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Robert Pattinson – Lilith in Gemini

The Lilith Archetype in Astrology

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In astrology, Lilith (or the Black Moon) refers to several different points in a birth chart, and its meaning can vary depending on the astrological system used. One of the most common Lilith points is Black Lilith or Asteroid Lilith, which is a position calculated from the Moon’s orbit. I personally use “true Lilith”, which can be calculated on by adding H13 in the “manual entry” section in Additional Objects when calculating the birth chart.

Lilith refers to a fictional point in the sky that represents the dark and mysterious part of the Moon. The Lilith we generally study in the birth chart is neither a planet nor an asteroid, but rather a point in the lunar orbit that is considered significant in astrological interpretation. The meaning of Lilith in astrology is generally associated with themes of rebellion, independence, sexuality, and the expression of the shadow.

It is true that wherever Lilith is found in our natal chart it describes the type of qualities and areas where others tend to project their own miseries onto us. That is why Lilith unleashes a wild part, since something inside us awakens viscerally seeking to redeem a great injustice. Taking this into account, we can imagine that Lilith’s influence has an evolutionary meaning and promotes the expansion of consciousness. Are we able to integrate Lilith’s energy without self-destructing? Or without letting ourselves be convinced that we are what other people’s unconsciousness projects in us?

“I can skillfully manipulate and deceive when necessary; truth and lies are tools that I use to my advantage.”

Lilith in Gemini speaking from the shadow

When we talk about Lilith energy as “problematic,” we are talking about natural forces that do not act in synergy with the rest of the Being. With Lilith we feel that there is something unpleasant about ourselves, especially because of how others describe our natural self. Regardless of what others believe about these qualities, if we take what they tell us simply as “information,” we can discover an aspect of the self that contains great potential. Lilith says that we have full access to the qualities of the sign where it is located, in its purest and rawest expression.

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The integration of Lilith is an arduous path that leads us to the pure embodiment of the qualities of the sign where it is found. We will be judged by them, especially by those who have difficulty assimilating them into themselves. However, Lilith is indomitable and leads us through prejudice, shame and fear, both personal and foreign, until we can express her energy freely from her.

PS: Let’s not forget that we ourselves can express in a very unpleasant way what another person’s Lilith awakens in us.

Lilith in Gemini

What is the primordial energy of Gemini? Air, in its most elemental state, appears in the form of ideas that fly through the ether as if they were gusts of wind in all directions. Gemini is the first Air sign on the zodiac wheel. Here we discover that we can talk, think, communicate and exchange information.

As I have already mentioned, Lilith is a bridge that connects us with pre-cultural energies, which have not been domesticated. Lilith gives us access to an immense source of power and our task is to integrate it to act as part of the “team.” When Lilith is in Gemini, the interest in information is powerful. She can take us to know the most diverse aspects of anything. We have access to humor, wit, eloquence, and the desire to learn about many things. Lilith in Gemini is pure mental movement!

Yes, it’s true that sometimes we ask too many questions to people who don’t want to answer them… and that not everyone knows the words as much as we do! Lilith always brings with her an energy that makes others nervous. And for this reason, it is possible that many times we have been rejected for our wit or our eloquence! They may have called us pretentious because of the vocabulary we use… and even superficial because of our interests. All this depends on the environment in which we move. When Lilith in Gemini is conditioned by rejection, she may begin to shape her words to find approval, or it is the mind that goes off in a thousand directions, creating nervous tension. We have to pay attention to the position of Mercury and its aspects since these will give us more information about the challenges we encounter.

In any case, the adaptability of Gemini is exacerbated by Lilith. Lilith moves quickly in this sign. Our mind is agile and indomitable. We love words and we know how to use them very well. And as far as Lilith is concerned, social conventions don’t make them more beautiful. Allowing ourselves to be carried away by curiosity connects us with the primordial energies of Creation. However, it is necessary to give it a direction so that it truly enriches us, and we achieve this by taking into account our needs (the Moon), our personal preferences (Venus), and what turns us on (Mars). However, don’t be afraid to take an interest in everything, ask questions, and tell stories. This is the way Lilith learns how to be on this plane! Lilith has come for us to connect with the natural force of the mind. You can observe reality as if you came from another world and little by little you learn that the only stupid question is the one that is not asked.

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