The Astrology of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

These days I have been watching the defamation trial of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard that takes place in Fairfax, Virginia (USA). After listening to the testimonies and the details of the accusations, I went to look for the astrological information of both of them. According to Astrodatabank, we have the correct birth chart for Johnny Depp. We don’t have Amber Heard’s time of birth. For this reason, this article is based on how the synastry of both affects Johnny the most, although we can also see aspects of Amber’s personality.

Amber Heard (blue) – Johnny Depp (red) Synastry Chart

For me, one of the most significant aspects of this synastry is the conjunction of Amber Heard’s Pluto on Johnny Depp’s 4th House cusp and Lilith, both in Scorpio. This aspect indicates that Amber’s presence in Johnny’s life destroys an idealization or “dream” (Neptune in 4th House) that reigns in Johnny’s inner world.

Johnny, having Lilith in the 4th House and in Scorpio, constantly experiences the pain of his childhood. Those who have heard his testimony know that his mother has been a very difficult person. Neptune in Scorpio has a tendency to romanticize pain, to see it as beautiful. Paired with Lilith, this position can create a daydream where the vulgar, the seedy, the dark, and the disturbing provide emotional security. Amber Heard’s Pluto is coming to destroy this dream.

In this synastry we see how very unpleasant situations are actually healing processes that demonstrate cosmic intelligence. Sometimes this manifests itself in very unpleasant ways… but when we look at it holistically, what we see is the dance that takes place when two souls seek healing. We do not know if the healing process is completed with this energetic crossing… although, without a doubt, it activates it.

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Pluto shatters both the positive and negative idealization of everything that Johnny Depp has experienced as a child. Not coincidentally, Amber Heard begins divorce proceedings two days after the death of Johnny’s mother. Amber’s Sun in Taurus is in opposition to her Pluto. Also her Sun is conjunct the cusp of Johnny’s 10th House. It is quite possible that she has felt herself disappear each time Johnny has plunged into his inner world—his 4th House in Scorpio + Lilith + Neptune. When Johnny decides to go to his cave, Amber’s survival instinct awakes through her Pluto.

Neptune in the 4th House (Johnny) is looking for peace, tranquility, serenity… And when it is in Scorpio, this serenity is necessary to be able to feel emotions that are certainly intense. With Neptune, we can look to alcohol and/or drugs as a “divine” friend that accompanies us through these emotions. Neptune helps to feel them in a more dreamlike, artistic way. When Amber’s Pluto in Scorpio is activated—and this can happen every time Johnny goes into his cave to avoid conflict (the pattern of this relationship), Amber becomes extremely violent, controlling, destructive… because she feels an irrational danger that seizes her!

Johnny’s inner world can be compared to a deep lake (Scorpio in 4th House) full of poisonous vermin (Lilith in Scorpio) that lie in wait for him like a nightmare from which he cannot wake up (Neptune in Scorpio). Despite the difficult relationship, this has been a great opportunity for Depp to heal his deepest wounds, since he has been able to observe his own demons very closely.

On the other hand, Amber Heard, whether she wants to or not, has finally achieved what she’s been longing for: getting Johnny out of his cave to face the situation – and in public! as suggested by the Amber Sun on the cusp of Johnny’s 10th House. We know that it is Johnny who has wanted to go ahead with this trial, despite the fact that Amber, through her lawyers, has tried to stop him unsuccessfully on three occasions.

Amber’s violence (Sun opposition Pluto) is more evident than Johnny’s, who tends to internalize. However, he can also explode after a long time and express his violence in a sudden, yet precise way (Mars conjunct Uranus in Virgo). Being on the Ascendant, it is possible for Johnny to accidentally hurt himself. Amber’s Mars conjunct Neptune in Capricorn leads her to defend herself by attacking anything, indiscriminately – especially when she goes out to seek her harmony through impulsive gestures, something we see in the T square that her Mars-Neptune forms with the Moon in Libra. and Mercury in Aries.

Johnny’s Capricorn Moon squares Amber’s Libra Moon. This aspect indicates that they do not understand each other emotionally. In synastry, square Moons are not an impossible aspect for those who have learned to mother themselves, but for those who seek it from others, this aspect indicates great incompatibility, especially in home life.

There are many other aspects to this synastry that point to a great attraction between the two, as well as many conflicts. Not having Amber’s time of birth, I’ve focused on Johnny – like I said at the beginning. What I wanted to express is that, despite how things look, in the relationships we form there is always an astrological coherence that never ceases to amaze! Any meaningful relationship that we have formed becomes a doorway to the healing of personal aspects that we cannot access unless someone helps us. Our worst enemy can actually be a friendly soul who has come to fulfill a necessary role for our personal development. This does not mean that we should keep them in our lives or give thanks to those who seem to want to destroy us. Not at all! In this plane the things that we live we live as they feel. What we can always do is ask ourselves “what can I learn from what I am experiencing?” and allow the answer to come from within.

In Conclusion

From a mundane point of view, these are two individuals who do not understand each other, although they are initially strongly attracted to each other.

From a spiritual point of view, these two beings have been united by the goddess Venus to begin a process of personal purification that awakens them from a dreamlike state that they have built in childhood and that they need to abandon in order to continue growing.

I hope that the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is positive for both … at least spiritually.

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