Transforming our personal values through emotional transactions

Taurus represents the physical perception of our innate abilities. The South Node in Taurus has this very clear, that’s why the tendency to stay in habits that have given satisfactory results in the past. Taurus knows how to provide. He loves everything that connects him with matter and that gives him consciousness of having substance: the food we ingest, sexual relations, in short … everything tells us that we have a body.

Taurus is an earth sign. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is also the natural ruler of House II. People with a South Node in this sign are comfortable with what they can touch and possess and feel their personal value through physical responses: to feel safe they just have to sit on their assets. This makes them stick to their property and personal talents, avoiding get out of that which gives them a tangible security.

A Water sign, Scorpio is ruled by Mars. As the natural ruler of the 8th House, it represents transformation and shared goods. While Taurus says “mine” Scorpio says “ours.” And Scorpio does not accept half measures. The ultimate goal of Scorpio is to transform itself through a deep relationship that metamorphoses it. Scorpio seeks the deep meaning of its existence by discovering the deepest corners when interacting with others and confronting their existential weaknesses. North Node in Scorpio native will lead to crisis situations where must learn to let go of that which no longer serves.

In this article I explain my vision of what the Nodes of the Moon represent in our natal chart. Please read it to understand the dynamic of these two points in our chart.

Many astrologers talk about the North Node as an irresistible point in which we are dragged blindly, or as the path we must follow to evolve as a soul. From my own perspective, I see the Nodes as magnetic poles that create balance. If our South Node is overcompensating, our North Node goes hungry. This is why it may seem like a centrifugal force that takes us through the nose, as if it were an obsession. We can say that the nodes show what we attract to our lives to find the inner center, our essential axis. The houses where our nodes are located show the internal and external area where this axis aligns itself magnetically.

We tend to stay on the South Node because our cellular heritage is represented by it. Many astrologers say that the South Node speaks of past lives. I, personally, believe that the Nodes represent the path to a second birth: we need to go through experiences related to the sign and the house where the North Node is located to put to use the innate qualities represented by the South Node in a personalized way. Something like “what I already am” (South Node) I use to move towards the principles represented by the sign and the house of the North Node.

With the North Node in Scorpio, we will be guided to situations that will force us to undergo profound transformations. According to the house where you are, we can experience losses of emotional security (house 4), brutal breaks (house 7), obsessions (house 8) and other extreme situations that will help us recognize the emotional needs that drive us to project in society. We feel these crises intensely because we have a body that can sustain them thanks to our Taurus. In addition, Taurus is persistent and wants to see results. That is why these two polar opposites attract and complement each other. Scorpio needs the material resources that Taurus provides to freely feel its regenerative powers.

While this dynamic is lived unconsciously, the South Node will make the individual look for external situations or people that will reflect to the native their own innate qualities. Going a little further, I believe that the Nodes show those characteristics that are added by the crossing of the two genealogical lines from which we descend: the family of our father and the family of our mother. Our task is to create the internal alchemy between these two family lines so that they trigger our individual potential. The nodes let us know our talents and our potential. In the case of North Node in Scorpio-South Node in Taurus, alchemy is achieved when we revalue our individual talents through deep emotional impulses that make us seek material union with another being.

For example, a person who has the North Node in Scorpio in House 4 must learn to apply the innate talents that are easily manifested when projected socially (North Taurus Node in the 10th House) through the intensity of their deeper emotional needs. It is possible that this individual has lived his early childhood under the tutelage of a strong female figure that has provided an emotionally intense environment. It is possible that this female figure has not been able to provide an emotionally stable environment from the point of view of the needs of the child. This can manifest as an overprotective mother, an absent mother or a castrating mother (the aspects of the Moon can give us more light about it). In any case, the child who has the North Node in House 4 and in Scorpio has not received emotional nutrition that facilitates awareness of emotions. He or she has problems to know what they feel and, consequently, they overvalue prestige and material achievements (South Node in Taurus in X House) as a means to feel valued. That happens until they discover that what they need is to accept their emotional autonomy and begin to explore the depths of their emotions. For this, they must confront the unconscious female image that is conditioning their emotional delivery, identify inhibitions and transform them with Taurus skills: patience, persistence and delicacy. Check Teal Swan‘s Shadow Work to access the unconscious motivations of our deepest desires.

In short, the North Node in Scorpio will lead the individual to evolve his value system and appreciation of himself given by his achievements (South Node in Taurus) through material losses, shared resources, transformation, the occult, sexuality and death, as well as their attitude towards it. And through all this, the native will develop regenerative powers. People with a north node in Scorpio will go through several personal crises that will bring to consciousness the fear of losing everything. And once processed, their innate talents will be used to explore the emotional depths of human nature.

Famous people with North Node in Scorpio: Justin Bieber, Prince, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kate Winslet, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ellen DeGeneres, Ludwig van Beethoven, Coco Chanel, Nicolaus Copernicus, Walt Disney, Gigi Hadid, Edgar Allan Poe, Daniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman.


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