When we read the transits that activate our birth chart, their interpretation is similar to when we do a comparison of charts (or synastry). In synastry, we see the alchemy that occurs when two individuals enter into a relationship. The planets of one activate those of the other and thus processes of mutual growth, challenges, and blessings are triggered, which are experienced consciously or unconsciously. The transits that activate our birth chart can also be seen as a synastry. It is about our relationship with the present, with the here and now, which transforms, questions, and blesses us.

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When we read the transits that activate our birth chart, their interpretation is similar to when we do a comparison of charts (or synastry). In synastry, we see the alchemy that occurs when two individuals enter into a relationship. The planets of one activate those of the other and thus processes of mutual growth, challenges, and blessings are triggered, which are experienced consciously or unconsciously. The transits that activate our birth chart can also be seen as a synastry. It is about our relationship with the present, with the here and now, which transforms, questions, and blesses us.

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Mid-May Transits

The cosmic energies of mid-May 2023 bring a strong Taurus energy to all of us.

For some signs – be it Taurus itself, Virgo, Capricorn, and to some extent Cancer and Pisces – these days can bring great calm and a feeling of being grounded. However, it can also arouse some inertia.

For the other signs – Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and to a lesser extent Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and Aries – this can be a very important period of personal revaluation, which continues the process started with the entry of Uranus into Taurus in 2018.

For those who have planets or angles (Ascendant, House 4, 7, or 10) in the first or last degrees of a sign, you may feel a very clear shift – from action to stillness.

Taurus Energy

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, from the Earth element, and of Fixed modality. We are talking about the world of forms in its pure state. Of course, the forms are not only the shell. The form is the material expression of the essence.

Taurus, as a sign, tells us about qualities rather than concrete actions. Taurus’s actions can be seen in the 2nd House, which is the representation of Taurus in the world of reality. In the 2nd House, we see what we value, our personal resources, and our attitude towards material goods among other things. Taurus itself talks about character, psychological tendencies, and attitudes.

What are the qualities of Taurus?

Slowness. Endurance. Calm. Permanence. Patience. Stability. Firmness. Determination. Constancy. Solidity. Persistence. Tenacity. Serenity. Consistency. Duration.

May 16, 2023, Jupiter enters Taurus

Where Jupiter is, it expands. Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, 2023, and will stay there for 12 months.

Jupiter joins the Sun, Mercury (which is retrograde until May 14) Uranus, and the North Node, which are also in Taurus. For all those of us who have felt little desire to do what should be done… this is the explanation! It’s not you…, it’s the exponentiated Taurus energy that leads us to take things more calmly!

Taurus energies naturally seek permanence, constancy, and duration. This is a good time to connect with the language of the body and listen to what it has to tell us. If we are tired, we must rest. If we are hungry, we must eat.

The Sun, Mercury, North Node, and Uranus in Taurus

With the Sun in Taurus, there is a great emphasis on creating something solid and lasting. With Mercury retrograde, we are reviewing the solidity of what we have been through. With the North Node in Taurus, we are completing a nodal cycle that made us seek serenity and tranquility like never before.

Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018 and will remain there until 2025. If we open ourselves to the new, this transit renews our personal values. In addition, we have the possibility of instinctively connecting with the animal kingdom, with nature in general, and with the Earth. However, Uranus in Taurus can also cause a strong desire to fight against change. So we suppress the Uranian energy, focusing on comfort and sensory pleasures, as an act of rebellion.

As I have mentioned before, these energies affect all of us differently. We can see that when we reflect on our relationship with the present. For the more enterprising, the last 15 days may have felt like a period of inertia, causing some anxiety. Or quite the opposite! Perhaps by taking it easy on us, we had access to some inner peace.

In any case, what happens to us describes our relationship with the present. If we resist what is, we are blocking the energy of Taurus. And with this, it is possible that we have problems materializing what we are looking for. Or at least, for finding resources for that.

And then Jupiter arrives!

If we have not felt the Taurean energy until now, with the entry of Jupiter into Taurus on May 16, we can no longer ignore it. Taking things easy, allowing everything to happen in its own time, and connecting with the natural rhythm of life is the great gift of this time. Of course… it’s not always easy to accept it!

Jupiter in Taurus expands sensory pleasure! It is a time when we can give ourselves what we have always wanted. Something that gives us pleasure. That which makes us say Mmmmmmmmm, be it a massage, a good wine, a bohemian hammock to listen to the birds while we frolic on the terrace, a vegan perfume,… those things that awaken our senses in a calm, and continuous way.

The motto with Jupiter in Taurus is simplicity is beautiful. We don’t need to be fancy… Tranquility is a great source of pleasure with this transit. Keeping our bank account healthy also provides it. It is not a question of being austere but of taking into account our personal interests at all levels. The happiness of connecting with the senses is generated by ourselves, and from what we truly value.

Right now we have Venus and Mars in Cancer. Later I will talk about them in more detail, but now I will mention that during the entry of Jupiter into Taurus, the energies of the present aim to protect and act from our emotions and from what we love and care for. You have to keep this in mind because…

…a few hours after entering Taurus, Jupiter makes an exact square to Pluto retrograde in Aquarius!

The square of Jupiter and Pluto

The square of Jupiter and Pluto symbolizes an explosion of energy and a possibly compulsive desire to act extravagantly, driven by repressed emotions.

Those with planets in the first degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius need to pay special attention to the impulses that arise from the subconscious. This is a great opportunity to grow. This also applies to those who have planets at the end of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, although the effects can be a bit milder. With so much Taurus energy in the air, stopping before acting is possible. And if that is achieved, they will be able to connect with those suppressed emotions and learn to express them in a positive and authentic way. This is the possibility offered by the conjunction of the Moon and Chiron in Aries. Emotional energy can be channeled into creative activities, sports, or personal endeavors that help strengthen self-confidence and a sense of identity.

At the Mundane Level

If we see it from a more mundane point of view, the need for peace and tranquility that Jupiter seeks finds that there is something in the air that requires our attention. Pluto entered Aquarius on March 23, 2023. This marks a new 20-year cycle, which can mean the destruction of current trends and the consequent regeneration of social justice and equality.

Since May 1st, Pluto has started its first retrograde motion, which will take it back toward Capricorn. “There are still structures to be demolished… let’s take a look at the social dynamics and established norms that we have gone through these last two months to see what is no longer necessary” – says Pluto.

This doesn’t sound very relaxing, does it?

Well, that’s what squares do. They take us out of our comfort zone. They force us to interact with energies both internal and external, which seem to be out of tune. And precisely for this reason, squares are generators of creativity and change!

But… what happens when the squares occur in the fixed signs? The natural expression of a fixed sign is continuity. Fixed signs do not like changes. When we talk about Taurus and Aquarius, the conflict arises between personal values and transpersonal awareness. In other words, conflicts of interest may arise in political power.

To look at it in a more optimistic way, this transit of Jupiter seeks to put the personal value of the individual on the social agenda. We could say that this retreat of Pluto serves to include stability and individual prosperity within the collective needs.

At least… it is the potential that is born from this square.

The transits of the other planets until May 19

As I mentioned before, Venus and Mars are in Cancer at the time Jupiter enters Taurus. Here we see an emphasis on sensitivity and empathy, protection and care for what we love. Bearing in mind that the day Jupiter enters Taurus, the Moon forms a conjunction with Chiron in Aries, and Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. We are talking about the possibility of healing wounds related to the fear of being vulnerable or expressing emotions. This conjunction allows us to face those fears and learn to express emotional needs in a healthy and authentic way.

Also, Mars in Cancer forms a strong trine to Neptune in Pisces. Here we are talking about acting on our emotions to help others, protect the vulnerable, and take action with compassion and empathy. It is important that if we are the ones who need care, we give it to ourselves unconditionally. This is a beautiful time to emotionally nourish ourselves with everything that transcends us.

Saturn continues in the first degrees of Pisces. Saturn here shows us the aspects of reality where we need to establish healthy emotional boundaries, let go of victimhood and avoidance, realize our commitment to service and compassion, to overcome the dispersion and lack of structure in our reality.

Of course, we may not be able to achieve all this in 8 days.

“We have to take care and protect our home!” -say Venus and Mars in Cancer. “But do not forget about compassion” – says Neptune in Pisces. “However, you have to know how to set healthy boundaries” – adds Saturn, also in Pisces. “Let’s do it calmly” – invites Jupiter. Meanwhile, Pluto quietly retraces its steps to review collective financial approaches and strategies.

These are the energies that surround us in the present. The potential exists. With 10% that we achieve, it is a lot! And Jupiter in Taurus can manifest great blessings in the future. We just have to connect with our instincts and trust.

As I said at the beginning, the way we feel about these energies reflects our relationship with the present – at least from an astrological point of view. We are in a period of great apparent inertia. Actually, Taurus represents the duration that each manifestation needs to be able to fully develop. For the restless, it can be a time of frustration because nothing seems to happen fast enough. The best thing to do is to be patient and confident that from now on and for the next 12 months we will have unusual constancy and determination in the area of life indicated by the astrological house where Taurus is found in our birth charts. And that brings blessings.

However, it is not a bad idea to keep in mind that Jupiter expands,… inflates. Don’t be seduced by expensive investments that may not be worth what they promise. Listen to your instincts.

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