Ohh L’amour… l’amour… Valentine’s is drawing near! A day to celebrate love! What better gift for our loved ones than something that makes them feel good? We are talking about his or her Venus. Of course… we can go the Mars route and indulge in passion! However, the world of Venus connects us with art and beauty, with harmony and receptive pleasure… it is that nectar that runs through us internally when we really like something.

While other astrological positions qualify each individual’s personal interests, Venus’s position shows us the essence of what gives us pleasure. The sign in which Venus is located gives us clues as to the type of energy that beautifies our reality. Aiming for this not only awakens inner harmony but can also heal any self-esteem issue that undermines it. We feel valued and thus, we become more attractive.

So why not treat our loved ones according to their Venus?

Gifts for Venus in Aries (Man or Woman)

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The best gift: our spontaneity.

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Venus in Aries likes action. Any activity that requires the use of physical energy will harmonize this Venus. Venus in Aries likes Rock’n Roll! Make a date on top of a hill (a better mountain!) that involves climbing… Parachuting together! Go to the ocean to swim with sharks. As an alternative, a ticket to a sporting event, a samurai sword, a perfume called “Sauvage”, sports gear, a bold piece of jewelry, a hot air balloon ride.

Venus in Aries likes a good challenge, fun and risky. For example… let’s see who can take more tequila! If it is in a tent in Egypt, even better.

Photo: scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981).

Gifts for Venus in Taurus (Man or Woman)

The best gift: cuddling.

Venus in Taurus likes peace, tranquility… Everything that provides comfort. A picnic at home, with their favorite foods, laying on the couch and wrapped in a blanket. If you can, a kitten or a puppy will do wonders. A weekend in nature. A massage session. Slippers. Floors. A cozy blanket. High-quality beauty products. A plant.

For Venus in Taurus, nothing beats cuddling and romping in a bed together.

Photo: scene from “The Object of My Affection” (1998).

Gifts for Venus in Gemini (Man or Woman)

The best gift: conversation.

Venus in Gemini is activated with curiosity. Anything that involves learning something new is extremely pleasant for this Venus. Listen and be heard, asking questions and answering them. Mental stimulation is extremely pleasurable for Venus in Gemini. A book, a pen, a course. Short trips. Going from bar to bar with friends. A gift card to a bookstore. A ticket for a talk or conference on a topic they like.

Venus in Gemini enjoys conversation and lively surroundings.

Photo: scene from “500 Days of Summer” (2009).

Gifts for Venus in Cancer (Man or Woman)

The best gift: affection.

To Venus in Cancer, the best gift is to awaken their emotions. What is closest to her heart? A video with the most beautiful family memories? Everything that has a sentimental value harmonizes with them. Take them to places that were important in their childhood, have dinner at the restaurant on the first date, or see a movie they love again, even if they have seen it 1000 times! A special homemade meal. A scented candle.

If Venus in Cancer loves Christmas, there’s nothing better than recreating it on Valentine’s Day (or another special occasion) to melt her heart.

Pictured: Scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946) – a Christmas classic.

Gifts for Venus in Leo (Man or Woman)

The best gift: our appreciation.

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Venus in Leo loves nothing more than a partner who encourages self-expression. This includes not only creative endeavors (although of course, this is very important), but also everything that somehow enhances their own persona. A ticket in the theater box, a designer dress or suit, or tie. A creative and fun gift like a puzzle or a board game. Something golden.

Venus in Leo loves creative expression. Take them to see a concert.

Photo: scene from “Back to the Future” (1985)

Gifts for Venus in Virgo (Man or Woman)

The best gift: our attention to detail.

For Venus in Virgo, meticulous work, and using their hands are especially pleasant and beneficial for their internal well-being. From building a guitar from scratch to cleaning the inside of their laptop. Venus in Virgo feels great around someone who is responsible and down to earth. So… nothing “crazy”! Here we see an individual who is very happy when they receive something that is useful, or that allows them to develop their skills, such as: a planner to help them stay organized, a book on healthy living, or vitamins!

Venus in Virgo enjoys details and self-improvement. A wine-tasting session can bring them great satisfaction.

Photo: scene from “Sideways” (2004)

Gifts for Venus in Libra (Man or Woman)

The best gift: our company.

Venus in Libra finds their pleasure through elegance, harmony, courtesy… Appreciating their charm is already a gift to them. Venus in Libra likes to do things in pairs, as they really love sharing. On the other hand, they appreciate everything that is beautiful and balanced. Going to the museum to see the works of the great masters, a dinner for two in a quality restaurant, the ballet, a beautiful work of art or decoration for home, a romantic getaway,…

Taking Venus in Libra somewhere nice and sharing something pretty – like an ice cream that matches their outfit.

Photo: scene from “Serendipity” (2001)

Gifts for Venus in Scorpio (Man or Woman)

The best gift: intimacy.

Venus in Scorpio is activated by intensely deep conversations that reach into the darkest areas of the soul. The mysteries of life, the transformation processes, and why all the other signs believe that what interests them most are erotic games while in reality, they have spent the whole night looking at mummified bodies scattered on Everest, wondering… “Why are more and more people going to climb it? What drives them?”. They may also like a tarot deck, a book or a movie that explores the deeper and more intense side of human nature and emotions.

Take your Venus in Scorpio to an intimate cafe where you can talk for long hours.

Photo: scene from “Before Sunrise” (1995)

Gifts for Venus in Sagittarius (Man or Woman)

The best gift: optimism.

The search for the meaning of Life is what ignites Venus in Sagittarius. Get out of the familiar and explore other horizons, other cultures, and other possibilities. Trekking boots, a camping lantern, and a waterproof backpack. They look towards Everest and wonder… what does the world look like from there? According to what they say, at a height of 8,849 meters, you can see the curvature of the Earth. What do they eat in Nepal? Traveling, listening to other languages, and mixing with other cultures is something that makes the heart of Venus in Sagittarius happy.

If you can, gift them a trip to another culture. As an alternative, try IMAX.

Photo: scene from “The Darjeeling Limited” (2007)

Gifts for Venus in Capricorn (Man or Woman)

The best gift: reliability.

Achievement is one of the things that brings the most happiness to Venus in Capricorn. It is through hard work, discipline, and perseverance that the Venusian nectar sweetens the lives of these individuals. Every time her inner strength is activated, Venus in Capricorn finds their balance. They love prestige, what is “well done” because they value good results. They do not like glitter, but what is durable, strong, and reliable. A book or guide on personal development, success, or self-improvement. A gift certificate for a professional development workshop.

Give him something that makes him work hard and requires discipline. Or alternatively something for their work. If they like it, a good bottle of cognac is an example of quality over time.

Photo: scene from “Everest” (2015)

Gifts for Venus in Aquarius (Man or Woman)

The best gift: originality.

Venus in Aquarius likes to break the status quo. Don’t gift them something that is fashionable! You can give him a book to identify brainwashing methods, such as “1984” or “Brave New World”, podcast equipment, a vlog camera… things that allow them to express themselves independently and freely. Venus in Aquarius likes intellectual stimulation, so a seminar-debate on a subject that interests them, documentaries or films on social issues or with a strange or different aesthetic. A quirky and unusual item…somewhat vintage.

Venus in Aquarius likes the unusual, but remember that nothing is “unusual” or “weird” to them. They feel good when they do what they want and how they want it.

Foto: escena de “The Royal Tenenbaums” (2001)

Gifts for Venus in Pisces (Man or Woman)

The best gift: mysticism.

Venus in Pisces likes to get drunk on the intangible. Music, movies, and all kinds of art awaken their appreciation for ethereal beauty. Their sensitivity takes them to unknown worlds that can provide them with mystical experiences. A visit to an animal sanctuary, a 3D experience about the universe and the stars, incense sticks and essences with spiritual properties, cruelty-free brushes and pastels to paint, and some musical instruments from distant cultures. A light that projects stars.

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Give Venus in Pisces something nice that somehow connects them with imagination and a sense of wonder.

Photo: “Edward Scissorhands” (1990) making snowflakes to give “a white Christmas” to his beloved.