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Personal attributes to develop: self-confidence, individuality, awakening the inner child, taking risks, following the dictates of the heart, allowing joy into our lives.

The Mythology of the Nodes of the Moon

In Vedic astrology, the nodes are called Rahu and Ketu, the head and tail of the dragon. Mythology tells that the gods and demons cooperated to stir up the galactic material called Ocean Milk, and this is how they generated Amrita, the nectar of immortality that was intended only for the gods. But one of the dragons took a sip of it. Vishnu, the protector of the Universe, cut the dragon in two parts, Rahu and Ketu, to maintain universal balance.

The North Node (Rahu) describes a new perspective towards life that our Soul seeks to develop in this incarnation. This is an unexplored world. It causes us anxiety as it forces us to leave our comfort zone. The South Node (Ketu) describes what we know, what we have practiced, the path we have traveled and that we know well. However, there is a magnetic force that seeks the union of these two points formed by the crossing of the ecliptic of the sun and the moon. The head (Rahu) wants to join the rest of the body (Ketu).

The North Node in Leo

The North Node in Leo activates the Leo-Aquarius axis within our natal chart. As we have seen with the story of the dragon, here we find two opposite signs that have problems in finding the right balance, in complementing each other. The South Node in Aquarius indicates that we have the predisposition to feel very comfortable in groups, to form our identity according to the ideals that we share with others. However, the North Node in Leo awakens the need to show our individual qualities, to develop self-expression and to integrate our personal sovereignty. And we have no idea how to do it!

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A part of us is dying of fear of becoming unique. What’s more … we can become influenced by our peers because we feel a great need to belong to the group. However, the magnetic force of the North Node is undeniable. So we go from one extreme to the other. And this is inevitable since, when we enter the terrain of the North Node, we enter a completely unknown world.

The South Node in Aquarius has the tendency to cerebralize emotions and attitudes. With this position, when the creative urge arises, we tend to believe that we need more knowledge before taking action. And then we slow it down. In addition, we might need feedback from their peers since without it, we tend to feel lost. However, the North Node in Leo is still active, awakening an irresistible need to be recognized for our achievements, to show what we know how to do, to be loved and even admired for our creative qualities. And especially, that our creations matter.What the North Node asks is that we trust ourselves, that we launch into the creative adventure, that we let the joy in.

Why does this is so difficult? These natives are used to leaving their individual needs in pursuit of a cause or other people. For whatever reason, they have had to suppress feelings and have had to develop objectivity. That is the family environment, where they feel safe, comfortable. Objectivity in these individuals is very high and that allows them to see situations as they are. However, the North node in Leo indicates that, during this incarnation, they must learn what it is to have a free spirit, dare to play, to be carried away by inspiration because in that way, they have the ability to create something new, unique. And the new cannot be evaluated objectively since there are no antecedents against which to measure a truly creative act. Then, they will have to take the risk!

In itself, the nodal axis indicates an internal and eternal anguish, because it describes a part of our consciousness that is divided in two, as are the past and future. Perhaps the solution is to stay in the present. In this way, we create a convergent point where Rahu and Ketu can meet.

Individuals with the North Node in Leo seek to learn to follow their heart. Jumping on the other side of the Aquarius-Leo axis can feel scary, but once they dare, they will discover that they begin to attract towards themselves what is truly related to them, and everything makes more sense. They will become the convening point, attracting other individuals with whom they share ideals close to their hearts. To do this, they must give to themselves what they are accustomed to giving to others. Become their own best friends.

In summary, the North Node in Leo seeks to get out of the hegemony of the group by daring to do something unique, without trying to understand in advance how it is done since it will understand it as it is doing it.

Of course, the rest of the chart will indicate why we need to develop these qualities. The birth chart is a Whole, and each planet or astral point is related to the others in a way that, when we look at the birth chart in its entirety, everything makes sense.

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