What does each planet mean in the birth chart? In astrology, the planets represent different manifestations of consciousness that make up our Being. For example … action is represented by Mars; emotion, for the Moon, etc. They form a set of archetypes that we all carry inside and that, until we become aware of them, we project them outside as people or events that we encounter and that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Planets in the Elements

As in the Tarot, the Zodiac wheel is divided into 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each of these elements represent essences in their pure state.

Fire is the essence of Action. Earth is the essence of the Experience. Air is the essence of Thought. Water is the essence of Emotion.

  • Planets in Fire signs are expressed through inspiration, action, creative expression, will.
  • Planets in Earth signs are expressed through planning, experimentation, and sensation.
  • Planets in Air signs are expressed through abstraction, concepts, information.
  • Planets in Water signs are expressed through emotion, intuition, vibration.

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Personal Planets

These planets are the ones that are closest to the Sun and refer to personal characteristics that differentiate us one from another. They are fast planets and our show individual features.


Ruling planet of Leo. Symbolizes: The spirit, self-expression

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The Sun is our center. What matters most to us. What turns us on. It also represents the masculine energy within our being, and by analogy, the impression we have of our father and men in general. In the Sun we discover the image we have of ourselves, our identity, our individual consciousness. As in the solar system, the Sun in our natal chart shows our gravitational center. Thus, es Sol shows us what is natural and obvious to oneself. For example, there are people who care most about staying informed (House 3), others prefer to immerse themselves in the career (House 10), then we see someone who is most interested in relationships and associations with others (House 7). And this is how the Sun leads us to act on the area of life that matters most to us. Giving the Sun what it needs is vital to shine.

The sign where our Sun is, describes to us the qualities that we naturally emanate, what others sense of us.

The astrological house where the Sun is, will show us the area of life where we express these qualities, that which makes our hearts sing. This is where our individuality is freely expressed.

The Sun is ruler of Leo, and when our Sun is alight and vital, it also revitalizes the area of life (astrological house) where Leo is located.


  • Our identity
  • What makes us feel alive
  • Creative self-expression
  • Male energy (in both men and women)
  • Where we “reign”


Ruling planet of Cancer. Symbolizes: Emotion

The Moon represents the emotional world. Emotional experience is what, in a way, creates our reality, and the Moon symbolizes all of that. Our emotional responses to the environment and to others. We also see nourishment and emotional security on the Moon, and by analogy, our experience with maternal energy – whoever supplied it, as well as our experience with women and the feminine side of men. Traditionally it is related to the mother, although it can mean our experience with women in general, since this experience is an externalization of our own feminine energy (whatever our gender). It also shows us childhood and our inner child. In itself, the Moon symbolizes our unconscious memory, which has been formed through sensory impressions. The ever-changing emotional ocean within us, our humor, our imagination. While the Sun is what gives life, the Moon is what feels it.

By sign, the Moon describes our emotional needs and the way we react to life.

By astrological house, the Moon shows the area of life where we find what nourishes us.

When we learn to nourish ourselves according to what our Moon requires, the house where Cancer is at its cusp also becomes a center for emotional nourishment.

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  • What gives us emotional security
  • What nourishes us and what we nourish
  • Feminine energy (in both women and men)
  • What we long for
  • What makes us feel at home


Ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. Symbolizes: the thought processing.

Mercury represents our mental and verbal processes. How we transmit and how we receive the information. Our intelligence. The visual images we receive from the exterior world- our mental perception. Ideas. The mind orbits our Being (Sun) and provides it with information. Mercury perceives the outside world as pure data, just as a computer would. We receive information non-stop. Observation and data acquisition is Mercury domain.

The sign where Mercury is shows the qualities that our intelligence possesses, the way we communicate and how we acquire information.

The astrological house where Mercury is located describes the area of life where our mind focuses to acquire information.

When the energy of Mercury flows freely, the areas of life (astrological houses) where Gemini and Virgo are become activated and somehow, more “intelligent.”


  • Mental processes
  • Verbal expression
  • Visual perception
  • Mental adaptability
  • Data gathering


Ruling planet of Taurus and Libra. Symbolizes: Pleasure.

Venus represents what gives us pleasure, our preferences, what gives us happiness, what we value. The way we beautify ourselves. Our way of experiencing romantic love. Our self esteem. Venus also represents our power of attraction, our personal charm,

The sign where Venus is located represents the qualities that provide beauty, balance and harmony in our life, how we feel beautiful and loved.

The astrological house where Venus is located indicates where we find beauty, balance and harmony. What we like, where we feel beautiful.

When we allow the energy of Venus to flow freely in our lives, we also harmonize the astrological houses where Taurus and Libra are found.


  • What gives us pleasure
  • What we prefer
  • What we attract
  • What we value
  • Feminine expression (in both women and men)


Ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio. Symbolizes: Impulses.

Mars represents the way we are going to look for what we want. Our impulses. Our will. Our masculinity (whatever gender we are). The desire to conquer. What attracts us. What awakens our courage. What we desire.

The sign where Mars is located shows our way of looking for what we want.

The astrological house where Mars is located describes the area of life where our need for action is awakened.

When the energy of Mars is free to act freely, the astrological houses where we find Aries and Scorpio are transformed into areas of life where our will is easily manifested.


  • What we are looking for
  • What we go out to conquer
  • What attracts us
  • What drives us
  • Masculine expression (in both men and women)

Social Planets

These planets represent the individual within the social and cultural context. Being slower planets, they encompass a group of individuals who share the same characteristics. Social planets can seem like external circumstances that guide or control our personal behavior. As we make them conscious in ourselves, we see that they are actually part of our Self and that they are, in fact, a reflection of our inner world.


Ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces. Symbolizes: What expands.

Jupiter represents expansion. Innate gifts. Exploring outside of our everyday surroundings.

The sign where Jupiter is located shows the most prominent qualities that we share with those who were born within our same year of birth.

The astrological house describes the area of life where we will express them. As Jupiter is the planet of expansion, the house where it falls shows where we have the possibility of receiving abundance, even where we are lucky.

  • What expands
  • What we want to experience
  • What we want to know
  • What makes up our beliefs
  • What we go out to explore with passion


Ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius. Symbolizes: Responsibility.

Saturn represents structuring. Responsability. Our path to maturity. In our natal chart, Saturn represents where we meet “reality.” Is it a reality that we like or does it bring us limitations? We will see that according to the aspects that Saturn makes to our personal planets.

The sign where Saturn is located shows our way of facing responsibility. Saturn stays about two and a half years in a sign. We will share the characteristics of this sign with our peers.

The astrological house where it is located describes the area of life where we take things seriously, where everything seems to slow down. Saturn seeks to build solid foundations wherever he is. This takes time and lessons.


  • What structure
  • What gets us down to earth
  • Reality
  • The authority
  • Mastery

Transpersonal Planets

These are the slowest planets and group entire generations. They can act consciously or unconsciously. When we live on a personal plane, these planets represent behaviors included in our collective unconscious. When we live on a transpersonal plane, these planets transform into individual characteristics that are related to the collective.


Ruling planet of Aquarius. Symbolizes: What breaks with tradition.

Uranus represents the force of electricity, technology. The shock. Its energy manifests itself as a disruptive force of renewal. Uranus is within the same sign for approximately 7 years and its passage through it dismantles outdated structures that, when leaving, open space for the new. The sign where Uranus is located shows what is being renewed through disruption and technology, the novelty. The house describes the area of life where these changes occur.

More about how Uranus energy creates renewal.


Ruling planet of Pisces. Symbolizes: What dissolves and joins the Whole.

Neptune represents the force of inspiration. The collective tide. Its energy manifests itself as a force of integration. Neptune is approximately 14 years within the same sign and its passage through it. The sign where Neptune is located shows what is unifying, softening, what inspires entire generations. The house describes the area of life where it is experienced on a personal level.

More about Neptune.


Ruling planet of Scorpio. Symbolizes: transformation

Pluto represents transformation, chemical processes, mutations. His energy manifests as a force of metamorphosis. Pluto is approximately between 9 and 30 years within the same sign and its passage through it transforms the darkest qualities of the sign, bringing them to consciousness through crisis. The sign where Pluto is located shows the type of crisis that is experienced. The house describes the area of life where we are personally affected. Pluto also refers to the ancestral memories that we keep within our DNA and that manifest as unconscious drives that we try to control or that exert some type of control over ourselves. Once we integrate them into our consciousness, the energy of Pluto becomes a source of personal power.

Pluto in the Houses

More about Pluto’s transformational energies.

Nodal Axis

The Moon’s Nodes represent the evolutionary path of our being.

North Node

The evolutionary direction that our being takes during the present incarnation.

The Moon Nodes in the signs

South Node

Innate behavior patterns. Characteristics of our ancestors that come to life in our current incarnation.



Chiron represents where we feel shame, guilt and fear. A very deep wound within our sense of Self.

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