Have you ever wondered why you are reluctant to believe in something? Or why do you have a hard time going out to explore different belief systems? This is what happens when Pluto is in the 9th House.

Understanding Pluto

Pluto is the planet of transformation. Wherever it is, a mutation process begins that aims to clean from within what we need to let go of so that our potential can flourish.

It’s like cleaning out a basement that hasn’t been opened for decades…or centuries. No one likes to open that door and walk down… however, once we do, we not only remove the clutter and grime, but we also discover treasures we never knew we had. When we go down to that basement we are faced with a past that has been forgotten within the subconscious.

The presence of Pluto in an astrological house indicates that, in that life area, we will see the contents of the basement of our soul. Wherever Pluto is, we will go through experiences that will bring to light behaviors that arise from ancestral memories stored within our DNA and soul memories. In our incarnation they can arise as fears, repressions, negative attitudes and/or the feeling that we are controlled by circumstances that do not allow us to develop personal power in the area of life where Pluto is located.

Pluto is the door to a very different past, where life circumstances have been tougher, rougher. At the same time, accessing these memories connects us with the resilience of our ancestors and the Soul. And consequently, with great personal power.

Pluto in the 9th House Natal or Transiting

When Pluto is in the 9th House, the door that opens is the basement of our beliefs, philosophy of life, the way we explore the world and, above all, our meaning of life.

In this incarnation we have come to transform a belief system that we have inherited and that has been created in the remote past at the ancestral level and, perhaps, at the soul level. These are beliefs with which we feel identified but that are not comfortable for us. In fact, we feel that they limit us in some way or another, as we have to exert some sort of control over them.

I just don’t like the separatism that comes from religion, and, without fail, the need to put your beliefs on someone else. When you start telling someone else how to live, you should check yourself, man.

Brad Pitt – Pluto in the 9th House

It is very possible that we believe that we have difficulties to go out and explore the world, or that when we do, we cannot do it the way we really want. Or maybe we feel an intense fear of expanding our horizons, whether through higher education or travel. Another manifestation may be that we follow a philosophy of life or religion from control rather than exploration of Truth. Or on the contrary, disbelieve in everything. In all cases, it is very difficult for us to change our beliefs since staying as we are gives us a sense of security.

This happens because where Pluto is located, the survival instinct is awakened. In the 9th House, Pluto takes us to the depths of the memories that our DNA (or soul) holds where we have been ostracized for our beliefs, or where we have needed to follow a certain religion out of obligation. For example, the Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism during the Spanish Inquisition, the Knights Templar who protected the interests of the church with their lives, medieval women who wanted to study and could only do so if they became nuns, etc. In history we see many situations where following certain beliefs has been essential for survival.

All this and much more can be found in the cellars of our ancestral memories. Not believing in anything can be a direct result of wanting to avoid connecting with those realities. Or on the contrary, following a belief to the letter is a consequence of believing that in this way we stay alive.

Pluto in the 9th House, natal or by transit, invites us to investigate our beliefs, to seek the deeper truth of what we believe and to transform our vision to free ourselves from the need to control the exploration of the unknown. We have the strength to do so, and we might find treasures in there that can be accessed only if we dare to look deeper to what we believe.