Your Birth Chart

Do you know that, in astrology, your natal chart is a map of the essence of your being?

Starting from the time, place and date of birth, when calculating the birth chart, we make a reconstruction of the sky as it was seen from Earth at the moment we were born.

That cosmic configuration represents a series of specific qualities and themes that were activated at the time of our birth. We could see it as a series of multidimensional coordinates that we have come to explore.

In the natal chart we see the following elements:

  • The 12 zodiac signs
  • The 12 astrological houses
  • The 10 planets and other abstract points
  • The astrological aspects that are formed according to the position by degree of the planets and other important points

In short, the zodiacal signs show us the “how”, the planets the “what”, and the astrological houses the “where“. The aspects describe energetic interactions both internally and externally.

The zodiac signs describe different archetypal qualities, styles, or forms of expression.

The planets indicate specific faculties that describe parts of our being.

The astrological houses show the three-dimensional space where we develop the twelve experiences that shape life.

In itself, the birth chart is a map of the experience of life on various levels and dimensions. However, what we do with that potential is subject to free will…. It is as if the soul wants to know what it is capable of doing under certain circumstances. And the potential is infinite.

And so the language of astrology lets us know about potentials that we know about and others that we may not know we have. The birth chart tells us about a very rich being full of possibilities, with certain needs, certain preferences, with challenges to go through and with a specific spirit, which represents, within 3D, Life itself, from a unique and personal perspective.