The Birth Chart - A Map of the Self

The birth chart shows how you are made: your inherited traits, your soul’s desire, how you respond to reality, etc. In a sense, the birth chart gives you permission to be yourself! The universe knows you and loves you as you are. Would you like to know what your natal chart says?

The Planets and Ascendant

The planets describe different parts of our being. The ascendant marks the beginning of our experience in the 3D world.

The Sun


The Moon

Emotional language.


The mind.


Preferences. Values.








What looks for freedom.


What becomes part of the collective.


What is evolving.


What hurts.

Moon Nodes

Evolutionary process.


Our interface to the world.

There is much more to discover within the natal chart. The entire birth chart helps us understand how our being works. Studying it allows us to accept ourselves as we are… in fact, it helps us to fall in love with our being! Above all, we learn to stop forcing ourselves to be someone we are not and to see the beauty of Creation through us.

We can only become creators of our destiny if we understand who we are. We have potentials and challenges. Our potentials help us move forward with ease. Our challenges are there to awaken new potentials.

Give yourself permission to be yourself!

What is Astrology

Astrology was born around 25,000 years ago, during the last part of the Upper Paleolithic, where we find the first records of lunar cycles with the purpose of measuring, recording and predicting seasonal changes.

Cultures such as the Hindu, the Egyptian, the Babylonian, the Chinese, the Mayan, the Persian and many others have been developing this system for millennia, which describes our interdependence with the Cosmos.

The Earth is influenced by the vibrations of the other planets and beyond.

Everything that inhabits her contains in itself her music and the music of her cosmic dance. As children of our parents, of the Earth and of our solar system, we are essentially composed of the ancestral information that travels through our DNA; by the energy in which the Earth vibrated at the time of our birth; by the nature of the Sun, our star; by the Universe and by the spirit of our Soul.