Traditionally, in astrology, squares are considered conflictive and refer to two or more aspects of our nature (symbolized by the planets) that cannot understand each other.

In fact, we have to consider squares as the sculptors of our individuality. The planets that compose it form 45º angles to each other. They represent energies that are not very comfortable with each other – except when they are in signs of compatible elements.

When planets are at the beginning or end of a sign, they can form squares that are less conflictual. For example, planets forming squares between signs of Water and Earth element, or between Fire and Air signs. In this case, the friction between the two energies is less pronounced and although they show some dissatisfaction, it is still tolerable.

When the squares are between incompatible elements, as in the case of Fire and Water, or Earth and Air, the conflicts between the planets that form it are evident: a part of our being looks for something that is in contradiction with the energy of another internal aspect. In everyday life we experience this as conflicts that manifest as people or situations symbolized by the planets in question. They usually bring us headaches, broken hearts, arguments, etc. In general, squares arouse internal dissatisfaction, the feeling that things do not flow as we expect.

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As I said above, squares are actually sculpting the nature of our being. The function of this astrological aspect is to deepen our personal needs until we achieve a new definition (form) of our individual composition. In this regard, squares are evolutionary in nature, forcing us to become alchemists of our own essential energy – as long as we get to work on it. Otherwise, we will continue to experience both external and internal conflicts.

To see how a square works, you can read Moon Square Venus as an example. In all cases, the squares help us to expand consciousness through contrasts. What is satisfying to one part of us is annoying to another part. The work of self-knowledge that is required in this situation is to find a common point that satisfies both parties. It’s not about settling for something that doesn’t convince for the sake of “harmony.” In fact, the squares are in charge of “destroying” this dynamic. It’s about really knowing what we really want for ourselves and acting accordingly. As we do so, we will deepen our self-knowledge.

As I have said, squares are creative aspects, they take us out of inertia and activate our desire for change. Although many times it is not easy to voluntarily open up to situations that create conflicts for us, once we welcome them and see them as catalysts of experiential richness, the squares become potentials for creativity and the expansion of Self.

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