Squares are formed when two or more planets are 45 degrees apart. This aspect shows internal tensions between two parts of our being that are -generally- in signs that are not compatible.. Despite being considered “negative”, in reality these are creative aspects, which bring to consciousness personal needs that seek to be satisfied. The squares take us out of inertia and open the possibility of self-knowledge through contrasts: we learn to know who we are experiencing what we are not.

The square Moon Venus speaks of contrasts between what makes us feel safe and what gives us pleasure.

The Moon represents our emotional world, what gives us comfort, our unconscious, our emotional needs and everything that nourishes us. Venus describes our affective language, our preferences, and what we value. When these two planets are in a square, our affective language attracts to us that which does not necessarily bring us comfort.

For example, when we have the Moon in Leo square Venus in Scorpio, we enjoy (Venus) the occult, the mysterious, the underworld and even the sordid. The Moon in Leo is warm, cheerful, optimistic, luminous. The tension between these two planets occurs when we attract situations of the nature of Scorpio … where we find pleasure in immersing ourselves in the crudest truths of life, what is dark and hidden, what is taboo. The emotional reaction of a Leo moon who naturally prefers warmth and joy can be one of instant rejection. All squares manifest more or less in the same way, except those found in signs of compatible elements (Water + Earth or Fire + Air). These squares occur when the planets are at the beginning or end of a sign. In this case, the friction is less pronounced and while they show some dissatisfaction, it is still tolerable.

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What the squares teach us is to recognize our individuality and to look for ways to solve conflictive situations. In the case of the Moon and Venus, our soul seeks to learn to find emotional security in unfamiliar pleasures. For example, when the square is between the Moon in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius, here we have a great need for calm, tranquility and physical contact at the same time that we like surprises, the unexpected, the disruptive and the intellectual. When we let ourselves be guided by our emotional needs (Luna), we are left without being able to enjoy what we really like. Or if we follow what gives us pleasure, we feel insecure and even unprotected. The square does not imply eternal dissatisfaction, but rather the need for deep self-knowledge where, through conflictive experiences, we learn to discern what truly gives us pleasure, while freeing ourselves from emotional attachments, which, although they provide us with security, they keep us in inertia.

We can say that the squares act like a sculptor who is never satisfied and that, over time, they refine their work until they achieve a unique and coherent masterpiece.

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