The Birth Chart - A Map of the Self

The birth chart shows a snapshot of heaven as seen from Earth as it appeared on the day, place and time of our birth. By observing the different positions and aspects of planetary energies and other astrological symbols, we discover our energetic geometry. Aligning ourselves with our essence activates the latent potentials that exist within each one of us, opening up endless possibilities.

What is Astrology

Astrology was born around 25,000 years ago, during the last part of the Upper Paleolithic, where we find the first records of lunar cycles with the purpose of measuring, recording and predicting seasonal changes.

Cultures such as the Hindu, the Egyptian, the Babylonian, the Chinese, the Mayan, the Persian and many others have been developing this system for millennia, which describes our interdependence with the Cosmos.

The Earth is influenced by the vibrations of the other planets and beyond.

Everything that inhabits her contains in itself her music and the music of her cosmic dance. As children of our parents, of the Earth and of our solar system, we are essentially composed of the ancestral information that travels through our DNA; by the energy in which the Earth vibrated at the time of our birth; by the nature of the Sun, our star; by the Universe and by the spirit of our Soul.

What is the Birth Chart for

Astrology has become a tool for self-discovery. It provides us with the map of our individual geometry. Like the I Ching (the Book of Mutations), the Tarot and other similar systems, astrology is based on natural processes (or elemental energies) that create the different scenarios of Existence here on Earth. As they are part of our reality, they also shape every being that walks on Earth, including us.

Your birth chart can help you with:

  • Discovering your essential geometry
  • Removing the beliefs about yourself that limit you
  • Aligning with your potential
  • Understanding your relationships
  • Unveiling your innate talents
  • Finding out your evolutionary path
  • Harmonizing with current energies

Note: your birth chart (as well as an astrologer) help our re-member your potentials, your true nature from the point of view of astrology. The stars reflect who we already are. 

For the vast majority, we have learned to mold our self-expression according to the expectations of our environment, our culture, etc. Many of our essential qualities have remained unexplored for different reasons.

In the birth chart we see our potentialities and challenges, both individually and in our relationship with the world and with others. Studying our birth chart, that of our parents, our children, our companions, our situations and everything that is presented to us, allows us to understand what seemed impossible to solve. Understanding the diversity of each opens our vision to multiple perspectives. Thus we realize that many of our conclusions, as well as the treatment we have received and given to others has been limited by the lack of information in this regard.

This is how, by opening ourselves to our inner universe and that of others, we learn to accept and love every aspect of Creation. Including ourselves.

Interested in a birth chart reading?

Discover all readings options and OFFERS on the consultation page. Also, I offer remote Reiki sessions for the harmonization of your energy field through your birth chart. 

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