In astrology, all the planets are elemental forces that manifest different aspects of our behavior. Venus represents Aphrodite, the goddess of romantic love. She is our source of pleasure, the grace in our movements, the way we embellish ourselves and what we like. With Venus, we fall in love with being alive and we find our balance.

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How do we add pleasure to our lives?

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Venus loves to embody the qualities of the sign she is in. Venus is an elemental energy that exists in both women and men and we need to activate her in our lives to feel complete. In this article, I will talk about how Venus expresses in its pure state depending on the sign she’s in. In many cases, this energy may be inhibited, especially if there are aspects to Saturn or Chiron. Even and especially in these cases, we have to make an effort so that our inner Aphrodite meets her needs since it is the only way to feel good about ourselves. Astrology can help us understand the reason for our internal conflicts and provide us with tools to harmonize them. If you are interested in knowing more about your Venus, visit my consultation page and there you will find the services I offer.

Venus in the Elements

  • When Venus is in Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), we feel pleasure when we let ourselves be carried away by inspiration.
  • Venus in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), we feel pleasure when our sensations are awakened.
  • When Venus is in Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), we feel pleasure when our mind is activated.
  • When Venus is in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), we feel pleasure when our emotions flow.

Venus in Aries

What is Venus in Aries looking for in a partner? Authenticity, spontaneity, a loyal and sincere warrior.

In the photo: Rihanna and Robert Downey Jr (both Venus in Aries).

In this sign, Venus likes to go for what she wants and to take the initiative. People with this position like sports, fights, and physical prowess. Kickboxing, martial arts like karate, and judo. They feel very good about competition, conquest, and challenges. They enjoy independence very much. This is an impulsive, direct, and rather innocent Aphrodite. She loves action and independence. With this position, we feel happy when we express our warrior spirit. With Venus here, it is very important to do what we want and to follow our impulses. We value courage, action, and anything with a strong sense of identity.

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How do we fall in love? As a lighting bolt!

Our appeal? Spontaneity.

Venus in Taurus

What does Venus in Taurus look for in a partner? A calm, reasonable, and sensual person.

Pictured: Debbie Harry and Johnny Depp (both Venus in Taurus)

When Venus is in this sign, pleasure is found in satisfying the senses. This is a very sensual, calm, and patient Aphrodite. She enjoys earthly pleasures. She loves to connect with her body, for example with massages and caresses. Venus in Taurus likes to be touched. She also enjoyed stability, calm, and rest. We love nature, the earth, the smell of rain, gardening, sculpture, singing, and playing musical instruments We have a great time when we do nothing! With this position, we feel happy when we live a life without surprises. We value material security and self-sufficiency. With Venus in Taurus, it is important that we allow ourselves to enjoy the simple things in life.

How do we fall in love? As soon as we feel comfortable.

Our appeal? Sensuality.

Venus in Gemini

What is Venus in Gemini looking for in a partner? Curiosity, conversation, and an open mind.

Pictured: Jennifer Lopez and Robert Pattinson (both Venus in Gemini)

In this sign, Venus loves to be informed, to communicate, and to learn. In Gemini, Venus loves to brainstorm, she is very curious. She is a talkative, cheerful, educational, and very youthful Aphrodite. The eternal student. When we have Venus in Gemini, it is very important that we use our voice, be it spoken or written. We love reading, learning new things, and informing ourselves, as well as communicating everything we know. We feel happy when we multitask and when we socialize. Venus in Gemini likes variety, movement, and dancing. With this position, we value intelligence, ingenuity, our neighbors, and our siblings. It is important that we allow ourselves to express our ideas. We are charming and flirting amuses us.

How do we fall in love? Talking.

Our appeal? Wits.

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Venus in Cancer

What is Venus in Cancer looking for in a partner? Someone affectionate, trustworthy, and who knows how to take care of those they love.

In the photo: Natalie Portman and Russell Brand.

When Venus is in Cancer, we love caring for others. We like familiar environments where we can feel at home. This Aphrodite is very maternal and needs to nurture those she loves in order to feel fulfilled. She likes to surround herself with what has sentimental value. With Venus in this sign, our gestures are loving and protective. We like to stay at home. Tenderness is essential to awaken this Venus. It is very important that we can express our protective capacity. We like caresses, remembering the past, and everything that provides us with emotional security. We can also be somewhat capricious. In this position, we express ourselves sweetly. This Venus likes to protect.

How do we fall in love? When we feel like family.

Our appeal? Our care.

Venus in Leo

What is Venus in Leo looking for in a partner? Someone demonstrative, respectful, and attentive.

In the photo: Pamela Anderson and Benedict Cumberbatch (both Venus in Leo)

When Venus is in Leo, she enjoys creativity, children, games, and performance. She finds pleasure in anything that requires self-expression. We enjoy all activities where we can express our creativity. We love the scenarios. Our Aphrodite is noble and generous. She gives herself through her creations. The hairstyle is usually a striking feature. With Venus in this position, we are very warm. We like to show our talents. It is very important to be able to express our dramatic capacity. Theater workshops can give us a lot of pleasure. This Venus likes to shine.

How do we fall in love? Playing.

Our appeal? Our warmth.

Venus in Virgo

What does Venus in Virgo look for in a partner? Someone intelligent, responsible and with the ability to improve himself.

In the photo: Julia Roberts and Mick Jagger (both with Venus in Virgo)

When Venus is in Virgo, Venus likes order, routine, and organization. This Venus takes pleasure in being useful and helping others. She likes to take care of her health and improve her lifestyle. She enjoys organizing her daily life so that everything runs efficiently. She feels very happy when she is dedicated to details. This Aphrodite is neat and meticulous. With Venus in this position, we are very observant and take pleasure when we are needed. We like everything that is useful. This Venus likes to improve.

How do we fall in love? With the details.

Our appeal? Our neatness.

Venus in Libra

What does Venus in Libra look for in a partner? Courtesy, fairness, and a sense of aesthetics.

In the photo: Beyonce and Ryan Gosling (both Venus in Libra)

When Venus is in Libra, we find pleasure in balance. We love elegance, aesthetics, and the harmony of forms. This Venus likes to be in pairs… whether it’s with a lover, a friend, or a family member. With this position, she likes to share! We feel pleasure when we are in harmonious environments. We like art and everything beautiful. This Aphrodite is very charming and elegant. Venus in this sign endows us with kindness and gallantry. We are very seductive and have a gift for creating harmony in relationships.

How did we fall in love? Appreciating beauty.

Our appeal? Our politeness.

Venus in Scorpio

What does Venus in Scorpio look for in a partner? Psychological depth, emotional honesty, and capacity for regeneration. Basically… no BS.

Pictured: Rachel McAdams and Leonardo DiCaprio (both with Venus in Scorpio)

When Venus is in Scorpio, she enjoys transforming herself through total fusion. This Aphrodite is intensely emotional and she takes pleasure when she can plunge into the soul of what interests her. We can find this Venus exploring everything that is taboo since she knows that it is necessary to understand the totality of her soul. She finds pleasure in dark themes, mysteries, the erotic, the esoteric, and everything that helps her connect with her instinctive strength. Venus in Scorpio likes to be reborn.

How do we fall in love? When they sense our depth.

Our appeal? The mystery.

Venus in Sagittarius

What does Venus in Sagittarius look for in a partner? Independence, principles, and desire to explore the world.

Pictured: Katy Perry and Jake Gyllenhaal (both with Venus in Sagittarius)

In this sign, Venus likes to explore, to go into new territory. She enjoys travel, movement, and freedom. She feels very good about other cultures, philosophies, religions, and languages and learns about them through experience. Aphrodite here becomes an adventurer. She feels happy when she can follow her enthusiasm. She surrenders to love with optimism. When we have Venus in this sign, we like to live new experiences. We enjoy everything that expands our knowledge. This Venus likes to know everything that gives meaning to Life.

How do we fall in love? Traveling either with the mind or the world.

Our appeal? Optimism.

Venus in Capricorn

What does Venus in Capricorn look for in a partner? Seriousness, responsibility, and integrity.

In the photo: Scarlett Johansson and Brad Pitt (both with Venus in Capricorn)

When Venus is in Capricorn, we feel good about responsibility. This Aphrodite is sober and conservative. With Venus here, we find beauty in good quality. We like a job well done, and enjoy our achievements. Venus in Capricorn values stability, security, and ambition and is willing to work hard to achieve her goals. With this position, we find balance when we are working on our projects. This Venus can enjoy what’s traditional and lasting.

How do we fall in love? When it becomes serious.

Our appeal? Responsibility.

Venus in Aquarius

What does Venus in Aquarius look for in a partner? Someone who can appreciate her individuality and has ideas of her own.

In the photo: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles (both with Venus in Aquarius)

When Venus is in Aquarius, we take pleasure in breaking out of the mold. We like to shock others to free them (?) and ourselves from restrictions. We find beauty in originality and innovation. Giving ourselves to a social cause nourishes our self-esteem. We like surprises, the unusual, the different. In this sign, our Aphrodite manifests as an activist, a reformer. We love like-minded people. Venus in Aquarius likes to innovate and finds peace in what’s unusual.

How do we fall in love? By surprise.

Our appeal? Originality.

Venus in Pisces

What is Venus in Pisces looking for in a partner? Someone creative, imaginative, with great sensitivity and a certain mysticism.

In the photo: Kristen Stewart and Ed Sheeran (both with Venus in Pisces).

When Venus is in Pisces, we take pleasure in the dreamlike, the subtle. This Aphrodite is delicate and ethereal. She finds beauty everywhere. She also enjoys everything that can expand her perception, from perfumes to sacred plants. In this sign, Venus lives between two worlds. When we have Venus in Pisces, we enjoy music, poetry, cinema, the mystical, and everything that arouses our compassion and imagination. Venus in Pisces likes to transcend the tangible and blend with the intangible.

How do we fall in love? Dreamily.

Our appeal? the sensibility.

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