In astrology, the nodes are formed when a planet intersects the ecliptic created by the Sun when viewed from Earth. In this article we talk about the nodes of the Moon, the best known in astrology. The nodes are always in retrograde motion, although they can sometimes remain stationary briefly. While the planets are moving against the clock, the nodes always advance clockwise.

The South Node

The south node represents patterns of innate behaviors, personal attitudes that are expressed naturally and that are familiar. They can represent attitudes that we have repeatedly developed in past lives and those that we tend to in the present. Basically, the south node represents our comfort zone.

The North Node

The north node represents the attitudes and qualities that we need to express to create balance in the present. However, this is not easy at all, since they represent the opposite attitudes to those we are used to. We feel insecure and it certainly represents an effort. The north node asks us to get out of our comfort zone.

Many times we can have planets close to our north node, or at least in the same sign. This can help to understand the new energies that we are integrating. When we have no personal planet nearby, the challenge can be greater and we need to make a conscious effort. However, every time we manage to act from our north node, we become centered, something that gives us the feeling of total fulfillment.

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Developing the qualities of the North Node sign creates internal balance and awakens our creative power.

Aries-Libra Nodal Axis

When we have the north node in Aries, our soul seeks that we learn to put our needs first. Aries is the sign of the pioneer, the warrior. In this life we have come to develop independence, courage and spontaneity. And especially, to take ourselves into account and trust ourselves.

The south node in Libra indicates that we really look for “togetherness”. We like company, sharing our life with someone else. Perhaps we tend to see ourselves through the eyes of the other. When we make decisions we always take the other person into account and therefore, many times we stop following our impulses. The reason? We fear to stop being accepted and to be alone.

The great challenge of this nodal position: to trust oneself and go for what we want, without fear of annoying others or being unfair to the other.

When we want something, we must go for it. Even in relationships – since the south node in Libra gives us the tendency to form them to feel complete. The north node in Aries asks us to learn that healthy partnerships are formed between two individuals who know what they want.

The houses where the nodal axis is located describe the areas of life where, to maintain balance, we need to exercise our personal autonomy.

It is very possible that with this position we will attract situations in which we must fight for what our rights. Libra is very sensitive to injustice and Aries, the warrior, is in charge defending their territory. When the axis is balanced, we find individuals who, feeling the loss of balance in the areas of life where the nodes are located, act decisively to recover it. The result is integration of the qualities of the north node sign and the expansion of the Self, both personally and transpersonally.

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