individuals who are unique, unconventional, or even marginalized in some way. These friendships may be seen as “interesting” or peculiar by others, as they reflect the person’s desire to associate with those who challenge social norms or have unique or radical perspectives.

“Sometimes, your ideals are a bit extreme.” With Lilith in this position, ideals and beliefs about how the world should be can be intense and highly individualistic. The person may advocate for radical changes or for the reform of social structures in ways that others consider extreme. This can lead to conflicts within groups or movements that have more moderate or traditional views.

“You’re a leader, but not always in the direction others would expect.” Lilith here can endow the person with charismatic and persuasive leadership qualities, but the type of leadership they exert may be unusual or unexpected. They may lean towards leading marginal or unconventional causes, or adopt leadership approaches that challenge common expectations. This can result in pioneering work in certain areas, although it’s not always easy for others to follow or fully understand their vision or methods.

Lilith in the Eleventh House suggests a inclination towards associating with individuals and causes that are unique or radical, and a desire to lead in ways that challenge established norms. While this position can provide a powerful ability to influence social change and inspire others towards new perspectives, it’s also important for these individuals to find ways to communicate their ideals in a manner that can be understood and accepted by a wider audience, thus facilitating the realization of their long-term visions.

Lilith in the 12th House

Lilith in the Twelfth House of the natal chart influences themes related to the subconscious, the hidden, secrets, and isolation. This house is also associated with institutions of isolation such as hospitals, prisons, and monasteries, in addition to hidden enemies and personal sacrifices. Lilith’s presence in this house can manifest deeply internal and often hidden characteristics and experiences:

“There’s something about you that I can’t fully understand.” Lilith in the Twelfth House can confer an aura of mystery or inaccessibility to the person, causing aspects of their character or motivations to remain hidden or difficult to decipher for others. This position may indicate that there are emotional depths or past experiences that the person keeps private, making others feel like they never fully get to know them.

“Sometimes, you seem to carry a burden that others can’t see.” Lilith here suggests that the person may face internal struggles or challenges that are not visible to the outside world. There may be unresolved issues or traumas influencing their behavior, but they handle them alone or in secret. This “invisible burden” can be a source of strength or a cause of suffering, depending on how the person deals with these underlying issues.

“Your way of handling things behind the scenes can be a bit secretive or solitary.” With Lilith in the Twelfth House, there may be a preference for operating behind the scenes or in unconventional ways. The person may engage in activities that require privacy or discretion, or they may be drawn to roles that allow them to work from the shadows or in isolation. This may be a conscious choice to preserve personal energy or a subconscious need to operate away from the public eye.

Lilith in the Twelfth House indicates a deep and complex relationship with the inner world and the hidden. While it provides a unique ability to deal with the subconscious and the spiritual, it can also lead to challenges in terms of isolation and secrets. It’s important for individuals with this placement to learn to handle these aspects in a way that promotes healing and personal growth, eventually allowing them to more freely share their internal struggles and triumphs with others in a manner that can be understood and supported.

Lilith and Repressions

It is indeed true that we often suppress our authenticity due to criticism, and this is a fundamental aspect of Lilith’s influence in our lives. When criticisms come from others, they can make us feel insecure about our most unique and personal qualities, especially those that are already vulnerable to judgment due to Lilith’s nature of challenging social norms and expectations.

How to Navigate Criticism and Protect Our Authenticity

  • Recognizing the Source:
  • Understanding where criticism comes from is crucial. Often, criticisms are more a reflection of the critic’s own insecurities, prejudices, or discomforts than a fair assessment of your actions or character.
  • Strengthening Self-Esteem:
  • Building solid self-esteem is key to being able to withstand criticism without it deeply affecting us. This includes consciously working on valuing our own opinions and feelings above external approval.
  • Filtering Useful Feedback:
  • Not all criticism is malicious or useless. Learning to filter constructive feedback from destructive comments can help you grow and improve without suppressing your true self.
  • Building Resilience:
  • Developing resilience against negativity allows us to maintain our authenticity even in challenging environments. Resilience can be cultivated through practices such as meditation, personal reflection, and the support of a community that values you.
  • Positive Internal Dialogue:
  • Maintaining a positive internal dialogue is essential. Reminding yourself of your worth and your strengths can counteract the impact of external criticisms.
  • Redefining Lilith:
  • Seeing Lilith not as a source of conflict but as a symbol of your power and unique authenticity can transform the way you face criticisms. She represents the part of you that is untamed and free, qualities that should be celebrated, not suppressed.

Lilith’s influence teaches us that living authentically can be a challenge in a world that often values conformity over individuality. However, it also reminds us that there is great strength and freedom in accepting and expressing our true nature. Criticisms can be tough to handle, but they can also be opportunities to further affirm who we are and to live fully and unapologetically. By embracing our inner Lilith, we can find the courage to be genuinely ourselves, despite external pressures.

Lilith’s Blessings According to her House Position

Now let’s briefly look at… what does Lilith mean in Our Astrological Houses?

  • In the First House, Lilith encourages us to be true to our identity, even when others may feel intimidated by our authenticity.
  • In the Second House, she protects us from pursuing values that do not belong to us.
  • In the Third House, she frees us from superficial communications to find our own voice.
  • In the Fourth House, she guides us towards a true home, one that resonates with our spirit.
  • In the Fifth House, she empowers us to express our unique creativity and find pleasure in our singularity.
  • In the Sixth House, she helps us find rituals and daily routines that honor our body and spirit.
  • In the Seventh House, she teaches us to wait for relationships that respect our wholeness.
  • In the Eighth House, she invites us to confront our shadows and transform our crises into opportunities for growth.
  • In the Ninth House, she encourages us to seek our deepest truth and expand our horizons.
  • In the Tenth House, she motivates us to pursue a career that truly reflects our life’s mission.
  • In the Eleventh House, she challenges us to find communities that celebrate our individuality.
  • In the Twelfth House, she assists us in reconciling with our unconscious, guiding us towards healing and spiritual integrity.

Lilith, our spiritual guardian, is not here to make life easy for us, but to make it truly ours. She invites us to live courageously, to embrace each rejection as a disguised blessing, and to walk a path that is fearlessly and authentically our own.

As we explore the position of Lilith in our birth chart, we not only discover the areas of our life where we may face rejection and criticism, but we also unlock valuable clues about our soul’s purpose. Lilith challenges us to be true to ourselves, to embrace our individuality, and to express our deepest truth without fear or apology. This authenticity is not just an act of personal courage, but an essential component for achieving harmony with the entirety of our being.

Lilith in our chart represents that inner voice urging us to break from conventions, to challenge social norms, and to confront those parts of ourselves that others may find uncomfortable or even fear. By accepting and embracing Lilith’s role in our life, we are not only affirming our unique identity, but we are also taking critical steps towards fulfilling our soul’s purpose.

Understanding and working with Lilith helps us integrate all parts of our being, leading to a fuller and more authentic life. By aligning our external life with our deepest internal truths, we facilitate a state of harmony that resonates with the universe itself. Authenticity frees us from the shackles of judgment and external approval, allowing us to live in pure resonance with who we truly are.

So, as you reflect on Lilith’s position in your birth chart, consider how you can live more authentically. Ask yourself how you can use Lilith’s lessons to not only face rejection with grace and strength but also to move forward with courage towards the full expression of your being. Pursuing this level of authenticity is challenging, yes, but it is also incredibly enriching and essential for reaching your soul’s true purpose.

And something very important we must remember… Lilith emerges from us naturally. It is not an external force or a challenge that we must overcome or suppress, but an essential part of our being. Lilith does not need to be tamed; it needs to be honored.

When we allow Lilith to manifest freely, we are allowing our deepest authenticity to be expressed without barriers. Honoring Lilith means accepting our shadows as much as our lights, recognizing that every part of us has value and purpose. This acceptance not only frees us from the chains of external judgment but also strengthens us and prepares us to live according to our soul’s purpose in a more complete and harmonious way.

So, instead of trying to contain or mold Lilith to fit into preconceived expectations, I invite each of you to listen to her, learn from her, and allow her to guide you towards a life of greater authenticity and purpose. Honoring Lilith is honoring the entirety of who we are, and by doing so, we open ourselves to a richer and more resonant life in every sense.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of Lilith in our lives. I hope this journey toward understanding and accepting your inner Lilith inspires you to live with courage and authenticity. Thanks again for watching this video and until next time. 

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