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Lana del Rey – Lilith in Tauro

Have you felt that your sensuality has made you try everything… even what you don’t like? Or a very strong desire to create material security? When Lilith is in the sign of Taurus, her primordial energy takes us to the world of the senses to explore a universe that she wants to discover.

The Lilith Archetype in Astrology

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n astrology, Lilith (or the Black Moon) refers to several different points in a birth chart, and its meaning can vary depending on the astrological system used. One of the most common Lilith points is Black Lilith or Asteroid Lilith, which is a position calculated from the Moon’s orbit. I personally use “true Lilith”, which can be calculated on by adding H13 in the “manual entry” section in Additional Objects when calculating the birth chart.

Lilith refers to a fictional point in the sky that represents the dark and mysterious part of the Moon. The Lilith we generally study in the birth chart is neither a planet nor an asteroid, but rather a point in the lunar orbit that is considered significant in astrological interpretation. The meaning of Lilith in astrology is generally associated with themes of rebellion, independence, sexuality, and the expression of the shadow.

It is true that wherever Lilith is found in our natal chart it describes the type of qualities and areas where others tend to project their own miseries onto us. That is why Lilith unleashes a wild part, since something inside us awakens viscerally seeking to redeem a great injustice. Taking this into account, we can imagine that Lilith’s influence has an evolutionary meaning and promotes the expansion of consciousness. Are we able to integrate Lilith’s energy without self-destructing? Or without letting ourselves be convinced that we are what other people’s unconsciousness projects in us?

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“My desire for possession and control is insatiable; I am willing to hold on to things and people, even if it causes harm.”

Lilith in Taurus from the shadow.

Cuando hablamos de la energía de Lilith como “problemática”, estamos hablando de fuerzas naturales que no actúan en sinergia con el resto del Ser. Con Lilith sentimos que hay algo desagradable en nosotros mismos, especialmente por cómo los demás describen nuestro yo natural. Independientemente de lo que los demás crean sobre estas cualidades, si tomamos lo que nos dicen simplemente como «información», podemos descubrir un aspecto del yo que contiene un gran potencial. Lilith dice que tenemos pleno acceso a las cualidades del signo donde se ubica, en su expresión más pura y cruda.

La integración de Lilith es un camino arduo que nos lleva a la encarnación pura de las cualidades del signo donde se encuentra. Seremos juzgados por ellos, especialmente por aquellos que tienen dificultades para asimilarlos en sí mismos. Sin embargo, Lilith es indomable y nos lleva a atravesar prejuicios, vergüenzas y miedos, tanto personales como ajenos, hasta que podamos expresar su energía libremente.

PD: No olvidemos que nosotros mismos podemos expresar de una forma muy desagradable lo que despierta en nosotros la Lilith de otra persona.

Lilith in Taurus

The first thing we think when we feel the energy of Lilith in Taurus is… “Mmmmm….. this is comfy”. Lilith’s strength in the first Earth sign of the zodiac lies in the world of sensations. Lilith discovers that she has a body, senses, and material needs to supply. She needs to eat to stay alive, shelter to protect herself from the elements, and sleep to regain energy.

Taurus belongs to the earth element in its most elemental form. Ruled by Venus, it represents the joy of being incarnated. This is a receptive, feminine energy that becomes one with the earth. The connection with the rhythms of the body is intense. When Lilith is in Taurus, if she is sleepy, she sleeps. If she’s hungry, she eats. If she’s cold, she gets dressed. If she wants pleasure, she gives it to herself. No matter what is going on around her…she knows what she wants because her body tells her.

When Lilith is in Taurus, we have to ask ourselves… what relationship do I have with the material world? Because if things are not going well, then it is very likely that we are suppressing the energy with which Lilith connects us. This can happen for many reasons. Is it that, have we ever been told that we are too materialistic? Or too prone to pleasure? Or that we like money too much? Lilith connects us with the archetypal, primordial energy of the sign where she is. Her vibration is so powerful that it awakens that same energy in those who come close to her. When we attract individuals who have a strong rejection of pleasure and material comfort, it is very possible that they feel great discomfort in our presence, since we represent the “demon” that tempts them. However, Lilith is innocent! In reality, others see their own fears and repressions in her. Unfortunately, many times we inhibit Lilith’s energy to avoid this rejection.

The truth is that Lilith in Taurus seeks material security because, honestly, she likes tranquility. She wants to know that tomorrow she is going to have food on the table. That’s all. And for those with this Lilith position, honoring the needs of the body is imperative to feeling good. It is always a good idea to observe the position of Venus and the aspects that she receives since she can give us more details about the flow of Taurine energy. In any case, if Lilith is in Taurus, our soul has sought direct access to the world of sensuality and physical pleasure. And Lilith will take care of providing them.

When it comes to physical needs, Taurus learns to value what is really important for their livelihood, from the basics to the pleasurable. Lilith brings that energy with her in a primordial way. This means that she still does not know what she prefers, what she likes, and what she needs. She has come to find out. Therefore, she can push us to savor everything… even what we don’t really like so we can develop a value system! It is essential to integrate Lilith into our internal cosmology taking into account the needs represented by the Moon, the personal preferences indicated by Venus, and the desire that moves Mars. When we manage to create coherence between all of them, Lilith activates the potential to materialize what we really want.

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