A natal chart is like a personal mandala. The positions of the celestial bodies show the relationships between the elemental energies that manifest what exists in our world. The natal chart is a picture of the sky as it was seen from Earth at the time we came out of our mother’s womb. Something like our cosmic DNA.

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Humanity follows a process of permanent evolution. Yet human nature is always the same. It is our own growth that allows us to discover more of it. Through the natal chart we can see our personal potential from different levels of consciousness.

The planets and other points of the chart describe different dimensions of human nature. The angles that are formed by the position between planets are called aspects. Some, such as the sextile (two or more planets at an angle of 60 degrees) or the trine (angles of 120 degrees), show the harmonization of different dimensions of our nature.

There may also be angles that describe dimensions that do not understand each other very well, such as squares (angles of 90 degrees) or oppositions (angles of 180 degrees). These aspects generate internal conflicts, which can also manifest in our external world. These are energies that ask to be accepted and validated and that create inner diversity, which contributes to the expansion of our being. In this way, we participate in the evolution of the collective consciousness of our species.

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The aspects of our natal chart show internal energies that are reflected in the outside world. We could say that the circumstances that we live in our daily life are the mirror of our internal state. And the birth chart can help us to decipher the reason for our experiences, and thus, go through them without resisting them.

The Astrological Houses

The natal chart is divided into twelve areas, which we call Houses, which are determined by mathematical calculations where both the time of birth and the latitude and longitude of the place of birth are taken into account.

These twelve houses represent the process of individuation of the Self. Their structure overlaps the zodiac wheel. The beginning of the 1st house is designated by the time and place of birth. While the signs of the zodiac represent specific qualities, the astrological houses show the twelve areas of life where these qualities are expressed. How we experience them depends on the positions of the planets, their aspects, and our free will.

The first house will fall in one of the signs of the Zodiac. The qualities of this sign will shape the manifestation of our essential being… like our “avatar”. The following eleven houses and the signs where they fall will show the potentials that we can develop and the tools that are at our disposal to shape our reality. Within this picture, we will navigate through life using free will. It is like we are born into a reality that contains defined ingredients. What we do with these ingredients depends on ourselves.

Broadly speaking:

  • House I describes the qualities that shape our essence, the first thing that others see of us.
  • House II describes our innate abilities to survive in the world and how we use what we have.
  • House III describes our conscious perception of reality.
  • House IV describes our inner world. Traditionally, it refers to our childhood and home.
  • House V describes our creative self-expression, how we find joy.
  • House VI describes our abilities and how we put them at the service of others.
  • House VII describes how we relate to others.
  • House VIII describes our instinctive responses that are activated when entering in intimacy with others.
  • House IX describes our personal philosophy, our belief system.
  • House X describes the outer manifestation of our inner world, our destiny.
  • House XI describes associations with like-minded individuals, our ideals.
  • House XII describes our unconscious, what unites us to the Whole, spirituality.

The signs where houses fall will tell us “how” we experience these areas of life. The planets will tell us about the “what”.

  • The house where Aries falls shows the area of ​​life where we will use initiative and action.
  • The house where Taurus falls will show the area of ​​life where we look for material security to achieve comfort.
  • The house where Gemini falls shows the area of ​​life where we will form our ideas and where we will exchange information, where our intelligence is manifested.
  • The house where Cancer falls shows the area of ​​life where we nurture ourselves emotionally.
  • The house where Leo falls shows the area of ​​life where we are creative and develop our self-expression.
  • The house where Virgo falls shows the area of ​​life where we are detail-oriented and improve what needs to be polished.
  • The house where Libra falls shows the area of ​​life where we take others into account and seek to achieve equity, balance.
  • The house where Scorpio falls shows the area of ​​life where we transform ourselves through emotional crises that develop psychological depth.
  • The house where Sagittarius falls shows the area of ​​life where we go out to explore new territories, which will shape our beliefs.
  • The house where Capricorn is located shows the area of ​​life where we are responsible, where we put all our determination to achieve our goals.
  • The house where Aquarius is located shows the area of ​​life where we are unconventional, where we use our genius.
  • The house where Pisces is located shows the area of ​​life where we relate to the Whole, where compassion is awakened and where reality mixes with dreams.

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We have to see the natal chart as a spiral in constant motion. All the elements in it are related to each other and when one of them is activated, it affects the whole. It is a reflection of our inner life. It shows us a holistic vision of personal reality.

Our birth chart can help us to recover what belongs to us in its own right: our qualities, capacities and possibilities. It will help us to discover the greatness of our essence. Our natal chart is a very useful tool for self-knowledge, which opens the way to empowerment and self-esteem.

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