Synastry is a system where we compare two natal charts to discover the dynamics of energies between two people.

When we compare two natal charts we can discover how a person’s energy influences us in our lives. We are attracted to people who awaken the desire to integrate certain parts of our own being.

The contacts between Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars (personal planets) are very powerful for the initial attraction. They represent harmonies or disharmonies in aspects that are very important in our lives. The contacts that affect our Sun tell us about energies that affect our integrity. When we receive aspects to our Moon, it is about our emotional security. The aspects to Mercury show the capacity of understanding between two people. With Venus, it is about our tastes and the way we express our affections. Contacts with Mars talk about sexual attraction and desires.

Contacts with Jupiter show the capacity to expand in the relationship. When there are contacts with Jupiter, we feel blessed by the union.

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Contacts with Saturn give durability to relationships. They provide time. When two individuals have strong contacts with Saturn, we find a relationship that can stand the test of time. For lasting relationships, contacts with Saturn are very important. They produce growth.

The contacts with Uranus open new possibilities. Uranus forces us to get rid of what is no longer relevant to our growth.

The contacts with Neptune have the power to involve us in a mystical union, where our personal needs join collective needs.

The contacts with the Moon Nodes tell us about karmic relationships. When there are conjunctions with our nodes, we feel that the relationship was destined in some way or another. Contacts with the South Node tell us about relationships that somehow lead us into the past. These relationships give us the ability to review our attachments. The contacts with the North Node help us to develop the qualities that we have come to develop in this life. The person who has a planet in contact with the North Node will show us in one way or another how to achieve our karmic goals in the present.

Synastry in a very useful tool to understand our relationship dynamics with another person. Not only with a partner, but also with our parents, siblings, children, co-workers, etc. Comparing our natal charts can help us solve communication problems since we can understand each other’s perspective more clearly. Likewise, synastry helps us understand our attractions, our personal needs and the needs of the other.

On a mystical level, synastry helps us understand our part in the whole. The synastry between parents and children can solve very deep problems of self-esteem and help us to relate to our ancestors in a conscious way. When we understand spiritual union with them, we understand many questions of our existence. The synastry with our partners shows us the work of our being to be able to integrate the totality of the Self and thus achieve union with the universe of the Other.

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