What do the New Moon and the Full Moon mean in Astrology?

The Moon takes approximately 28 days to go around the Zodiac. The different phases of the Moon occur in relation to its position with respect to the Sun and the Earth. When the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun (in the same degree of a sign), we have a New Moon. About two weeks later it will form an opposition with the Sun. This is the Full Moon.

The cycles of the Moon are born from the dance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. During the New Moon we create a dream, we power it. During the Full Moon we take a look at the reality we have created and collect the results of our work. Although these cycles happen every month, we can consider as “manifestation period” the cycle that occurs on the same zodiacal axis, that is, when the Sun is in the opposite sign that it was in during the New Moon. For example, if the New Moon occurs in Aries (Sun conjunct Moon in Aries), the Full Moon of this cycle will occur when the Sun is in Libra opposite the Moon in Aries. The monthly cycles are also important, although we can say that they describe different stages of our original intentions… or the realization of our “mini” intentions.

When we align with the lunar cycles, we begin to vibrate in sync with the magnetic force of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. This helps us to connect with nature and the cosmos. In these times, where we are so immersed in the human world, connecting with the energy of the lunar cycles can help us focus and synchronize with the forces of Life. Creating a ritual for the days of New Moon and Full Moon can bring magic to our lives, give a sacred value to our plans and feel that we are being accompanied by Mother Earth.

The Meaning of the New Moon – Create Your Dreams

This night is dark, clear of shadows. It is the New Moon, the beginning of a new cycle. With the New Moon we plant new seeds. This is where we begin a new process of manifestation, a new stage.

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The Moon is invisible to the eye during the New Moon. At an astrological level, we say that the moon is combusted – meaning that the Sun “burns” the planet that is in close conjunction with it. The creative energy of the Sun is much stronger than the emotional world of the Moon, which allows us to start new projects, express our creativity and set goals. Therefore, this is a good time for new endeavours.

During this new cycle, the Moon is energetically charged by the Sun, gaining momentum. We feel serene and full of energy. You can prepare a personal ritual and set your intentions. What is it that you want to manifest? Write it on paper, ask the Universe for it.

Manifestation processes take time and work. During the New Moon we plant the seeds. We can ask for strength, courage and perseverance to make them grow.

The Meaning of the Full Moon – Harvest Your Dreams

Here we find the Moon in all its splendor. The night lights up. The Moon asks us… have you been able to meet your needs? Now we will be able to see if what we have proposed six months ago has been achieved, if our reality satisfies us, nourishes us. Our emotional world, the Moon, faces our spirit, the Sun. We can compare between what we want to achieve and what we really need. Now is the time to make the necessary adjustments, to release what makes no sense.

During the Full Moon our emotions become apparent. If we allow ourselves to feel them with awareness, we will be able to discern the results of our past intentions. If we have not achieved what we wanted, we can set new intentions during the next New Moon.

It is not a good time to start projects but to weigh our needs, let go of what does not provide us with comfort and keep what gives us personal satisfaction.

If you can, let yourself be bathed by the moonlight. It is a good time to allow emotional fluidity. We can create a personal ritual to allow it, where we can cry, laugh, FEEL and connect with our inner world, without projecting our own frustrations onto others.

Do you need inspiration? This video of Taylor Swift connects me with the ritual of the Moon. I share it with you. Maybe it will inspire you too.


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