The Fives

During the Fours, we have been creating structure. The Fours job is to create a form. Once the form is recognisable, the Fives come to discover that we are not alone, that the external world exists and we can see the forms created by others as well.  Thus, in the Fives, we discover our limitations by comparing ourselves to others. Once again, we are moving beyond what we know, like we did earlier with the Trees. In this case, instead of expressing our individuality (Tree represent self-expression, creativity), we lose our sense of security – that was created by the Four,

  • The 5 of Wands represent having to assert oneself.  We want to be recognised as an individual. Conflict and/or competition is possible, but just because we are in need to be valued by who we are.
  • The 5 of Cups. Traditionally related to loss, it has to do with feeling our unmet needs. With this Five we are obliged to leave our emotional security.
  • The 5 of Swords represent criticism.
  • The 5 of Pentacles represent poverty. Less valuable


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