The human being has been evolving through the millennia during the different ages of the Earth. Right now we are in a time where we begin to celebrate each other’s individuality. However, and as in all transitions, old ways of thinking are still in force and we have inherited them through education and the sociocultural situation where we grew up.

For this reason, many of our individual expressions have been “corrected” or “repressed”, creating internal dissatisfaction, the belief that we are inadequate, and so on. Then we can spend our entire lives feeling that we “do not belong” to this world. Could not be farther from the truth!

The natal chart shows us our true nature, our essential being. Recovering the forgotten parts of our being helps us reconnect with Life. As we study our birth chart, we come across the beliefs that limit our self-expression. In itself, studying the birth chart is a path of self-discovery that not only benefits us individually, but also opens the doors for a better future on a collective level. When we learn to honor our essential being, we learn to honor that of others, both in our species and in all the children of Earth, Gaia.

What is the birth chart

The birth chart shows a cosmic instant that has manifested as You. In it we find the theme that your Self has come to explore. From there, infinite possibilities arise.

In the birth chart we are able to see the tools we have to develop certain potentialities as well as to go through the challenges that manifest in our everyday life.

In a sense, the birth chart is your personal guide.

The birth chart also describes the composition of our being, our essential geometry. When we ask ourselves “Who am I?”, the our chart can help us.

Find out about your Soul’s purpose.

The Twelve Astrological Houses

The birth chart is divided into twelve areas (or astrological houses) that describe different aspects of the life of each being, both internally and externally. In this article you can find more information about it.

What do the planets mean in the birth chart

Each planet describes different parts of our consciousness. They also manifest in reality as a mirror of our internal state.

The Sun

Essential expression.







The Moon

Emotional language.













The planets also describe the primordial energies that occur at any given time and that manifest in both personal and collective situations.

The aspects (or angles) that the planets form to each other describe the energetic “avenues” of our essential being. Some flow as instant delivery. Others feel like traffic jams. The latter are those that promote growth and creativity, while the fluid or “harmonic” aspects describe lessons already learned that facilitate our path.

In the birth chart we can see the purpose of our Soul, and in this way, it helps us understand the reason for the challenges we must go through, as well as the innate gifts that belong to us in our own right.

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