Mars is the planet of initiative. It rules the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac as well as Scorpio, the 8th. This planet symbolizes our vital impulses, both to go out for what we want and to defend what is ours. In this way, It can manifest as both a masculine energy (Aries) and a feminine (Scorpio). It represents what attracts us, what we look for, what we defend tooth and nail. In the birth chart, the sign where we find Mars describes the way that we face our circumstances.

The energy of Mars takes the form of the sign where we find it, whether if it is masculine or feminine, of Fire, Earth, Air or Water. We all have have Mars in our birth chart, men and women alike. However, when Mars is repressed, we can project its energy onto men – and sometimes on women who possess strong masculine energy. If this is the case, we will unconsciously be drawn to individuals who express the energy of our own Mars. Knowing the position of this planet in our natal chart can help us discover parts of ourselves that we have not yet become aware of or that we don’t know how to express naturally. Of course, the aspects that other planets make to our Mars will tint the expression of this energy.

Mars in Aries

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Aries is the sign of the warrior, the conqueror, the pioneer, the survivor. As mentioned earlier, this is the first sign of the Zodiac. Here we see the energy of life seeking to be born at all costs, no matter how, but clearly knowing when. Aries wants everything “right now!”. It will open the way no matter what. Lash out with whatever comes their way without apologizing.

In Aries, Mars is in its own sign. Here he is very comfortable. Aries is a Cardinal sign and corresponds to the Fire element. In this sign we see the Martian energy in its pure state. Actions are impulsive. This Mars wants to win, loves competition and is not afraid of anything.

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Mars in Aries faces challenges head-on, without really thinking about the consequences. It is known by its courage and daring attitude. If this Mars feels attacked, he will defend himself by attacking. They are the typical person who inspires others to dare to something. They are the ones who say: Come on, come on, you can!

When Mars is in this position we benefit from physical exercise. Especially in competitive and risky sports. Or kundalini yoga. Especially when our daily life does not demand large amounts of energy from us. Otherwise, we run the risk of acting recklessly, since the energy of Mars needs to come out no matter what.

In any case, Mars in Aries is brave and although he can often act inelegant, what he lacks in refinement he makes up for with his courage.

The attractions are spontaneous and short-lived. This doesn’t mean that individuals with this position get easily bored and need to go out and find something new, although sometimes this can happen. The important thing to keep in mind is that the excess energy of Mars needs to be discharged and when their lives don’t offer them challenges, they will look for them where they can find them. Mars in Aries needs to start projects, fight for something, defend what matters to them. When they do, their personal lives are much more peaceful than one might imagine.

This is the position of the initiators. In a way, Mars in Aries opens the way for the other signs.

The details of what we are looking for through Mars in this position will be given by its aspects, the astrological house where we find it, the sign of the Ascendant and the houses where Aires and Scorpio are.

Mars in the Signs

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