Astrology helps us understand our individual needs. For a large part of society, the behavior we express today has more to do with what we learned in the environment where we have grown than in our individual qualities. Although we can glimpse our natural expression, many times we have not been able to develop it freely. We have had to adapt to our environment in order to be accepted. And so, little by little, many aspects of our being was transformed from qualities to flaws, inhibiting our self-expression. Discovering our astral map helps us to recover those lost parts, and in this way, recover the health of our self-esteem.

When that the time of birth is unknown, the date of birth keeps very rich information about our inner being. The only planet that can be more or less complicated to interpret is the Moon because it moves very fast through the sky and without the time of birth, there are details that may not be clear. But since the Moon represents our emotional body, it is possible to deduce its position and even the aspects it forms with other planets through emotional self-knowledge.

Our natal chart shows us two dimensions of our individuality: the natural dimension and the spatial dimension.

The natural dimension is found when we observe the position of the planets in the day and time we are born. This is our internal dimension. Our essence

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The spatial dimension is found through the calculation of our ascendant according to the time, date and place of birth. This is our external dimension. The way we externalize our inner being.

The signs of the Zodiac contain in themselves archetypal forces that, taken together, form an evolving circle in constant expansion. They represent the resources that are available to us. The planets represent the actors. The astrological houses (the ascendant, house II, etc), represent the scenario.

Methods of Interpretation

There are several ways to read an astral map when we do not have the time of birth. In this article, I will explain the two of them.

  1. Aries as 1st House. The interpretation of the planets is done through the signs. For example, someone born with the Sun in Taurus can be read as Sun in House II. This person will find his sense of identity (the Sun) through what she gives and receives, from her values and from what she nourishes herself with. Someone with Venus in Gemini is can be read as Venus in House III: the enjoyment of beauty in communication, in mental exchanges, etc. This method shows us the natural houses (resources) with which our planets (actors) count.
  2. The sign where the Sun is found as 1st House. The position of the planets in the houses are found through the sign of the Sun. The Sun represents our source, that which makes us exist, what lights our being. When we take the sign of the Sun as 1st House, we discover our essential self-expression. If we have the Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Libra, Jupiter reads as if it were in House III. The essential being (Sun) has the ability to expand its consciousness (Jupiter) through daily communications (House III). This method can be used with all the planets: if we want to know the mechanism that lights up when we go for what we want (Mars), we look for the sign where Mars is and this will be 1st House of our Martian energy. If Mercury falls in House III, we interpret that when we initiate an action, commerce or communications will be our allies for the conquest of our dreams.

As we can see, the astral map is multidimensional and can give us a lot of information about our natural resources. It also helps us validate our personal needs and talents. Astrology serves for self-knowledge. When we understand who we are, we have the possibility to develop our potential in its entirety.

The time of birth is necessary to interpret with accuracy the astral map of a person: it is to start from the Being already manifested. When we don’t have the birth time, we can discover all the components of the Being before manifesting and see how it unfolds.

Aries1st House
Taurus2nd House
Gemini3rd House
Cancer4th House
Leo5th House
Virgo6th House
Libra7th House
Escorpio8th House
Sagitario9th House
Capricornio10th House
Acuario11th House
Piscis12th House

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