“I am Chiron, the wounded healer. I bear the wound that all share, the wound of humanity. But within this wound resides the power of healing and wisdom. Through pain, there is understanding. Through vulnerability, there is strength. Embracing your wounds is the first step towards transformation. Learn from your scars, grow through your suffering, and become a healer, not only of yourself but of those around you. In every wound, there is a lesson and the potential for healing. I am the embodiment of that truth.”

In astrology, Chiron shows us a fortuitous wound that marks us deeply and conditions our behavior throughout life. What do we mean by fortuitous? Chiron’s wound is characterized by not being related to a consequence of our behavior per se, but coming from circumstances unrelated to our actions.

In astronomy, Chiron is called both a minor planet and a comet. It is a Saturn-Uranus object because its perihelion (when it is closest to the sun) is in the control zone of Saturn and its aphelion (when it is farthest from the sun) is in that of Uranus. In astrological terms, Chiron’s relationship with Saturn (perihelion), can be translated as the manifestation (Saturn) of the wound (Chiron) in our Being (Sun). We see the consequence of this wound in its aphelion, which can be translated as a shock (Uranus) that produces some kind of innovation, or change of consciousness.

“Fun” fact: This planet/comet was discovered on November 1, 1977 – the day of the dead, by the American astronomer Charles Kowal.

And so we see Chiron, the planet also a comet, describing an event beyond our control that reveals a wound already within ourselves.

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Mythology tells us that Chiron was fathered by the Titan Cronus when he took the form of a horse and impregnated the nymph Philyra. Shortly after giving birth, Philyra abandoned Chiron out of shame and disgust. Chiron was later found by the god Apollo, who adopted him. Apollo taught him the art of music, the lyre, archery, medicine, and prophecy. Apollo’s twin sister, Artemis, trained him in archery and hunting. In time, Chiron became a highly respected healer, astrologer, and oracle, first among the centaurs and highly revered as a teacher and tutor. The story is longer and richer but, briefly, one day Heracles (Hercules) accidentally shot Chiron with a poisoned arrow. Ironically, Chiron, the master of the healing arts, was unable to heal himself and willingly gave up his immortality. For this reason, his half-brother Zeus took pity on him and thus placed him among the stars of heaven to be honored.

Chiron reminds us that in life “sh * t happens”. However, this wound also has the potential to help us transcend our reality. Chiron’s wound reveals the unexpected pain that cannot be remedied with anything, despite having the capacities required for it. Although this wound hurts and there is no way to heal it, the pain forces us to find ways to mitigate it. At first, we may ignore it, or anesthetize it, and many times we do so by overcompensating through the opposite astrological sign and house qualities of Chiron’s natal position. When we finally accept our limitations and see that there is nothing we can do to heal the wound, the blessing of Zeus may befall us.

In other words, Chiron helps us realize that we don’t need to be perfect to be worthy of existing. Where Chiron is in the natal chart, we will feel abandoned, and even despised. There may be a feeling that Life is against us. The only thing left for us is to know that “sh*t happens”, not only for us but for everyone.

Chiron says: “Don’t take anything personally.”


Chiron may show us an aspect of the Being that has evolved but that does not find space in the Reality in which we were born. Chiron is a generational planet, staying approximately eight years in each sign. Entire generations share the same pain. When talking about Chiron’s relationship with Saturn and Uranus, we cannot help but see that Chiron points out to us the impact that the old has on the new. It is the wound that we all carry by being born into a system that evolves through time and space.


The birth chart is a set of interdependent energies. The position of a planet and its aspects act in perfect coherence with the rest. To analyze a planet and its meaning in our lives, it is important to take into account the others. Each position is a necessary part that harmonizes the whole. Although the position of Chiron shows us the wound that hurts, this wound fulfills a fundamental function within the context of the birth chart. And this is how we can discover that there is a bright perspective on something that can feel so painful.


The sign where Chiron is found shows us what is causing us pain. In future articles, I will go through each sign and house in more detail. This is a short review. Subscribe to my website at the bottom of this page and stay up to date with my new releases.

  • In Aries, it hurts to take action.
  • In Taurus, it hurts to enjoy life.
  • In Gemini, it hurts to communicate our ideas.
  • In Cancer, it hurts to express our emotions.
  • In Leo, what hurts is receiving attention.
  • In Virgo, it hurts to be useful.
  • In Libra, it hurts to relate.
  • In Scorpio, it hurts to be transformed.
  • In Sagittarius, it hurts to expand our views
  • In Capricorn, it hurts to be responsible.
  • In Aquarius, it hurts to be different.
  • In Pisces, it hurts to be compassionate.

The reasons why these wounds originate are diverse and, at the same time, fortuitous. In general, the energy of the sign where Chiron is located cannot be expressed naturally since it is synonymous with hurt. Aspects from other planets to Chiron can give more details.

Chiron in the Houses

The astrological house where Chiron is located shows us where that pain occurs.

  • In the 1st House, the wound is felt in our appearance.
  • In the 2nd House, the wound is felt in our self-esteem.
  • In the 3rd House, the wound is felt in the intellect.
  • In the 4th House, the wound is felt in our sense of belonging.
  • In the 5th House, the wound is felt in our creative expression.
  • In the 6th House, the wound is felt in our skills and daily tasks.
  • In the 7th House, the wound is felt in our relationships.
  • In the 8th House, the wound is felt in our instinctive behavior.
  • In the 9th House, the wound is felt in our belief system.
  • In the 10th House, the wound is felt in our social career and reputation.
  • In the 11th House, the wound is felt in our goals and the groups we join.
  • In the 12th House, the wound is not felt consciously but shows up in our unconscious attitudes.

As I have mentioned before, this is a topic that needs elaboration as Chiron provides us with endless guidance on our healing journey. Chiron is the healer, who knows the pain due to his injury. Don’t miss the next articles to delve into his wonderful healing power.

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