Uranus is the planet that represents freedom, technology, the new, the need to destroy structures that are already out of date. It is a planet that does not ask for permission and will make itself felt with more or less force, depending on our internal state. If we are very fixed in our traditions, if we want to keep what we know, if we do not open ourselves to change even when we feel the electricity in our body, then Uranus will present itself in our lives through a shock. It will break through despite our resistance. But if we relax and let our internal structures dismantle and keep the faith, then the Uranus force can be a liberating energy.

Taurus is a fixed, slow sign, a lover of tranquility, good food and that seeks to equip itself with everything necessary to be able to live well. Uranus represents the force of electricity. Shock. Its energy manifests itself as a disruptive force of renewal. What happens when these two energies come together? We will see innovation in personal resources and in the way we provide ourselves with what we need to live. The disruptive force of Uranus will gradually dismantle everything that is not sustainable. How will humanity experience it? Let’s take a look at our history.

The last time we found Uranus in Taurus was in March 1935, and it remained until August 1941. What was happening at that time? We saw Hitler initiate his expansionist policy, first annexing Austria to Germany and then invading Poland, which would usher in World War II. During those years, Hitler began to implement “policies” of extermination, first with the physically and mentally disabled, and then with all those who were not part of his “Aryan” ideal (including Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, opposition leaders, etc. .). All this was happening at the same time that the other nations did not seem to pay much attention to what was happening in Germany. Many countries refused to host Jewish refugees – including the United States and the United Kingdom. Hitler was considered a successful politician who had managed to flourish the German economy, which had been devastated since the end of the First World War. Despite being in contravention of the Versailles Treaty (the peace treaty signed on June 28, 1919 between the Allied Countries and Germany to end World War I), Hitler, without anyone stopping him, was buying and manufacturing arms, at the same time that it reestablished compulsory military service, ignoring the prohibitions established in the treaty. From Italy, Mussolini invaded Ethiopia. In Russia, the Great Purge began, a widespread crackdown on suspected opponents of the regime that lasted two years. It should be noted that Pluto would enter Leo in 1938, initiating a period in which everything related to personal power would go through a transformation. In 1939, Spain entered a dictatorship after Franco’s nationalist forces achieved victory against the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War. Pluto in Leo, the sign of personal power and royalty, brought to the surface the desire for absolute power to the last consequences.

The transit of Uranus in Taurus began in July 2018 and will remain there until the end of 2025. Uranus in Taurus comes to free us from obsolete structures, which, once they disappear, will generate some kind of progress in our lifestyle. Of course, This can feel like a disruption in our way of life that has not been consciously sought and that takes us out of the comfort of the foreseeable. To explain it better, we can change that old saying this way: life gives you lemons because the Universe wants to make lemonade. Without trivializing the aberration of war at all, we see that Uranian energies cause some kind of equality at the social level (at least among the vast majority), and it usually happens through unexpected events. We can see great parallels between what happened 84 years ago and now. The refugee crisis and the closing of borders; the importance of economic power and the emphasys of “mine” in the face of ethical values ​​and solidarity towards the most vulnerable minorities. We may not be able to see today’s changes clearly until 50 years have passed. What we do know is that this time it is not about individuals transformed into emperors seeking to regain self-esteem through total control (the densest energy of Pluto in Leo). This time, the cause of social transformation is caused by the control exercised by corporations, traditions, institutions and governments (Pluto in Capricorn). The denser energies of Capricorn lead to emotional coldness. Pluto in this sign brings to light the tyranny of institutions, paternalism, authoritarianism and the desire to direct the lives of others at all costs. The potential of the passage of Pluto in Capricorn is to clean up the established order to create a more ethical society, where we can trust our governments, once the political system is reborn after the Plutonian disintegration and the direction of society is transformed into an act of responsibility rather than superiority and condescension.

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Pluto takes about 20 years to go through a sign, and it will remain in Capricorn until 2023. The purge of the institutions began in 2008, at the same time that Wall Street fell thanks to the housing bubble, causing a global financial crisis and enriching the very ones who created the problem. However, that same year Kickstarter was born, the first collective financing network that, through donations or the presale of products, allowed projects to be carried out without having to resort to bank loans or any other kind of intermediaries. The North Node was in Aquarius at that time, marking the desire for freedom of action and the development of collective efforts.

Uranus in Taurus not only revolutionizes the value we place on what we consider “a material good”, but it also awakens our creativity to be self-sufficient without having to follow the traditional path. Uranus also brings an expansion of awareness when it comes to nature and our lifestyle. As happened in 1940, where scientists studied the nutritional value of food to keep the population healthy during WWII, now we are looking for ethical value. Furthermore, These changes do not come through institutions but are requested by society itself. Large clothing corporations such as H&M and others already include the origin where the clothing they sell is made, to assure the public that it does not come from modern slavery. The same goes for food. Many animal rights activists are denouncing the disparity between what is displayed in the marketing used by large companies that describe themselves as “ethical” (Whole Foods for example). Through advertising, these companies convince those consumers that are seeking “humane” options that their products are made with animals that have lived happily outdoors, when the reality is very different.

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius (1778-1798), Beethoven printed his first works, Mozart was in his creative peak, the French Revolution broke out, the United States Constitution was signed. It was Jeremy Bentham time. Bentham was the first Western philosopher to advocate for animal welfare laws, from within a comprehensive, non-religious moral theory. Mary Wollstonecraft wrote “A Vindication of Women’s Rights”, the most important book on women’s rights at that time. Jane Austen published her novels on social gender differences… Pluto will enter Aquarius in 2023 and will remain there until 2044. We will experience a strong resurgence of individual freedoms and the potential of dismantling all that threatens them.

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