The birth chart shows us a set of symbols (or archetypes) that work as a team. Both the position of the planets and the aspects that form between them create a perfect balance – although dynamic, which allows the expansion of consciousness.

Astrology tells us that we have come to harmonize with some or all of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

It also tells us that we are a great diversity, which we have come to explore both internally and externally, personally and transpersonally.

And according to our birthday, place, and date of birth, it shows us the perspective of our inner universe.

So, the birth chart shows us a set of potentials that are within our reach. There we also see the challenges that enrich our consciousness and that allow us to improve our abilities, talents, relationships, creations, objectives, etc.

Studying the birth chart can help us get to know ourselves in a different way. And above all, it can bring us closer to understanding the language of the soul.

The Different Aspects of Your Self

In Astrology, the planets describe different components of our being, all interconnected, affecting each other, and causing the necessary changes for our evolutionary process.

  • The Sun represents our identity.
  • The Moon represents our emotional language.
  • Mercury represents our perception and thought processes
  • Venus represents our personal values and affectivity.
  • Mars represents our assertiveness.
  • Jupiter represents our belief system/philosophy of life.
  • Saturn represents our traditions and rules about reality.
  • Uranus represents our ability to innovate.
  • Neptune represents our ability to transcend the Self.
  • Pluto represents our ability to transform.
  • The Nodes of the Moon represent our evolutionary path.

If you want to know more about the meaning of each planet, read this article.

Interpreting your Birth Chart

Articles that can help you understand more about planets and signs.


Just as learning to speak helps us communicate with others, to say what we think, what we want, and what we need… the Universe tells us what it is looking for, what it wants, and what it needs. Astrology is the language of the Universe. And your birth chart is its personal message for you.