If you have personal planets between 15 and 29 degrees, this transit makes a strong impact on them, especially if your personal planet is at 23 degrees of a sign, which is the exact degree where there conjunction occurs. In this article we will briefly see the passage of this transit through the personal planets, taking into account the astrological aspect that they form. This is a very general look, since everything depends on the situation of the planets in the natal chart.

In all cases, the potential of Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is to transcend the limits of our perception. What this means for each one is personal. However, for everyone, it can be a period of connection with the magic of Life. The great capacity of Pisces is that this sign does not need to do anything to connect with magic. Like Neptune, Pisces represents water in a gaseous state. It can transform into mist and create a veil that confuses, or it can emanate its inner light and touch everything that exists, becoming the manifestation of cosmic energy in action.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Trine or Sextile Personal Planets

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It applies to planets between 15 and 29 degrees of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio (trine); Capricorn and Taurus, (sextile).

The planets that make an aspect to this conjunction in trines and/or sextiles will feel that the Piscean energy will soften the planet in question. When it comes to the Sun and/or the Moon, we will find ourselves more serene, more compassionate, more creative and optimistic. With Mercury, our oral or written communication is embellished, and our perception becomes poetic. If it is Venus, we will feel more beautiful, kinder and loved. With Mars, more patient, more persuasive, more gentle in our actions.

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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces Conjunct the Personal Planets

The conjunction of this transit with a natal planet is very strong, especially when it is at 23 degrees Pisces. Any planet that comes into conjunction with these two giants connects with the collective unconscious. This can awaken mystical experiences as we can also be carried by the emotional currents of others.

For everyone with planets between 15 and 29 degrees Pisces, this transit can be a great opportunity to transcend illusion and connect with the true magic of life.

The conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces is capable of expanding the fantasy that reigns in this sign so much that in the end it manages to fade it and thus reveal the beauty that exists in all aspects of reality. The beauty that Pisces sees goes beyond the aesthetic as it transcends forms. It is the beauty of essence and the understanding that everything is a sacred aspect of Creation.

Perhaps this is the gift of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces on one of our personal planets. But in order to receive it, we need to wake up from the dream that it is the world that happens to us instead of us creating our world.

With the Sun, these Pisces are going to be more Piscean than ever! This transit is very strong for the Piscean who has the Sun between 15 and 29 degrees Pisces. It is important to channel this energy with the mantra “I am”. The Sun in Pisces has the opportunity to see the mirages that stain their identity. The projections of others on their own persona, the mutability of their character that make them feel that they don’t have a personal identity… All this is going to be amplified. Focusing on oneself will allow us to discover portals to other dimensions of reality and perhaps to find the meaning of our existence. It is a great opportunity for it.

With the Moon in conjunction, the transit of Jupiter-Neptune we become immense emotional sponges. As with the Sun, during this season it is important to focus and allow emotional currents to wash over us like waves. Relax the body and flow. With this conjunction we will be able to feel the emotions that emanate from the collective unconscious and possibly we will also be able to capture beyond. Learning to discern what our emotions are and what are not is something possible with this transit, since emotions are so amplified that we can discover those that really have nothing to do with us. This is a great opportunity to understand what happens to us on an emotional level.

When the conjunction joins Natal Mercury, there is a chance to connect with intuition like never before. It may be that we can see auras more clearly! With the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, extrasensory cognitive abilities grow like never before. They may be more sleepy than usual, since the world of dreams claims them to take them to fantastic realities that only exist in the dream world. The ability to see everything more beautiful and to perceive the multidimensionality of reality is exponential. For Mercury in Pisces, March and April will be a season of great intuition and confusion in worldly affairs. During this time it is better to dedicate to something that requires imagination instead of paperwork and schedules… since, if it was difficult before, during this transit it can become impossible. However, your intuitive intelligence may be greatly amplified.

We know that falling in love with love is a natural trait of Venus in Pisces. With this transit, this can occur in UPPERCASE. When the goddess Venus dresses as Pisces, she beautifies dreams, she hypnotizes crowds with her grace. She is music, she is a muse. Sensitivity expands amazingly with this transit. It is good to use these moments for creativity. If we are single, we run the risk of seeing everyone so, so soulful in our eyes that we can fall in love from head to toe, and once the transit passes, we can be disappointed. Venus in Pisces embodies the eleven essences of the other signs. She is the one who is capable of expressing grace in a transcendent way. Her power of attraction lies in accepting everything as valid and she is especially sensitive to the pain of others. With this transit, Venus in Pisces can transcend her own limits and connect with new realities. New interests and values ​​may arise that allow her to expand what she has known until now.

Mars in Pisces often feels that their impulses have no definite direction. Mars is an extremely “aggressive” planet for Pisces, and with this position, it is hesitant to be assertive because Mars are afraid of harming others. With this transit of Jupiter and Neptune, individuals with Mars conjunct may feel the desire to venture beyond what they are used to. The best way to channel this energy is to dedicate to those things that matter to us, such as doing some kind of volunteering in a non-governmental organization, for example. This helps give concrete direction to our desire to help and gives great personal satisfaction.

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Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Square and Opposition

It applies to planets between 15 and 29 degrees Gemini, and Sagittarius (square); Virgo (opposition)

The square and the opposition show us challenges that, in themselves, contain great creative potential. The difficulty will be higher or lower, depending on the situation of the planets and their natal aspects. The square is experienced as a contradiction that makes us feel imprisoned between two internal needs that cannot be reconciled. In the case of this transit, what arises is the confusion between what the personal planet represents and the collective reality.

Sun square Jupiter-Neptune transiting Pisces can cause identity confusion. With the Moon it will be our emotions that can become confusing. With Mercury, it is our perception of the everyday that confuses us. With Venus, confusion occurs in our personal preferences and values. With Mars, we may find it hard to take action or feel like our initiative is losing direction.

In all cases, although it may be a time of uncertainty, illusions and disappointments, the challenge of this transit is to become aware of our individuality. During this transit it is important not to get carried away by illusions or create them ourselves even if it seems easy. This is an opportunity to define our individual identity (Sun), our emotional needs (Moon), our own ideas (Mercury), our personal values ​​(Venus) and our desires (Mars). Pisces is capable of sacrificing his individuality for the collective need. And when the planets that are in this sign square our personal planets, the greatest sacrifice is to honor our own being, since Pisces, by nature, is able to integrate the energies of the other eleven signs of the Zodiac. For this integration to be of quality, the energies expressed by the planets with which it squares need to be well defined. This is achieved with self-awareness and refinement. It is imperative that we do not lose our sense of self. To see how this square influences on a personal level, it is necessary to look at the birth chart as a whole. The important thing is to know that, although it may not seem like it at first glance, trusting our own Being is essential.

The opposition creates tension between the planets that compose it. We could say that the opposition says: “Do I use my Sun or do I use Jupiter-Neptune?” for example. When the opposition is created by a transit, this dichotomy is transitory. But it helps us understand more about ourselves. In the case of the opposition of this transit, we speak of personal planets that are in Virgo. Here we have the opportunity to realize that our identity (Sun), emotions (Moon), perception and communication (Mercury), values ​​and power of attraction (Venus) and actions (Mars) affect the whole and not just the individual, object or situation in front of us. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction can help Virgo become aware of the ramifications of things. These people may feel that for a period of time they will not be able to see details as clearly as they have been able to. If they take advantage of this situation to discover that everything is connected to each other, they will be able to make a quantum leap in their lives.

There are countless things that can be said about this transit through the personal planets, but I will leave it here because otherwise this article will be too long.

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