The sign of our Ascendant describes the way we express ourselves when we go out into the world. It is a spontaneous, not thought out attitude, the “suit” we wear that shapes our human experience. In this way, the sign of the Ascendant is the first thing that others see of us.
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Leo in 1st House (Ascendant)

Leo ascendant individuals present themselves to life with majesty. Unconsciously they know that their existence matter. Leo is the conclusion of what Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer (the signs of the first quadrant) have learned and it becomes the first sign of the zodiac wheel that expresses its identity in a conscious way. For Leo, self-expression is an art form.

When we have Leo in our Ascendant, the theatricality with which we express ourselves (Leo in House I) is fueled by a desire to share with everyone (House 7 in Aquarius) our emotional intensity (House 4 in Scorpio). Thus we achieve personal satisfaction (House 10 in Taurus).

Individuals born under this rising sign are here to exemplify the sovereignty of the Self. Of all the signs, Leo is the one who understands that everything that is alive has its own light. And they know it from their own experience. The gestures of an ascendant in Leo emanate a certain dignity that some may mistake for haughtiness or conceit. If they become accused of it, they are deeply mortified. They expect others to be grateful for having received the attention of the Leo king or queen. After all, if a Leo ascendant speaks to you, it must be that you have something special. In any case, Leo is the only sign that can not be accused of wanting to attract attention. They know they are important. They don’t need anyone to remind them.

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But … don’t even think about not giving them the attention they deserve. Leo ascendant expect you to acknowledge their presence. They are extremely generous, warm, attentive and will come out to defend you to the last consequences when you suffer an injustice. And they expect you to act the same way. They will never ask you for what they know they deserve. If you don’t consider them important in your life, don’t expect them to stay in it.

Aquarius (7th House) Descendent

If the 1st House represents the expression of “I”, the 7th House (or Descendant) describes the sphere of “we”. The sign where it is located shows us how we enter into a relationship.

A Leo ascendant is very sensitive to everything that has to do with individual sovereignty. It is logical that when they interact with others, they seek to be treated as equals. Leo expects their auric space to be appreciated. And like everyone, they give what they want to receive. So, in relationships, a Leo Ascendant behaves in a very Aquarian way: detached, friendly, egalitarian. Leo gives space to others, so those with whom he interacts can express their own individualities without restrictions. In this way, Leo can decide if the person in front of him has what it takes to reign at their side.

While it is true that Leo Ascendant may be attracted to individuals with a strong Aquarius in their natal charts, it is not necessarily indispensable. Leo in the 1st House is interested in a relationship based on equality, but for very different reasons than what Aquarius is interested in. Aquarius wants freedom. Leo is looking for someone with they can be themselves. This is how they feel that they have found an equal.

The position of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the dispositors of the Ascending and Descending will tell us the personal needs of each individual and what they are looking for in a relationship. The sign of the descending only describes the quality of relationship that we want to live.

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