What is the meaning of the 29th or Anaretic Degree in Astrology?

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The word anareta means “destroyer” in Greek. It is an ancient astrological term that was used to describe a planet with bad luck and that referred to the ruler of the Eighth House or the planets that were in this house. Planets located in the 29th degree of a sign were also considered “anaretic.” But … is it true that they are unlucky ”?

The 29th degree of a sign symbolizes the end of a cycle. In this degree we see the culmination of the development of the energy of the sign and its integration within itself, since, when we take the next step, the rules of the game change. When a planet or an angular house is in the 29th degree, it is as if we have the master ability to use the energies of the sign where they are located but we do not know what they are for, since what we see on the horizon asks us for something different. Therefore, it is logical that this was seen as something “negative”, since it can arouse internal anxiety and generate erratic behaviors when experienced from unconsciousness.

We can say that the 29th grade is a master’s position. Behind are those who are still students … ahead, a new course of which we have no idea of the subjects. We know that we know and, at the same time, we know that we don’t. If we try to stay in the past, we feel dissatisfied… after all, we have already learned all the lessons! As we move into the future, we feel insecure … we go from teacher to novice!

The stress associated with this position refers to this uncertainty: what are we supposed to do? In a society that asks us for constant action, having planets in the 29th degree can be challenging. We do not have enough time to understand who we are and act from our own essence. Those with planets in this degree need to avoid looking outside for answers, as they have them within.

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“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu says it beautifully. The 29th degree calls for introspection. As long as the energy of the sign and planet or house remain unconscious, we will be driven by our insecurities and/or dissatisfactions. When we go within, we will find an innate understanding of what we are experiencing. And so we can choose the most appropriate expression of the energy represented by the sign where the planet or astrological house is located.

We could say that the degree 29th resembles the passage between The Fool (O) and the Magician (I), the first two major arcana of the Tarot. And to master it we need to use our inner guide: the High Priestess (II).

From a numerological point of view, 29 equals 11, a master number. The number 11 represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious; insight without rational thought; and sensitivity.

Planets at 29th Degree

The sign where planets on 29th degrees are located describe what kind of tools we have to master the energy of the planet/s. Before mastering them, we might act like we have “too much” energy to deal with and don’t know how to use the qualities of the sign. In a sense, it is the qualities of the sign that use us. It is possible that we express the qualities of the sign in its extremes. At the soul level, we are connecting with the pure energies. When we reach a higher degree of consciousness and internalize our energies, we are able to understand these energies and use them masterfully.

Personal planets in the 29th degree display behaviors that are often manifested unconsciously. The more we cling to what we think the personal planet represents, the more unbalanced we will behave. It is necessary to let go of what is expected of us and everything learned through what we observe. Within us we have an inexhaustible source of knowledge, which we must transform into wisdom.

Sun at 29th Degree (or Leo): we have the tools to master self-expression. Going from superiority/inferiority complex to personal sovereignty.

Moon at 29th Degree (or Cancer): we have the tools to master emotions. Going from whims and moodiness to being able to nurture others and nurture ourselves.

Mercury at 29th Degree (or Gemini/Virgo): we have the tools to master the thinking process. Going from dispersion to adaptability.

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Venus at 29th Degree (or Taurus/Libra): we have the tools to master grace. Going from indulgence to exquisiteness.

Mars at 29th Degree (or Aries/Scorpio): we have the tools to master impulse. Going from recklessness to assertiveness.

Social planets can be felt as an external circumstance that guides or controls our personal behavior. As we make them aware, we will see that they are actually part of ourselves and that external manifestations are, in fact, a reflection of our inner world. When the social planets are located in the 29th degree of a sign, we can feel a little odd in regards with our place in society. When we trust in our inner knowing and let go of others expectations, we will master the qualities of the sign where these planets are located and we can become social referents.

Jupiter at 29th Degree (or Sagittarius): we have the tools to master knowledge. Going from arrogance to knowing.

Saturn at 29th Degree (or Capricorn/Aquarius): we have the tools to master wisdom. Going from suffering to responsibility.

Transpersonal planets can remain unconscious for long time as they represent collective energies. When we have one or more of these planets at 29th degree, we might feel that we are not part of the collective in some way… too young for our generational group or not having a place on the next generational wave. In any case, these planets can represent a group of people who can observe what their predecessors did and search in themselves the successes and mistakes that have created the reality in which they live. And so, master in themselves what those with these planets in previous degrees within the same sign have experienced.

Uranus at 29th Degree (or Aquarius): we have the tools to master higher perception. Going from rebellion to game changers.

Neptune at 29th Degree (or Piscis): we have the tools to master inclusive consciousness. Going from martyrdom to empathy.

Pluto at 29th Degree (or Scorpio): we have the tools to master transformation. Going from repression to transmutation.

Chiron at 29th Degree: we have the tools to master healing. Going from victimhood to healer.

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