The Meaning of Pluto

“I am Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and hidden power. In the 2nd House, my influence focuses on your values, resources, and self-esteem. I challenge you to examine your material desires and your relationship with money. Often, my presence here indicates significant changes in your financial situation throughout life, often through crises or transformations. I can inspire you to question your core values and seek a deeper sense of self-worth. Through me, you will learn to release and regenerate your financial potential and understand that true power lies in self-transformation and self-reflection.”

Pluto generally feels like very unpleasant energy. Wherever this planet is in our birth chart, we go through crises that never seem to leave us. Very few are interested in investigating Pluto, so… congratulations! You have dared to enter the world of shadows!

Why are we going through a crisis? Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth. With Pluto, we go through a metamorphosis. It’s kind of like the werewolf when the full moon rises. The triggers of this change are in the area of life symbolized by the astrological house in which it is found. When Pluto is activated, behaviors that we have repressed come to the surface in every possible way.

Although it feels unpleasant, it is a great opportunity to get to know our instinctual nature and see who we really are, since this will allow us to transform what does not allow us to progress.

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Pluto awakens our instinctual reactions so that we make them conscious and thus transform what does not allow us to progress.

The difference between the natal position and the transit of Pluto through the houses is that the natal position indicates the area of life where our evolution will focus in the present incarnation, while the transit of Pluto activates temporary processes that assist our evolutionary path.

The power of transformation that Pluto represents is experienced both individually and collectively. This is a planet that moves very slowly: it takes 248 years to travel the zodiacal wheel and stays in each sign between 12 and 31 years. In this sense, we are all part of a group that will evolve the characteristics of the sign where Pluto is when we are born. At the individual level, we live this process within the area of life (or astrological house) where Pluto is located.

When Pluto is in the 2nd House

The 2nd House talks about everything we possess: from our own body to our innate capacities as well as our relationship with material possessions. Here we also see what we value and why. Our self-worth is also signified by this house.

When we have Pluto in the 2nd House, the trigger of our survival instinct is intensely activated when we feel that our material security is in danger. We may experience economic crises that will bring to the surface behaviors that need to be transformed. Many times there can be the feeling that our life depends on how much money we have available. This does not mean that we are greedy, but that we really feel that money (or the lack of it) controls our lives.

This position of Pluto shows us where we feel some humiliation, shame, or guilt. Beyond the external circumstances of the present, these emotions arise from memories found in the unconscious, which are hidden under great stress that only calm down when we feel materially safe. This can mean that, to stop feeling that internal pressure, we do whatever it takes to achieve material security.

If we take Pluto as the awakener of ancestral memories, with this position we speak of ancestors who went through poverty, hunger, and the inability to obtain the necessary supplies to survive. This is information that runs through our DNA and can manifest as compulsive desires to control our assets, attachment to poverty, or living in fear of losing everything, among other things.

Basically, our relationship with money is love-hate and Pluto seeks to transform it into something healthy. To do this, Pluto will strip us of everything that does not correspond to our true personal values, which may be buried under the values that we have acquired from our environment. That is why individuals who have Pluto in the 2nd House have trouble achieving personal satisfaction.

Another characteristic of this position is the need to acquire what we want in order to have it rather than using it. Having it gives us a sense of security. So, sometimes we open the fridge and see that in a forgotten corner our favorite food is already in a state of decomposition. We keep it in the fridge to have it, and we don’t eat it, we leave it for later because having it makes us feel good. And then it’s too late and it ends up in the trash. This can also be a reflection of those ancestral memories, where our ancestors have had to ration their food or see food available but not have access to it.

Pluto’s job in the 2nd House is to unearth innate qualities that are latent. To do this, he does a mining job of our self-esteem. Pluto sometimes works with the pick and shovel, and sometimes with dynamite. For each crisis we go through, we discover that, despite the chaos and pain, each experience turns us into a precious gem.

We discover that the transformation we go through over and over again, even if it seems like a curse, is actually a blessing because when everything calms down, we are able to appreciate what we had not previously taken into account, and that makes us feel really rich.

The sign where Pluto will indicate which are the qualities that we are digging up and that is innate to us. Pluto in the 2nd House indicates that we have a great capacity to delve into whatever interests us and understand its fundamental composition. It also indicates great resilience and a fierce ability to make decisions in crisis situations.


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