The Meaning of Eclipses in Astrology

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When the Moon and the Sun form a conjunction in the astrological skies, we have a New Moon. When they oppose each other it’s the time for the Full Moon. When the New Moon or Full Moon occurs close to the lunar nodes, we have eclipses.

In Astrology, solar eclipses are triggers of conscious releases while lunar eclipses are triggers for emotional releases. It is a period where we are ready to eliminate stagnant energies and old patterns that have been kept hidden in our unconscious. If the eclipse aspects a natal planet or angle, and especially by conjunction, opposition, or square (3 degree orb or less), it may have a strong impact on the significations of that planet for up to six months or more after the eclipse.

For those looking to untangle the unconscious conditioning that prevents us from living a fulfilling life, eclipse season is like manna from heaven!

Eclipses represent changes. What is gone has completed its cycle and we are ready for the new.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The solar eclipse in Aries on April 20 occurred near the north node in Taurus, during the New Moon. This lunar eclipse in Scorpio occurs near the south node in Scorpio, during the Full Moon, on May 5th.

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For reference, these are other dates that we have experienced an eclipse of the same degree: May 1985, and May 2004. Do you remember any personal events that occurred during those dates?

At the level of self-knowledge, the Full Moon is when we reach a peak of emotional awareness. When it happens in Scorpio, it is about the possibility of becoming aware of our shadow. In other words, what our ordinary consciousness cannot normally access. That is why the Full Moon periods are related to emotional expressions that we cannot control… emotions that arise so that we can see what we truly feel. And with Scorpio, we talk about things we’d really rather keep a secret, even from ourselves.

During the Full Moon in Scorpio, it’s a good idea to ask yourself:

  • What are my real motivations for “this situation”?
  • What do I really need to feel satisfied?
  • What do I really feel?

And yes… of course. The energy of the eclipse in Scorpio can manifest as a temptation, gossip, or an ominous desire that leads you to the confines of your own shadow! However, if this happens, it is so that one can clearly feel what emotions are awakened and what our attitude is when that happens.

Occurring during an eclipse – that is, being very close to the south node in Scorpio, this Full Moon is much more powerful because it gives us the possibility to see the emotional patterns that keep us in the past and let them go. In this way, we open ourselves to the new, to what was born with the solar eclipse that preceded it.

We have to look at our shadow head-on! With a strong stellium in Taurus (we have Uranus, the Sun, Mercury retrograde, and the North Node), we have access to great peace of mind for it! This is a time to simplify and revalue what matters to us. Whatever the eclipse brings us can be used as a tool to purge what is worthless in our lives.

The important thing about cosmic events, when we see them from astrology, is to synchronize with the energies of the present. While this would seem to be a job that involves will and self-knowledge, actually… it’s about connecting in the “now”! As I have mentioned in this video, Mercury retrograde in Taurus helps us take things very easy and simplify. The Lunar eclipse on May 5 joins the energy of Mercury retrograde, forming an opposition. This opposition invites us to search within ourselves for what we truly value, and above all, discover what are the emotional needs that we seek to satisfy and that do not align with what truly makes us feel good and grounded.

We must not forget Uranus, at 18 degrees Taurus, conjunct the Sun in Taurus at 14 degrees. Here we are talking about a renewal of the attitude we have towards the astrological house where Taurus is found in the birth chart. The Full Moon in Scorpio will show us the emotional ties with people, situations, projects, and even with ourselves, which do not reflect the new reality that we seek to materialize.

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How the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio Affects the Signs

The Lunar eclipse of May 5 occurs at 14 degrees of Scorpio. Although we are all going to feel it, those who have planets between 11 and 17 of each sign will receive a specific activation during the Full Moon.

The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are the ones that are going to feel forced to leave their comfort zone. The energies of the Eclipse and Mercury retrograde are very dynamic and it is possible that they experience events or situations that clearly show them what is no longer useful and what they need to eliminate from their lives. Taurus especially will need to dare to feel the emotions that don’t allow them to feel at peace. Scorpio, on the other hand, will need to go out and find peace and eliminate their natural tendency to stay in less comfortable situations. Leo and Aquarius may feel like they have to deal with something that they really prefer not to deal with.

Virgo and Capricorn will feel that the cosmic energies reinforce a process that they have already been developing. They can take things more calmly and realistically, something that allows them to take concrete actions.

For Cancer and Pisces, the opportunity arises to connect with their emotions in a deeper way, and especially, to see, in some way or another, which are the past versions of themselves that they need to let go of.

Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra can discover obligations that no longer correspond to them. Although the eclipse affects all the signs, for these four signs the emphasis is on unwelcome duties (at least as far as the eclipse is concerned), since there are other energies that activate stronger processes.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio Through the Astrological Houses

Depending on the astrological house where the eclipse occurs, different areas of reality can unveil secrets, temptations, and compulsive behaviors that are ready to be released during the next six months, especially if planets or angles are within 3-degree orb of the 14-degree of a sign.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 1st House

The eclipse is here to set you free and help you face the darker parts of your unconscious. You are breaking personality habits that could have had a strong hold on you. With Uranus in the 7th house, you are renewing the way you approach relationships and you need to release patterns of behavior that no longer serve you. You have Mercury retrograde as your helper to focus on revaluing what you think is important when it comes to relationships.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 2nd House

Do you seek your material security in what is not your preference? The Lunar Eclipse will allow you to see what are the emotional needs that make you ignore your true personal values. You are renewing the way you relate intimately and the eclipse will help you see what does not represent your current values.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 3rd House

The eclipse in the 3rd House can eliminate unconscious mechanisms that condition your conscious mind. Right now you are going through a renewal of your beliefs and personal philosophy, and the eclipse will show you thought habits that need to be eliminated to align with your need to open yourself to new possibilities.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 4th House

“Let your inner demons show up!” says the lunar eclipse. Your personal aspirations have been revamping for a while now. Now is the time to see your inner world and eliminate what you don’t. provides emotional security. Dive inside yourself and see what is within with courage. In the end, you will end up laughing since what seemed impossible to eliminate has not been there for a long time,

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 5th House

The eclipse in the 5th House shows you the darkest aspects of your being that do not allow you to enjoy life! You have been renewing your ideals and right now, with Mars transiting your 1st House, you want to take action. The eclipse shows you the attitudes that prevent you from expressing your creativity or receiving the recognition you seek. This way you can continue the renewal process of the circles in which you move and feel more calm in those areas.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 6th House

Have you been very hard on yourself? This eclipse shows you the unconscious attitudes that make you feel that you are not good enough. Uranus in the 12th House, together with the Sun and Mercury Retrograde are activating the process of integration with the collective. You are discovering that we are all different and unique. The eclipse shows you the habits and routines that have become toxic considering your new way of connecting with the transcendent of your reality.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 7th House

The eclipse shows you the relational habits that have kept you in unions that do not provide you with what you are really looking for. With a 1st House especially charged with the Stellium (Uranus, Sun, Mercury retrograde, and the North Node all in Taurus), your focus is on your own person. You need to pay attention to yourself and allow the changes you are going through to occur freely. To do this, the eclipse purges relationships and associations that do not allow you to be yourself.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 8th House

The area of personal values is strongly activated during these times. The eclipse of the Moon in Scorpio shows you the emotional commitments that you have forged in intimacy and that do not reflect your need for personal freedom that has been born since Uranus transits your 2nd House. You are working on issues related to self-esteem and your personal resources, and you need to see clearly any emotional toxicity that you have inadvertently fostered.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 9th House

Since Uranus began transiting your 3rd House, you have been undergoing a renewal of your perception. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio comes to show you the realities that you have unconsciously tried to avoid exploring. With Taurus strongly activated in the 3rd House, you can now feel the necessary tranquility to go on an adventure into the world of shadows! The eclipse will show you the beliefs and/or philosophies that no longer have meaning in your life.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 10th House

Your 4th House, strongly activated with Uranus transiting for a few years already, as well as by the Sun, the North Node and Mercury retrograde, is going through a very strong personal renewal. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio shows you the aspirations that no longer correspond to your internal reality. This is a good time to go within and reconnect with your personal value system and let go of goals that do not reflect your own truth.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 11th House

Have you been seeking the approval of your social group even when your creative self-expression has suffered? The eclipse of the Moon in Scorpio somehow overshadows your place within the social group. With a strong activation of your 5th House, with Uranus, the Sun, and Mercury retrograde, the cosmic energies ask you to pay attention to your creativity and your joy of living. The associations or groups that do not allow you to express yourself creatively have already served their time.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 12th House

What is it that you need to eliminate that keeps you “invisible”? The eclipse of the Moon in Scorpio invites you to revalue your acts of service and redefine your relationship with pain and sacrifice. If you encounter roadblocks at work, it’s up to you to look at the habits and routines you have that can lead to unwanted experiences. Your unconscious lights up so you can discover what until now you had not been able to see.

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