The moon reflects the sunlight. When we have it in the 1st House, in one way or another, we become a mirror of others, that is … others see themselves (Sun) through our emotions (Moon). Of course, this happens on an unconscious level. It is a non-verbal and involuntary exchange that, depending on what the other believes about themselves, the response towards us will be more or less fortunate. For this reason, we could believe that when we have the Moon in the 1st House, our emotions are describing who we are but … in fact, they are only reflecting what the identity of the other person makes us feel.

The Moon describes our emotional language. She shows us how we translate our experiences through emotions. Do our experiences … give us satisfaction, nourish us? In itself, as it does with the Earth, the gravitational force of the Moon creates the movement of our emotions. When it is in the Ascendant, it indicates that we will have an emotional response to everything that comes our way. Therefore, those with the Moon in the 1st House are considered to be very intuitive. These people have a personal radar that guides them through their emotions. Depending on how they feel, they will know if what they experience gives them emotional security or not, if it nurtures them or not.

Many say that when we have the Moon in the Ascendant we are a bit childish. In reality, what happens is that we have very raw feelings. And this is something that is generally seen in children, who have not yet learned the social “protocol”. Individuals in this position need to listen to what their emotions tell them, as they carry the message of their inner child. Aspects to the Moon give us more information about the type of experiences that affect the feelings of these individuals. Trines and / or sextiles show that the emotional flow is nurtured and accepted by what is represented by the planets that aspect it. The squares and / or oppositions describe situations that are more complicated for the individual. These can represent emotional blocks that do not allow the normal flow of emotional expression.

The astrological house where Cancer is located, the sign that is ruled by the Moon, describes the area of life that directly influences emotions. In relationships with others, we have said that, with this position, those with the Moon in the Ascendant act as a mirror to the Sun (or identity) of others. If Cancer is in the 12th house, the individual with the Moon in the 1st house reacts emotionally to the unconscious world of the person in front of them. This is quite a difficult position, unless the individual with the Moon in the 1st House has learned to discern which are their own emotions and which are those of others. It is a position that describes strong psychic energy. If Cancer is in the 9th House, the individual will react emotionally to the ideological attachments of others.

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Once we learn the language of our emotions, this position turns us into people with a great creative and protective capacity and with great inner strength. As we understand our own emotions, we incarnate the Divine Feminine, Shakti, the Yin energy in one of its twelve manifestations, according to the zodiac sign where the Moon is.

Keep in mind that Shakti is the Great Goddess, that is, all the goddesses in one. She is responsible for creation and change, the Great Mother and at the same time, a fierce warrior, who through destruction (when she transforms into Kali) restores balance in the universe.

Embodying the Divine Feminine – for both women and men, it is not an easy task. Now we are in a new era where this energy is once again being considered as a primordial energy present in all living beings, especially by the new generations. Until now, we have lived for thousands of years under the Yang energy, the masculine, Shiva, the Sun, oriented towards achievement. Emotions, tenderness, receptivity are taking their place again in our society. But for older generations it is still difficult to accept. It is perhaps for this reason that, when we have the Moon in the Ascendant, we express our emotions almost like children. By not being able to express them in an environment that welcomes them, we have not been able to mature them properly. Those with the Moon in the 1st House need to learn to validate and respect their emotions, which are the portal to the wisdom of the Divine Feminine and, therefore, the vehicle of immense and powerful creative energy.

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