The 2nd House is of Earth and Fixed vibration. It is the natural home of Taurus, the sign of sensations, slowness and the natural world. Its natural ruler is Venus, the planet of pleasure and personal preferences. On an energetic level, being an Earth house, the 2nd House vibrates more densely, giving a concrete form to the energetic vibration of our essential being. This house shows us what we value, both internally and externally, as well as our personal talents.

In traditional astrology, the 2nd House is associated with possessions, money, and self-esteem. And yes, this is what we can see manifested through the 2nd house, but in reality, it is nothing more than the result of something that we have created from an energetic reality. What we manifest depends on the culture, the age we live in, and other temporal conditions that vary depending on when and where we were born.

The 2nd House can show us the reason why it is so difficult for us to connect with the pleasure of having a body and materializing what we need to live comfortably. The sign in which it is found, the position of its ruling planet, the planets that fall in this house and the aspects that they receive give us many details of the process of manifestation that arises from our essential being.

Next we will briefly see what helps us to align ourselves with the materialization of our material needs according to the sign that is on the cusp of the 2nd House.

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The Signs on the Cusp of the 2nd House

We align with the energy of materialization:

  • Aries: when we defend our personal values.
  • Taurus: when we take the time to appreciate what we value.
  • Gemini: when we study what we value.
  • Cancer: when we nurture what we value.
  • Leo: when we represent our values.
  • Virgo: when we perfect our values.
  • Libra: when we share our values.
  • Scorpio: when we transform our values.
  • Sagittarius: when we expand our values.
  • Capricorn: when we consolidate our values.
  • Aquarius: when we innovate our values.
  • Pisces: when we are inspired by our values.

In all cases, the position of the ruler of the 2nd House indicates the area of life where our personal values come from.

Material challenges are often linked to self-esteem, lack of self-worth and beliefs that condition the natural expression of our Self. Sometimes they are related to learning what we have to go through to grow. The birth chart can help us discover what circumstances we are going through and that affect our material reality. In any case, acting from our personal values always brings some kind of personal satisfaction, something that has a positive impact on our self-esteem.

The Planets in the 2nd House

When there are planets in the 2nd House, they represent parts of our consciousness that we value and that provide us with some specific talent. These parts of ourselves manifest both, internally and externally.

Sun in the 2nd House

The Sun represents identity, our sense of Self, masculine energy, the father. When it is in the 2nd House, we value the recognition of the expression of the qualities of the sign where the Sun is located. We take great pride in our values, both internal and external. We like that which shines, that which has importance. We realize what we value when we look at what makes us feel worthy.

Moon in the 2nd House

The Moon represents our emotional language, affective needs, feminine energy, the mother. When we find it in the 2nd House, we value the emotional comfort that the qualities of the sign in which the Moon is found provide us. We manifest according to our mood, which creates fluctuations in our material needs. We realize what we value by observing what we seek to nurture.

Mercury in the 2nd House

Mercury symbolizes the mind, thought processes, communication, data exchange. When Mercury is in 2nd House, we value words, intellect, communication, commerce. The sign where it is indicates the kind of information we prefer to obtain. We have a lot of versatility in the way we manage our assets. With Mercury we like to acquire information, whether through books, courses, podcasts, etc. We realize what we value when we hear ourselves speak.

Venus in the 2nd House

Venus symbolizes pleasure, personal preferences, the power of attraction, sensuality. When she is in the 2nd House, we value beauty, art, grace, and the pleasure that physical sensations give us. The sign where Venus is located indicates what we find beautiful. With Venus here we take great pleasure in materializing what we value. Venus is very comfortable in the 2nd House. Our values are made evident with Venus in this house.

Mars in the 2nd House

Mars symbolizes action, desire, courage. When Mars is in the 2nd House we value the ability to go for what we want. Mars encourages the desire to be independent. The sign where Mars is located how we take action. With Mars in this position, we want to act from our values! Our values become apparent when we look at what turns us on, what calls us to action.

Jupiter in the 2nd House

Jupiter symbolizes the search for meaning, the expansion of new horizons, adventure. When Jupiter is in the 2nd House, we value Truth, exploration, journeys into the unfamiliar, the foreign. The sign where Jupiter is located indicates how we explore, how we search for meaning. With Jupiter in this house, there may be material luck, or at the very least, a wealth of material resources at our disposal. Our values become evident when we look at where we open ourselves to the new, what we look for learning through experiences.

Saturn in the 2nd House

Saturn symbolizes the materialization of reality, mastery, tradition. When Saturn is in the 2nd House, we value responsibility, method, what is gained through effort. The sign Saturn is in indicates how we proceed to structure material security. This is something we take very seriously when Saturn is in this house! Our values become evident when we observe what we want to build as the foundation of our material reality.

Uranus in the 2nd House

Uranus symbolizes innovation, freedom, progress. When you are in 2nd House, we value the new, which represents a change within the status quo. Being a transpersonal planet, we find individuals who seek to manifest the vision of the future that they download from the collective consciousness, especially those that correspond to the generation of Uranus in the sign where it is located. These individuals have access to the Akashic records created by their generation and feel compelled to manifest a new reality. They may encounter obstacles to economic autonomy, as they are here to remove these obstacles from the path and create a new way of providing material security.

Neptune in the 2nd House

Neptune symbolizes collective integration, the intangible, fantasy, unconditional love. When Neptune is in the 2nd House, we value the immaterial … from the intoxication that wine produces, for example (while Venus prefers the taste of wine) to sleeping and dreaming. Neptune in this position leads us to want to materialize what cannot be touched… music, cinema, photography, inspiration. Here we meet another transpersonal planet. We are connected to the collective unconscious and we can confuse our personal values with those of others. This position seeks the universality of values. We have come to put aside our personal ego and let ourselves be carried away by inspiration. We seek to materialize a more beautiful reality and many times this requires us to open our hearts to what does not seem so, until we manage to see the beauty in everything. The challenge is to do it in the concrete world and not stay in the world of dreams.

Pluto in the 2nd House

Pluto is the planet that symbolizes transformation, the underground, the subconscious, the ancestral heritage. When in the 2nd House, we value research, the occult, the processes of life. As a transpersonal planet, Pluto awakens the ancestral heritages that we carry within our DNA in order to transform them. It brings to light customs and habits characterized by the sign in which it is found, which have been repeated over the last 245 years and which, at a generational level, need to take an evolutionary leap, transform into what is necessary in the present. In the 2nd House, the process of metamorphosis occurs within the area of ​​our personal values. This position of Pluto makes us feel that we are “controlled” by an external force that does not allow us to use our true personal talents. In reality it is about internal automations that arise from the ancestral heritage. Pluto in the 2nd house provides unusual power to achieve material security and keep us alive. The challenge is to stop controlling the material and allow the metamorphosis to occur even if we believe that we are losing everything. It’s like the path from caterpillar to butterfly. We lose what we knew as the caterpillar, but we will gain the new world of the butterfly.

Chiron in the 2nd House

Chiron shows us where we feel vulnerable, a wound that never seems to heal. When Chiron is in the 2nd House, we are hypersensitive to the reaction of others regarding our values or how we use our personal resources. We may have felt embarrassed about our material situation for one reason or another. With this position, we are challenged to embrace our own values regardless of what others believe to be valuable.

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