The nodes traditionally represent “where we come from and where we are going”. Considering that where we come from is written in our DNA, we can deduce that “where we are going” has to do with the expansion of our DNA, to develop something that is not part of our heritage. That is why it is so complicated to develop the qualities of our northern node. It’s like mutating our DNA to create an evolution in our family tree.

The sign where our north node is located tells us what qualities to develop. The house where it is will tell us where.

To develop our northern node is to activate the whole of our natal chart towards a specific purpose. It is a “difficult” job because it is about going towards what we do not know, what does not come naturally, what needs effort, conscious work. But at the same time it is “easy” because it is what lights our hearts.

Possibly clarity about our vital goal will appear in the second part of life, once we have enough information gathered through all our experiences.

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The south node shows us the qualities and capabilities that are included in our DNA. There is the result of the work of our ancestors. The southern node shows us what our soul values ​​of the family line in which we has decided to be born. And the northern node, represent those things we want to develop for our own expansion. In turn, this expansion benefits the entire family tree, adding a new quality that will be part of the inheritance of the subsequent generations of our family tree, whether our own children, nephews or distant relatives. Or even later generations.

In short, getting to work with our northern node not only benefits us but we are leaving a legacy for our posterity.

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