Saturn in the Earth Signs

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When Saturn is in the Earth signs, our inner teacher teaches us to make our goals real. Saturn in the birth chart indicates a learning experience that we must go through to start the path towards self-realization. Saturn is an empirical teacher. He teaches us to develop the characteristics of the astrological sign where it is, responsibly and constructively. In the Earth signs, your orientation focuses on MATERIALIZING, using the resources at our disposal in the most efficient way possible. That is our responsibility… bringing things to matter.

Before going further into the meaning of Saturn in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, it is essential to understand the meaning of Saturn. And this is precisely the way Saturn would start… so don’t skip it, eh?

The meaning of Saturn in Astrology

Saturn’s position in the birth chart shows us specific characteristics of which we have no personal experience. For some reason, the qualities of the sign are blocked. The required efforts to “untangle the block” are real! And they require discipline, perseverance, and multiple trials and errors.

Saturn, as a teacher, confronts us with the empirical world. He makes us experience real situations. He makes us see our fears and asks us to go through them with self-discipline, responsibility, and a sense of duty. As a species, we tend to go for pleasure. If it were not for that mysterious part within ourselves that invites us to do something transcendental, we would still only dedicate ourselves to eating, reproducing, and sleeping. That mysterious part is Saturn, the one that encourages us to keep trying, despite everything. Saturn is our teacher and it is happy to show us the way.

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In the natal chart, Saturn points out:

  • where Reality subjects us (blockages, fears, etc.)
  • the latent capacities that seek to manifest within the material density
  • the lessons we will go through to develop them
  • where we achieve our mastery, maturity, self-discipline

It is normal to feel that the energy of Saturn crushes us… In a way, it is Saturn that makes us aware of the “force of gravity”. We come to bring something to the manifestation and that requires effort. Therefore, the dark side of our relationship with Saturn is never trying what Saturn proposes, avoiding situations that seem difficult to us. Saturn is the Master of Masters. He does not allow us to ignore what we have come to learn. But as creative beings, we can create a halo of darkness that keeps us within an apparent “safety”. At the end of life, we will feel that something is missing. Therefore, despite the difficulties, if we go ahead and listen to the call from within, Saturn promises us personal self-realization.

Saturn is the planet of empiricism. Its tests and challenges serve to accumulate the necessary experience that makes us, sooner or later, experts.

Many times, Saturn brings us limiting experiences that make us focus on the “subject” that we have come to study and pursue a master’s degree. It’s like putting a stone in our shoes. In this way, he makes us focus on what we need to learn. If we decide to ignore what is happening and get used to walking with that stone in our shoes, then he will put an even bigger one.

Saturn in everyday life

Like each planet, Saturn can represent different characters in our reality. Saturn represents authority figures, such as:

  • Teachers, mentors, guides
  • The father – or the person charged with discipline in the individual’s life.
  • The institutional leader (individuals with responsibilities and social influence)

These are all archetypes that put our feet on the ground, at the same time that they show us the path that leads us to what we want, although this path seems winding and, sometimes, even obsolete.

Saturn may seem harsh, stern, and unfriendly to pleasure, but in reality, he knows what he’s doing. Saturn tells us: “You are not here to take exams, but to learn and manifest your dreams.” It’s like in Katare Kid… Watch this video to see an example of what I mean. Saturn is the Master.

Saturn in the Elements

According to the element where Saturn is, we see the kind of elemental energy that we have come to learn to use to achieve our goals:

  • In Fire signs, we are becoming experts in dynamism, in action.
  • In Earth signs, it is in materializing.
  • In Air signs, our specialization is in defining our thought processes.
  • At Water signs, we specialize in connection, in emotional fluidity.
Saturn, along with Jupiter, is described as a social planet. This means that its passage through a sign encompasses a large group of individuals. Saturn takes about two and a half years to traverse a sign. Consequently, millions of people are simultaneously developing the qualities represented by the sign where they are.

It is important to keep in mind that any planet and its position in the natal chart is part of a whole that creates a perfect balance within the context. Saturn’s position by sign and by house supports the rest of the natal chart, just as the other positions support Saturn.

Saturn in Taurus


If you do something just for the money, the love of it will soon die. If you do something you love, then the money is secondary but it will come a lot easier and it will last longer. This is something I have learned in business: when I chase the money it runs faster than me, when I let the money chase me by doing something I love, like writing, the race is a foregone conclusion.

Bruce Lee – Saturn in Taurus

As I have said before, in the birth chart, Saturn indicates the qualities that we are going to develop through experience. When Saturn is in TAURUS, we have come to REALIZE OUR VALUES. What gives us peace of mind? What do we like? In Taurus, as the Grand Master of Empiricism, Saturn teaches us through experience.

So how do we learn with Saturn in Taurus? Saturn comes to teach us about material security through experiences where our personal values are challenged. With this position, we seek to live according to our personal values and create a secure base that can give us a smooth life and, especially, materialize from what satisfies us personally. Using our talents to provide us with what we need is a great challenge. Individuals will come across our lives who, for one reason or another, live from their art. It will make us earn our bread with things that bore us so that we can identify the conditioning that controls our decisions. And what do we do? Do we avoid the challenge? Are we content to earn the money we need without trying to produce it with what we really like to do?

Individuals with Saturn in Taurus may not have much interest in money or in dedicating themselves to the “material” aspects of life. Actually, they are here to do what gives them pleasure! When they succeed, they begin to attract to themselves what they need, but first, they have to go through all the reasons that inhibit the ability to live on what they like. Many times this inhibition is produced by the conditioning of the traditions in which you were born or ancestral inheritances. It is necessary to stop making an effort in what is tedious to us. With Saturn in Taurus, we have come to learn to procure for ourselves what is necessary for subsistence through our talents. This position confers great common sense, a very valuable “asset”. Use it to relax, cause you can trust your judgment.

MAJOR FEAR: Material insecurity.

ROLE MODELS: Chefs, golfers, singers, gardeners…

IMPORTANT: Do what you love.

TIP: Take your “hobbies” seriously so that they can become a source of livelihood.

Saturn in Virgo


It’s good to push yourself and do what you don’t necessarily want to do, that if you’re not automatically good at it, you should keep at it.

Meryl Streep – Saturn in Virgo

Saturn, the Great Teacher, shows us the experiences that will teach us to use the qualities of the sign wherever it is. When Saturn is in VIRGO, we have come to materialize the ability to provide SERVICE TO OTHERS through something we know how to do very well. As I said before, we are learning this through empirical experiences.

So how do we learn with Saturn in Virgo? Saturn will bring us experiences where he asks us to trust our own abilities and constantly develop them to become masters of self-development. He will cross us with highly trained and very efficient individuals. He will confront us with situations where we will find ourselves constantly helping others for their development and not necessarily our own. It will make us feel a lack of confidence in our own abilities and thus dedicate ourselves to overcoming the insecurities that do not allow us to offer what we really know how to do. And what do we do? Do we put ourselves in second place assisting those who “really know”? Do we get lost in a loop of self-criticism and worry that paralyzes us? Do we continue to hone and refine what we know without ever believing that we are ready to bring it to others?

Individuals with Saturn in Virgo have little desire to offer their services to the community. They may have problems with confidence in their own abilities and fear that they are not capable enough to provide a service. However, they possess a great capacity for self-improvement and great potential to become masters of their craft. Being apprentices of great masters can be very useful for the development of these individuals. Over time they become efficient and very capable individuals, they learn to take care of what is really important and leave aside what does not need attention.

FEAR: Not being good enough at something.

ROLE MODELS: nutritionists, accountants, therapists, veterinarians…

IMPORTANT: Keep practicing and you will be great at it, even better than “naturals”.

TIP: Mentors can be of great benefit in guiding you in your craft.

Saturn in Capricorn


Success is behind work and sacrifice, and then there is talent.

Antonio Banderas – Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn, as I have said in Taurus and Virgo, is the Grand Master of empiricism. His position in the natal chart indicates which are the experiences that teach us to use the qualities of the astrological sign in which he is found. When Saturn is in Capricorn, we have come to manifest our ambitions, through effort and dedication against all odds.

So how do we learn with Saturn in Capricorn? Saturn will bring us experiences where it asks us for resilience and a lot of work to achieve our goals. Successful individuals will come across, those who have achieved what they have set out to do. It will put us in situations where we will feel tired, exhausted, and even very alone, only for us to reconsider if what we do is really what we want or if we simply follow continue a path created by others that does not necessarily reflect our own dreams. And what do we do? Do we put our interests aside and work on those of others? Do we seek success in something that does not matter to us? Do we want to see ourselves in a prestigious position considering what society considers reputable instead of following our own dreams?

Individuals with Saturn in Capricorn may have little desire to go their own way. They may be tempted to seek social respect and thus go the way of those who they admire. In addition, they can be very hard and severe with themselves, removing valid and necessary needs for their well-being in pursuit of success. It also confers great ambition, along with a fierce determination and an excellent ability to keep moving forward despite obstacles that come your way. The important thing is that the path we choose is our own and corresponds to the call of our Soul.

MAJOR FEAR: Not achieving our goals.

ROLE MODELS: Businessmen, academics, managers, organizers…

IMPORTANT: Follow our own path and not that of others, no matter how impressive they may seem.

TIP: With effort and dedication you will see the materialization of your ambitions.

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