July 5th – Mars enters Taurus

With Mars in Taurus, our action moves towards material security. The acquisition of goods might is highlighted. Now we look for calm, tranquility, and rest. Tendency to look for sensual activities. It is time to slow down and act deliberately, as the energy of action meets the material world and we need to learn how to manage what we spend our energy on.

July 5th – Mercury enters Cancer

Mercury in Cancer puts our attention to emotional needs. Conversations about family issues. Recordings of the past. Nostalgia. The mind becomes subjective and emotional. We tend to be more sentimental than usual and become reactive toward daily situations.

July 13th – Full Moon in Capricorn – 21 Capricorn 21′

New Moon – Full Moon Meaning

Full moons increase the volume of emotions. When they occur in Capricorn, we might feel that our responsibilities are too many, that we feel lonelier and full of burdens. This is a cycle that started around 6 months ago, on January 2nd, with the New Moon in Capricorn. Now we will see if the seeds we planted in regards to our ambitions in life have borne some fruit. What are the responsibilities that lead us to something productive and what are the ones that do not lead us anywhere? With a strong emphasis on family life this month, we can weigh our achievements against the balance between home and work, and spend more time with loved ones as a result.

Take a look at what astrological house this Full Moon occurs, as it will highlight where you need to put more balance in your life. The sign of Cancer is very strong during the first 20 days of this month, so it really asks us to create a balance between how we nurture ourselves and our responsibility towards others.

July 17th – Venus enters Cancer

With Venus transiting Cancer, we now find pleasure in home life, family, history… and old photos! By July 17 there is still a strong Cancer vibe, inclining us towards nurturing and caring for ourselves. A great time to nurture family ties and good food – and perhaps spicy (Mars is in Taurus!). Also, after the Full Moon, we can give ourselves everything that we have missed during the first 6 months of this year.

July 19th – Mercury enters Leo

Mercury in Leo directs our attention towards the creative. We might watch shows, performances, and things that awaken our inner child. We are thinking more about how we express ourselves. We could pay more attention to the impression we make on others. This is a good time to say what is true for you and talk about the things that bring you joy.

July 21st – Jupiter semi-square Saturn – Jup 8 Ari 38′ – Sat 23 Aqu 38’Rx

The semi-square between Jupiter and Saturn might bring some conflict between acting as we want and certain rules or facts that limit our action. We might feel setbacks when starting something new because of regulations.

July 22nd – Sun enters Leo

Happy birthday Leo!!!

July 28th – New Moon in Leo 5 Leo 39′

New Moon – Full Moon Meaning

A new period to plant seeds in regards to self-expression. A beautiful moment to connect with our inner child and reach inwardly for what gives us joy. What would you like to achieve during the next 6 months with respect to your creativity? On this date, you can make a ritual that celebrates Life and its abundance! And ask for your inner light to shine outward, celebrating your Soul’s essence!

July 28th – Jupiter Retrograde 8 Ari 43′

Jupiters enters its retrograde period which will end in Pisces when Jupiter makes its last conjunction with Neptune once again. Now we have the opportunity to revisit situations from the past where we can see whether our impulses are aligned with what really inspires us or not.

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July 31st – Uranus conjunct North Node 18 Tau 42′

This astrological aspect marks an important moment in relation to the economy, the value system, and a huge desire for a radical renewal of personal values. Innovation on renewable energies. A big step towards progress. A revolutionary invention affecting the natural world and production. The awakening of the desire for freedom. How this liberating energy manifests can be both constructive and destructive. However, the consequences always lean towards progress, even though the steps can be disruptive and shocking.

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