Personal attributes to develop: curiosity, mental diversity, interest in everyday subjects and the immediate surroundings, learning to listen and communicate in a pleasant way, using humor.

The Mythology of the Nodes of the Moon

In Vedic astrology, the nodes are called Rahu and Ketu, the head and tail of the dragon. Mythology tells that the gods and demons cooperated to stir up the galactic material called Ocean Milk, and this is how they generated Amrita, the nectar of immortality that was intended only for the gods. But one of the dragons took a sip of it. Vishnu, the protector of the Universe, cut the dragon in two parts, Rahu and Ketu, to maintain universal balance.

The North Node (Rahu) describes a new perspective towards life that our Soul seeks to develop in this incarnation. This is an unexplored world. It causes us anxiety as it forces us to leave our comfort zone. The South Node (Ketu) describes what we know, what we have practiced, the path we have traveled and that we know well. However, there is a magnetic force that seeks the union of these two points formed by the crossing of the ecliptic of the sun and the moon. The head (Rahu) wants to join the rest of the body (Ketu).

The North Node in Gemini

When we have the North Node in Gemini (or in the 3rd house), our soul seeks diversity, exchange and above all, learn new things. Gemini (and by analogy House 3) represent communication, writing, short trips, studies, courses, diversity, humor and sociability. The South Node in Sagittarius (or in the 9th House) indicates that we have a lot of experience exploring new cultures, new philosophies, forming beliefs. Perhaps we prefer to travel abroad to experience new things and learn through experience outside of our immediate surroundings.

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With this nodal position, the natural tendency is to let ourselves be carried away by our own beliefs. It is possible that we have a well-defined philosophy of Life. What for us is the Truth is the Truth. We feel an incessant need to make sense of everything, and we can take ourselves too seriously.

But the North Node leads us to want to relate to our mates, be social, talk with others. And then, it is possible that, despite all the efforts we make to achieve this, we feel strangers in our environment. Many times we feel that we do not know what to talk about … unless we teach what we do know. Perhaps we feel wiser than others. The image that comes to me is that of the boy or girl in the class who knows everything and who has a problem with having a good time at school as other classmates do.

In spite of everything, the North Node in Gemini greatly awakens the desire for fun, for sociability … We want to be part of the conversations, we want to have fun like others do … but we don’t know how! And when we try, many times we are left talking about trivialities that do not interest us or we enter into conversations that, for some reason, we end up giving lessons to people who end up distancing themselves from us. “You are too serious”, “you are too preachy” – they might say before joining another conversation about the latest movie on Netflix.

These may be some of the experiences that we live through the years until, little by little, we begin to understand ourselves and look for what we really need.

In order to understand the qualities of the North Node sign, we need to dare to fully feel the characteristics represented by the South Node sign. Perhaps the reason why balancing the nodal axis seems so difficult is because we do not allow ourselves to feel freely what the South Node represents. The south node in Sagittarius tells us about believing ourselves to be “know-it-all” and not caring about the opinion of others. The North Node in Gemini will ask us to socialize, go out to find more information, learn to ask questions and to base ourselves on facts rather than beliefs.

In itself, the nodal axis indicates an internal and eternal anguish, because it describes a part of our consciousness that is divided in two, as are the past and future. Perhaps the solution is to stay in the present. In this way, we create a converging point where Rahu and Ketu can meet.

The signs and the houses where we find the Moon’s nodes indicate an emotional struggle that we all go through. We will live experiences that will take us to the extremes of each sign … and in that way we explore the lack of balance in both one and the other. Mastery comes with time. When the South Node in Sagittarius manages to balance with the North Node in Gemini, we have individuals who explore their immediate surroundings with curiosity and interest. And in that way, they expand their personal wisdom.

Over time, these natives begin to understand that if they don’t understand something, asking questions is okay. They learn to use tact in conversation. They are also interested in worldly subjects, understanding that they are just another manifestation of the Great Truth. They learn to express their doubts and are open to new ideas and experiences.

Of course, the rest of the chart will indicate why we need to develop these qualities. The birth chart is a Whole, and each planet or astral point is related to the others in a way that, when we look at the birth chart in its entirety, everything makes sense.

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