Have you ever wondered why you live certain situations? Or what are you looking to achieve at an evolutionary level? What is my Soul purpose? This is a question we ask ourselves many times. Our birth chart can give us an idea of it.

Through the position and aspects of the nodes of the Moon and Pluto we can understand the process of transformation and evolution of our being. Perhaps this is the most elusive information for our consciousness … the transformation process occurs unconsciously – it is not a voluntary process. And many times, we try to avoid it, or control it.

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We all go through this transformation, both individually and collectively. Individually, we live it within the life area (or astrological house) where the nodes of the Moon and Pluto are located.


Pluto shows us where we are leaving our old self. This is where we will find the most resistance. We will go through various crises that will show us habits that no longer serve us. With Pluto, we shed the old skin. Pluto unveils where we carry ancestral memories, and even memories of past lives that will manifest in this incarnation as irrational behaviors to which we need to give a new consciousness, renew them.

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North Node

The nodes of the Moon show the evolutionary leap that our soul seeks for this incarnation. The north node indicates the qualities that we want to develop in this incarnation while the south node shows the qualities that we have developed in the past with which we feel very comfortable, and make us prone to stay where we are. Being in opposite signs, here we see how the polarities act. The nodes are actually “One” entity. One does not exist without the other. Being in opposite signs, here we see how one becomes the mirror of the other, and in that way, they become more self-aware.

South Node

The axis of the nodes is what pushes us to seek balance in our lives. We go from one extreme to the other until, through time and learning, we manage to maintain an internal balance.

Of course, the entire birth chart shows us our present experience:

  • The position of the Sun indicates the direction of our being while the Moon indicates the way we perceive reality. With the personal planets, (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) we see the format of our being, the way we feel, think, react, etc.
  • Jupiter and Saturn, the social planets, tell us how we are personally impacted by reality and the belief system into which we were born.
  • The transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) show us how the generational currents of which we are a part affect us personally.

It is through our present Self that we follow the path of the soul. There is nothing left over or missing. Even the challenges we go through, from self-esteem, relational, or material issues to naturally flowing gifts are part of our evolutionary path. Our job in this incarnation is to become creators of our own destiny.

In a sense, life is like a school where we learn to master energies. We begin being (sort of) controlled by them, through how external reality -which is nothing more than a reflection of the internal reality- manifests itself in our lives, and as we go through experiences, we learn to creatively direct them.

Seen from the point of view of our Higher Self, we are artists who came to create themselves. And we do this using our free will and the energetic material of this crazy world. It is a worthwhile adventure. The challenges we go through only indicate what we have come to master. It’s not exciting?

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