In astrology, the nodes are formed when a planet intersects the ecliptic created by the Sun when viewed from Earth. In this article we talk about the nodes of the Moon, the best known in astrology. The nodes are always in retrograde motion, although they can sometimes remain stationary briefly. While the planets are moving against the clock, the nodes always advance clockwise.

The South Node

The south node represents patterns of innate behaviors, personal attitudes that are expressed naturally and that are familiar. They can represent attitudes that we have repeatedly developed in past lives and those that we tend to in the present. Basically, the south node represents our comfort zone.

The North Node

The north node represents the attitudes and qualities that we need to express to create balance in the present. However, this is not easy at all, since they represent the opposite attitudes to those we are used to. We feel insecure and it certainly represents an effort. The north node asks us to get out of our comfort zone.

Many times we can have planets close to our north node, or at least in the same sign. This can help to understand the new energies that we are integrating. When we have no personal planet nearby, the challenge can be greater and we need to make a conscious effort. However, every time we manage to act from our north node, we become centered, something that gives us the feeling of total fulfillment.

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Developing the qualities of the North Node sign creates internal balance and awakens our creative power.

Scorpio – Taurus Nodal Axis

When the south node is Taurus, an earth sign, we have the innate ability to know how to provide ourselves with what we need for our subsistence. We know our internal rhythms and we take all the time in the world to internalize our experiences. Above all, we seek comfort. We organize our life around what is best for us. We have a clear awareness of our personal values thanks to the ability to identify our preferences. However, we feel something is missing.

For some reason that we cannot understand -unless we already know that our north node is in Scorpio, we are attracted to situations or people that make us uneasy. Pluto’s magnetism is powerful, since this planet has the ability to purge everything that does not serve our evolution, and in this sense it is unforgiving. Pluto is the planet that governs Scorpio. And it is the god of the underworld who has the power to purge the emotional limitations of our being.

With the north node in Scorpio, our path is to purify our emotional world. No matter the position of other planets in our natal chart, the southern node in Taurus conditions us to unconsciously reject everything that means “emotional relationship”. It is not that Taurus rejects all kinds of relationships. The other water signs relate better to the Taurus south node. Cancer relates in an enveloping, protective way. Taurus likes it. Pisces emotions does not have boundaries, like steam. Taurus enjoys it . But Scorpio is penetrating and expects an emotional response as intense as theirs. It requires Taurus to open its inner world. And that means feeling “everything“. Taurus is scared of that. But it knows that this is the way forward. It only needs to respond to the call of the northern node in Scorpio.

How do these two energies complement each other?

Both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed and feminine signs. They represent permanence and receptivity. Taurus is the surface of the Earth and everything on it. Scorpio is lava, the underground sea that, when it comes to the surface, destroys everything in its path and when it finally cools, it creates spaces that can generate new forms of life. The individuals who have the southern node in Taurus are very aware of the resources they have for their survival. They are good at this. Now, the soul seeks to enrich its emotional life to expand its understanding of life. Pluto, in addition to being the god of the underworld, is also the god of wealth, since diamonds and other precious stones come from within the earth.

The transformation required by the north node in Scorpio is not intended to destroy the southern node in Taurus, but to remove all the emotional limitations imposed by karmic conditioning. The north node helps us develop our psychological capabilities so that we can understand our deepest motivations and that of others. It is true that the fear of transformation may be too intense for what we are used to. But once we open ourselves to intimacy and allow life to tell us its truth, we will discover that our hearts are as tough as a diamond.

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