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Personal attributes to develop: listening to our feelings, providing to ourselves and others with emotional security, expressing our emotions freely, empathy, allowing everything to flow organically.

The Mythology of the Nodes of the Moon

In Vedic astrology, the nodes are called Rahu and Ketu, the head and tail of the dragon. Mythology tells that the gods and demons cooperated to stir up the galactic material called Ocean Milk, and this is how they generated Amrita, the nectar of immortality that was intended only for the gods. But one of the dragons took a sip of it. Vishnu, the protector of the Universe, cut the dragon in two parts, Rahu and Ketu, to maintain universal balance.

The North Node in Cancer

The North Node (Rahu) describes a new perspective towards life that our Soul seeks to develop in this incarnation. This is an unexplored world. It causes us anxiety as it forces us to leave our comfort zone. The South Node (Ketu) describes what we know, what we have practiced, the path we have traveled and that we know well. However, there is a magnetic force that seeks the union of these two points formed by the crossing of the ecliptic of the sun and the moon. The head (Rahu) wants to join the rest of the body (Ketu).

When our North Node is in Cancer (or in the 4th house), the Cancer-Capricorn axis comes to life in our life. Here we will go from one extreme to another. On the one hand, we are used to effort, hard work, responsibilities, and doing the right thing in all cases. We take life very seriously. On the other hand, we incessantly seek to nurture ourselves emotionally, a familiar and loving environment. Feel at home. And this can get frustrating.

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With this nodal position, our need for emotional security is contrasted with our responsibilities. The position of the Moon and Saturn in the birth chart can tell us much more about how we relate to these two archetypes.

In itself, here we are talking about the soul seeking to love what we feel responsible for and, at the same time, feel responsible for what we love.

But as always happens with nodes, we begin the path of Life by going from one extreme to the other. Either we are very responsible and we focus on our obligations while we forget to nourish ourselves with what satisfies us emotionally, or we stay at home, taking care of our family, our home, while we feel that we should be working and taking care of our duties.

This nodal axis seeks the integration of these two energies, and since it is about the nodes, they are the energies that we understand the least.

The Moon’s nodes indicate an internal and eternal anguish, because they describe a part of our consciousness that is divided in two, just as the past and future are. Perhaps the solution is to stay in the present. And yes, it is not easy, we are talking about the path to enlightenment. But this is how we create a convergent point where Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) can meet.

The North Node in Cancer seeks to integrate the ability to find emotional satisfaction in what we dedicate ourselves to in life, especially in what we do to project ourselves in society. To do this, we need to validate our emotions as well as the emotions of others. Be more vulnerable and express our feelings. It asks us to be careful not to just focus on the goal, but to understand the nurturing process that a project needs. Perhaps we believe that for something to be worthwhile it needs to have been achieved through “hard work” and that we must ensure that others feel good while not taking care of our own needs.

When we learn to validate our emotions, we will be much better able to understand the energies of Capricorn and our ability to achieve our goals develops exponentially and satisfactorily but of course, although it sounds simple, this is not easy for someone with this nodal position. We are new to this area and will only understand it through multiple trials and errors.

Of course, the rest of the chart will indicate why we need to develop these qualities. The birth chart is a Whole, and each planet or astral point is related to the others in a way that, when we look at the birth chart in its entirety, everything makes sense.

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