Your Birth Chart.

Your Birth


Your Birth Chart

Your Birth Chart

Although astrology is based on what we see in the sky, in reality, it teaches us to understand what happens on Earth.

Somehow, and for more than 25,000 years, human beings have been discovering that certain terrestrial phenomena correlate with certain celestial patterns.

In this way, when we read our birth chart, what we are learning is to discover our own humanity and the interdependence we have with everything that inhabits our planet. It is for this reason that we can make birth charts of ourselves, our loved ones, countries, events, etc.

The birth chart is a map of our Self. Although it sounds strange, the position of the planets, the coordinates of our place of birth, and the time in which we have come to the world mark the geometry of the being that we have come to personify.

In the birth chart, we can see our potential, our aspirations, the challenges we have come to face, and what we truly need to feel fulfilled.

So, we can say that the birth chart is pure potentiality and, from my point of view, it shows us that we are somehow “engineers” of reality. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to exercise as such! After all… transforming reality requires us to be ourselves! And honestly… our culture doesn’t make it easy.

And perhaps that is why the gods have given us astrology… to get out of this mess and recover our essence.

The Different Aspects of Your Self

In Astrology, the planets describe different components of our being, all interconnected, affecting each other, and causing the necessary changes for our evolutionary process.

  • The Sun represents our identity.
  • The Moon represents our emotional language.
  • Mercury represents our perception and thought processes
  • Venus represents our personal values and affectivity.
  • Mars represents our assertiveness.
  • Jupiter represents our belief system/philosophy of life.
  • Saturn represents our traditions and rules about reality.
  • Uranus represents our ability to innovate.
  • Neptune represents our ability to transcend the Self.
  • Pluto represents our ability to transform.
  • The Nodes of the Moon represent our evolutionary path.

If you want to know more about the meaning of each planet, read this article.

Interpreting your Birth Chart

Articles that can help you understand more about planets and signs.


Just as learning to speak helps us communicate with others, to say what we think, what we want, and what we need… the Universe tells us what it is looking for, what it wants, and what it needs. Astrology is the language of the Universe. And your birth chart is its personal message for you.