Your birth chart.

The birth chart is your personal cosmic plane, offering a reflection of the potential of your being.

Why Bother with Astrology?

Raw Self-Knowledge:

  1. Decoding Your Mental Wiring (Mercury):
    • Mercury, the mastermind of the mind and communication, shows how you process info and express yourself. Knowing its place helps you discover how you think and what kind of intelligence you wield.
  2. Nailing Down Your Core Values (Venus):
    • Venus, the diva of love and values, pinpoints what truly matters to you and how you connect with others. Grasping its influence lets you align with your real priorities and desires.
  3. Uncovering Your Drive and Desires (Mars):
    • Mars, the warrior of action and energy, exposes what fuels your fire and how you chase your goals. Its position can reveal your true passions and how you tackle life’s challenges.

Reconstructing the Conscious Self:

  1. Shredding External Influences (Sun):
    • The Sun represents your core identity and ego. It helps you separate your authentic self from the external noise shaping your self-image. By recognizing these distractions, you can shed the expectations and judgments distorting your self-perception.
  2. Empowering Your True Self (Moon):
    • The Moon governs your emotions and inner world. With the intel from your natal chart, you can better understand your emotional needs and reactions, empowering you to live true to your nature.
  3. Holistic Growth (Jupiter):
    • Jupiter, the planet of expansion and wisdom, reveals where you can grow and find meaning. Understanding its influence sets you up for balanced and abundant growth.
  4. Aligning with Your Life’s Mission (Saturn):
    • Saturn, the taskmaster of discipline and responsibility, shows the lessons you’re here to learn. This insight is crucial for reconstructing a self that aligns with your true path and mission in life.

Raising the Stakes in Relationships:

  1. Elevating Communication (Mercury):
    • By grasping the astrological makeup of those close to you, enhance communication and mutual understanding, leading to more authentic relationships.
  2. Mastering Conflict (Mars):
    • Astrology offers fresh perspectives on conflict dynamics, helping you navigate and resolve issues by understanding the true motivations and needs of others.

Unlocking Deeper Layers:

  1. Transcending Illusions (Neptune):
    • Neptune, the dreamer and mystic, helps you see beyond illusions and connect with your spiritual self. Understanding Neptune’s influence can reveal your deepest dreams and intuitive insights.
  2. Embracing Transformation (Pluto):
    • Pluto, the force of transformation and rebirth, uncovers your power to evolve. Its position highlights areas of deep change and personal empowerment.
  3. Harnessing Innovation (Uranus):
    • Uranus, the rebel and innovator, shows where you break the mold and embrace individuality. Understanding its influence helps you tap into your unique genius and bring radical change.

Navigating the Collective Influence:

  1. Social Integration (Jupiter and Saturn):
    • Jupiter and Saturn together influence your role in society and how you balance expansion with structure. They reveal the dance between your growth and your responsibilities.
  2. Generational Themes (Outer Planets):
    • The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) move slowly and affect entire generations. Understanding their positions in your chart helps you grasp the broader social and cultural currents that shape your life.

Recovering Your Natural Essence

The position of the planets in the natal chart shows what is natural within us. Often, for various cultural, social, or generational reasons, we adopt attitudes different from what our nature indicates. Our natal chart helps us recover those forgotten parts, allowing us to live fully.


Astrology, through the lens of your natal chart, is a raw and powerful tool for self-discovery and reconstruction of the conscious self. By uncovering the naked truth of your personality and potential, you can think, value, prefer, and desire authentically, free from external distortions. This journey leads to a life lived fully in alignment with your true essence, empowering you to be the best version of yourself and to elevate your relationships. Here, the cosmos are your playground, and you are the star.