The Moon’s nodes are two abstract points formed by the crossing of the Moon with the ecliptic created by the Sun when viewed from Earth. We call these points north node and south node. The south node represents innate behavior patterns, personal attitudes that are naturally expressed. I see it as a door to the past, since the southern node connects us with characteristics of our ancestors that come to life in our current incarnation. I see the north node as the recipient of the wisdom of the south node. Its sign is ready to take an evolutionary leap, and through that expansion, it will provide the southern node with a platform that will help it fulfill its destiny. In this sense, the dynamics of the nodes is constant, like evolution itself.

The north and south nodes are always in opposite signs, which means (in Astrology) that they are complementary. With this in mind, the integration of the north node in our lives teaches us to complement (make better, more complete, effective) the qualities and capabilities of the nodal axis.

Why is it so difficult to integrate our north node? It is because it asks us to go to what we are not used to. Remember that the south node represents behaviors that we express with a certain mastery. We feel very safe in the south node’s realm. If it weren’t for the fact that the north node has a magnetic force that is impossible to resist, we would never have known that there is something beyond to look for.

A complete analysis of the birth chart is necessary to understand our evolutionary path. In any case, the signs where the Moon’s nodes are located can give us clues to where our present incarnation is heading.

The challenge of our north node in Aries is to affirm our identity. With the south node in Libra, we have learned to reach agreements, to listen to the other, to take an interest in their needs, even to the detriment of ours. With this setup, we may have difficulty moving toward our goals because, if we communicate our personal needs to the other, we fear we won’t be accepted and be left alone.

The north node in Aries encourages us to go for what we want. It seduces us with activities in which we have to take the initiative. For the Libra node this is disturbing. The energy of Aries is so eclipsed by that of Libra that we do not understand what we have to do with it.

But our soul is wise. It will always guide us towards the integration of the totality of our being. That is why it will attract situations into our lives where we must go into battle to avoid losing something that belongs to us in our own right. Libra is very sensitive to injustice. When the (north) Libra-Aries (south) axis is activated, we find individuals who, feeling the loss of balance, act decisively to regain it. We can say that when the north node in Aries is active, it becomes a blessing for the south node in Libra. The nodes allow us to understand how opposites complement each other. The areas where this energy will be used depend on the astrological houses where the nodes are located.

The Moon’s nodes allow us to activate latent areas of our consciousness. The result is the integration and expansion of our being, both personal and transpersonal.

Aries-Libra Nodal Axis

Tools: the ability to know how to communicate with others.

Objective: to give ourselves the same importance that we give to others

Question: Is it true that if I go for what I want, I am selfish?

Mantra: It’s okay to want things for me.

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