The Meaning of Mercury

Mercury in the birth chart represents the way we perceive reality, our writing, exchanges with the environment, our adaptability, movements, thoughts processes, and our cognitive ability. The sign where it is located describes our capacity for observation, how we understand what we see, how ideas arise, how we communicate with others, and our learning style.

The position of Mercury in the signs shows that there are twelve ways of perceiving reality. There are twelve ways of understanding and communicating. That is why it is so essential to study Mercury … especially within our closest relationships because being able to realize the way another person understands reality, and even recognizing why they communicate as they do, helps to make our relationships richer.

It is not about adapting to the other person’s Mercury style, but simply about understanding how the other person communicates and thus avoiding misunderstandings.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, the mind is naturally exploratory. The ideas are stringing together as we venture out of the familiar. The typical enthusiasm of the Fire signs lights up when we understand the idea in a global way. We go through the different possibilities with our mind, as if it were a map through which we advance until we go back when the road closes. We return to the beginning and look for another path… until the idea is complete. And all this, in a few seconds!

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Their way of expressing themselves is usually lively, perhaps a little abrupt, and above all, frank and spontaneous. With Mercury in Sagittarius, we find ourselves with the mind of the philosopher who sees patterns rather than details. Therefore, when Mercury is in the sign of the archer, the perception is broad, and it is focused on concepts that include facts, beliefs, and, above all, experiences.

Mercury in Sagittarius is not interested in everyday matters. They prefer to talk about adventures, explorations, other cultures, and other lands. When they are interested in a subject, they run their mind over it to understand the whys. If they remain silent and are not explaining a Great Truth, it is because they are searching for it mentally.

This is an active mind, which goes looking for information far away… far away. Big readers of encyclopedias, also enjoy documentaries.

Perhaps the most characteristic of these minds is the desire to find the meaning of Life. That is why it is important that they have enough space to develop their ideas freely, without restrictions. While they think, they “see” ideas as situations, live them and draw conclusions according to the results they visualize. And please… don’t waste their time on the details! That is neither their forte nor their interest! They can intuit what makes up an idea, but what matters most to them is understanding the concept.

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