Pluto’s transit in Aquarius begins on March 23, 2023, until June 11, 2023, when it returns to Capricorn. On January 21, 2024 Pluto re-enters Aquarius again, where it will stay for 20 years. What can we expect during this period? First, let’s talk about Aquarius.

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The Energy of Aquarius

Aquarius is an Air and Fixed sign. On an energetic level, in Aquarius we see the solidification of ideas. The fixation (Fixed modality) of ideas (Air element) creates the formation of new concepts. For this reason, Aquarius represents progress and innovation. In Aquarius, we see the flourishing of inventions, genius, decentralisation and the regrouping of ideas by affinity.

On the darker side, we see an inability to connect with emotions, coldness, lack of compassion, extreme dogmatism, and a total denial of the natural self. Aquarius can become a great defender of trans-humanism, with a tendency to see the body as simply matter and not something sacred. Mental dissociation and the habit of conceptualising emotions as a coping mechanism create a feeling of alienation and of not being able to feel the vitality of life.

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The Pluto Effect

Although Aquarius seeks social equality and has a reputation for giving themselves to a cause for the benefit of all, in reality, there is a great shadow within this sign, which is that of control through a closed and very inflexible ideology. Pluto is going to bring this shadow into the light so that we abandon certain habits that do not allow us to progress. That will be Pluto’s job while transiting Aquarius.

Of course, it will be lived on different levels. Each one of us will find our own dogmatisms and dissociations. Some of us will act unconsciously and want to implement our ideology on others. Others of us will act more consciously and do the work on our own shadow.

During the transit of Pluto in Aquarius, power struggles can arise between groups, both political and social. Some of these groups will act from the shadow of Aquarius, wanting to implement extremist ideas that that everyone must abide by, leaving aside the value of the individual. Whatever arises, it all happens because a transformation is taking place. And we do it the “human” way.

Consciousness is the light side of Aquarius. During this transit we will also see the rise of great thinkers, new philosophies and even the development of a new mass psychology that will address the manifestations of the shadow of humanity.

Neptune’s Transit

Although there will be a strong trend towards intellectualization – something that can create an even denser human bubble than the current one, Neptune will remain in Pisces until 2025, something that may help maintain the connection with the magical and empathy… although for some this position may indicate the desire to see things better than they really are. Starting in 2025, Neptune begins its transit through Aries, where it will stay for twelve and a half years. There it might begin a new period of idealization, confusion and acceptance of Identity. As in all cases, this can manifest itself in various ways… one of them can be the idealization of the Hero, the warrior, and on the other hand, the recognition of the individuality of all living beings. I’ll talk more about Neptune in Aries in a future article.

Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2024

From 2008 to 2024 we have been going through the transit of Pluto in Capricorn. During this period we have seen (and are still seeing) the transformation of the Capricorn principles that have reigned for the last 248 years. With Pluto in Capricorn, outdated structures are dismantled, voluntarily or involuntarily. Transmutation occurs on several levels. One can experience it consciously or unconsciously. Pluto comes to transmute what exists to create a new version of it. Everything that resists change will experienced it more intensely, since Pluto’s energy cannot be stopped and will press when it encounters a blockage.

We notice the energy of Pluto when the survival instinct is awakened and we act out of compulsion. Sometimes what we see scares us. The truth is that it was always there… in the basements of the subconscious. In Capricorn we see what we have suppressed through customs, traditions and regulations. We also see the corruption that reigns in the Status Quo. We have seen the fall of Hollywood glamor through the complaints and subsequent trial of Harvey Weinstein, which not only includes the sexual abuse of actors but also shows the corruption of the Oscars in the Academy of Arts and Sciences that until then it was synonymous with “prestige” (and all this during the transit of Neptune in Pisces). Lack of trust in financial institutions and government centralization fueled the success of cryptocurrency. And much more!

On the other hand, Pluto in Capricorn inclines us to look at these issues in depth and gives us the courage to investigate and understand the motivations behind the need for “power”, its abuse, social projection and success.

Pluto in Aquarius in History

A good way to understand what’s ahead is to take a look at the last time Pluto was in Aquarius. That happened from 1778 to 1798. During that period we have seen the following:

  • The French Revolution
  • The independence of the United States
  • The metric system was adopted by France, establishing itself as a global standard of measurement, surpassing the imperial system in the process.
  • The apogee of the Age of Enlightenment
  • The beginning of the abolitionist movement

‘Dare to know! Have the courage to use your own reason!

from “What is the Enlightenment?” (1784) by Immanuel Kant – German Philosopher

This quote from Kant can exemplify the energy of Pluto in Aquarius better than anyone. In 1778, at the beginning of Pluto’s transit through Aquarius, Uranus was transiting Gemini. We will see this configuration again in 2025, on July 7, when Uranus passes from Taurus to Gemini and Pluto is already in Aquarius.

The Power of the Masses

Pluto empowers, deforms, distorts, corrupts, deconstructs, transforms. We can imagine that Pluto in Aquarius awakens the struggle for the survival of certain ideologies and/or political groups. Pluto gives power to ideas, a strong drive and a lot of passion.

Pluto also awakens the memories that are found in the DNA and that have been passed down from generation to generation. In Aquarius, Pluto can bring to the surface fears of change brought about by new inventions, progress and social equality. This can create a clash between those who fear change and the new ideologies that arise. As I have mentioned before, Aquarius, although innovative, is somewhat dogmatic and does not change its mind easily. Its innovative power can also manifest itself as not very flexible.

Pluto in Aquarius describes the removal of what stands in the way of moving towards a future with greater social equality. How this is done depends very much on the collective reality of the moment.

On the other hand, the ability to understand social movements and their motivations can cause a very deep intellectual current, especially considering that Uranus will be in Gemini in 2025, opening the possibility of new and very rapid ways of disseminating information. With Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini we could see the implementation of universal free education, for example… which would be wonderful. With Pluto in Aquarius, what we will surely see will be a very strong desire for social equality. And also the rise of secret societies.

As I have said before, during the previous transit of Pluto in Aquarius, the Enlightenment reached its peak. In 1789, the French Revolution was born from this movement, where the old authorities were eliminated in order to remake society under the slogan “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” (Liberty, equality, fraternity). And we already know the story of Marie Antoinette.

This is Pluto… passionate and sometimes ruthless.

Despite the possible conflicts that may occur, we will see the rise of deep thinkers. A new Age of Enlightenment perhaps? During the transit of Pluto, first in Capricorn and then in Aquarius during the 18th century, the objective was to combat ignorance. At that time humanity sought to eliminate religious and traditional beliefs and focus on the rational questioning of reality, emphasizing progress.

On the other hand, Pluto also speaks of control and manipulation, especially when experienced from the lowest vibrations. And in Aquarius, we can talk about control and manipulation through the mind, through ideas. This can bring some form of “mentalism”. Or mind control. Perhaps it is the social diffusion of these practices, since Uranus in Gemini (from 2025) indicates, among other things, the release of information. It is possible that some kind of telepathic system will develop. Or unveiled.

Be that as it may, in the past this transit has brought great progress in society. We see a new era coming where “knowledge” will be the star. Pluto leads us to delve into the ideologies we follow and the groups to which we belong. Pluto will make us investigate the motivations that bind us to them and transform what needs to be transformed in order to allow progress.

So… what can we expect during the 20 years that Pluto is in Aquarius? A great social reform. Fanaticism. Secret societies. The rise of great thinkers. A great emphasis on knowledge. An objective interest in esotericism and the occult sciences. Mass psychology. “Liberte, égalité, fraternity”. A new approach to existence. Extreme ideologies coming to the surface. Mentalism. Transhumanism. Deep healing of mental fixations through alternative therapies (EFT, etc.). Social power and the power of the people. Animal rights.

As always, it is in our hands to manifest the world we want to live in. Listening to our own fanaticism, our mental inflexibility and learning to dialogue and include everyone when thinking about progress can be difficult during this time that is coming, but not impossible. As Kant says, dare to know and use your own mind. There will be many opportunities for it.

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