Through experience, I have noticed that the planets in astrology show us something that we often overlook. Each planet can be translated as an archetypal force that expresses the qualities of the sign through which it is passing and that affects the area of life that corresponds to the house where it is located. Whether it is personal, social or transpersonal planets, their energies can manifest through collective events, institutions or individuals among other things, that appear in our lives.

While these experiences are real, our interpretation of them is subjective. For our conscious, reality is a dreamlike manifestation of our unconscious. As The Course in Miracles mentions, “nothing we observe has meaning”, we give it meaning ourselves.

Our perception filters the information it receives based on our personal preferences, beliefs, mood, etc. It is even conditioned by the environmental temperature, whether we have had dinner or not, whether we have slept well … In addition, we must include the emotional impressions that are stored in our unconscious memory, which play a fundamental role in the relationship we have with the present. In a way, our perception of reality is a dream. The less we are aware of it, the more at the mercy of externa events we feel, without knowing that it is we ourselves who created the script of the story.

Astrology helps us identify the archetypal forces that we encounter in our daily lives. Our natal chart shows us our relationship with them. The planets, by sign and position, describe qualities that are available to us and that we can “embody” easily, since they are part of our essential being. They describe our potential, conscious and / or unconscious.

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Understanding the archetypal energies of the planets helps us to comprehend reality objectively. Embodying the qualities of the sign they are transiting the day of our birth allows us to make the most of a potential that belongs to us in our own right. Studying the aspects between them allows us to understand the reason for the challenges that arise in our life.

Astrology does not tell us who we are, rather it describes or reflects the form our being has taken upon entering into this world. It shows us the tools we have, the potentials, the challenges and the evolutionary intention of both our being and our generation. What we do with this information is our decision.

How Planets Mirror Our Unconscious

While we can communicate with our unconscious consciously, our unconscious cannot communicate with us on its own, except through manifestations in our reality. Our whole Being has an inconceivable creative power and is capable of creating 3D situations that are basically messages to our conscious mind.

Our natal chart is a map that can help us interpret the dream world of our unconscious when it manifests in three-dimensional reality. Of course, the symbols vary according to our culture, education, social situation, etc.

Another way of knowing the language of our unconscious is through shamanic journeys. Shamanism allows us to travel to our unconscious world and observe the “monsters” that inhabit it. Generally our unconscious is plagued with infantile emotional impressions that are still waiting to be re-educated by the Self of the present, more adult, wiser … and the only one who really knows who we are and what we need. There are also beliefs that we have acquired from those who raised us: our parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, schoolmates, television, etc. All this information is like an “egg” made for terrestrial acclimatization, where we grow and where we will stay, until we ask ourselves the question “who am I”. Thus begins the “second birth” process. As we are freeing ourselves from the beliefs we have acquired from others and we are educating our emotional body according to our unique and personal needs, we are breaking that egg from within, once again facing the unknown: the true Self.

Although this topic deserves a more extensive explanation for each planet, here I give a brief definition of how the planetary archetypes manifest from the symbology of the unconscious.

  • The Sun: the male model.
  • The Moon: the female role model.
  • Mercury: communication- gossip.
  • Venus: the beautiful, the vain.
  • Mars: the hero – the bully.
  • Jupiter: the wise, the arrogant.
  • Saturn: authority – harshness.
  • Uranus: change – chaos.
  • Neptune: compassion – illusion.
  • Pluto: power – control.
  • Chiron: the healer, the hurt.

Our unconscious will bring us closer to the individuals who represent these archetypes according to the personal definition that we have of each one of them. We will find them both in their positive and negative aspects. In reality, these aspects are nothing more than personal qualities that we have not yet realized as part of ourselves. Many times we cannot believe that this is true, but if we really meditate on those we admire or hate, we will find that, if we dare to look at ourselves with total honesty, many of those positive qualities are potentials that we dare. do not develop. We will also see that the “defects” that we observe in others resemble parts of ourselves that we do not want to see.

The natal chart indicates where these archetypes will manifest. For example, if we have Saturn in the ninth house, we may meet individuals who in some way represent the archetype of “moral responsibility” found within our unconscious.

The astrological aspects will give more information about how our oniric world can manifest in everyday reality, at least until we have freed ourselves from our internal “monsters” or “saints” and begin to see reality as a neutral manifestation that delivers “data”. Once we do, we can use our renewed perspective to act to create the world we prefer to live in.

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